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  1. One thing I agree with the majority of people on here on is that it would be mad to buy right now. As a minimum people should now be waiting 6 -9 months unless you're looking at something that is seldom on the market, or its something you are confident you can add value to. ie. a project property.
  2. There's a distinct appetite from the govt to prop prices up, but I think that is more to do with the mess the south east is in, not the remainder of the UK. Look at zoopla's heat map of prices and tell me housing isn't largely affordable. Minimum wage has never been so high, income tax threshold is high, rates couldn't be lower . There is a constant narrative on here that the majority of young home owners are 'feckless debt junkies' and I think that's a lot of nonsense. These strong opinions are driven by a jealously of all the people that have royally beaten the property market in recent years. I'm jealous myself!!
  3. I don't understand the aggressive, desperation for a crash from many posters on here, particularly as the overwhelming majority of property in the UK is inexpensive in relation to wages and interest rates. Don't get me wrong, I find it frustrating that friends who bought a couple of years before me all made 30-40k on frankly rubbish flats. It gave them significant equity to upsize and extend their second homes. (I lost money on my first house!). I know lots of couples in their late 30s that are sitting pretty in 300 - 350K houses with mortgages nearer 100K and it's simply because they bought/sold at the right time. Equally, you have the greedy BTL mob that gleefully spend a pittance on renovating property to maximise profits, drive up prices and cash in on people struggling to get onto the market. So property prices is a really emotive topic but I think you have to take a step back and acknowledge that the overwhelming majority of homeowners are living within their means. London or the SE isnt representative of the UK as a whole.
  4. I try to avoid the mainstream media because its horrendously biased against the Scottish government. Nicola Sturgeon is vilified on a daily basis, and while I’m certainly no fan of hers she’s at least stood in front of the media every single day since this pandemic started and allowed her governments decisions to be scrutinised. Support for the government and levels of compliance are very high in Scotland but you’re lead to believe it’s the polar opposite. The thing that I can’t stand is the constant moaning about “you can do this but you can’t do that”. People constantly picking holes in restrictions. We’re in incredibly challenging times and there are always going to be nuances for people to critise. Sure I can’t meet my family indoors, but I can go for a meal with them. Ok, it’s a bit bizarre but at least it involves supporting local businesses and means the interaction/exposure is an hour or so, not 5 or 6 hours in a house. The one thing I feel was wholly wrong was reopening pubs fully, or at least allowing them to be open till 10pm. That was utter madness.
  5. I think you need to delete the daily mail app from your phone. No government is perpetuating fear of covid, but rather they are currently trying to encourage people to get back to some form of normality because they fear for the economy.
  6. Face coverings were advised early on in Scotland, but I agree it’s troubling how we lift their now legal requirement. We could be wearing them in shops for many years to come... I actually work in highways and I’d estimate that 10-20% of fatalities arise from either medical emergencies while at the wheel, ie. stroke/heart attack, or sadly people inexplicably going off the road or striking bridge parapets etc in the very early hours. It’s pretty horrible to say the least.
  7. In the UK there are tens of millions of car journeys each day that result in half a dozen fatalities. I’m not sure you draw any comparison between wearing masks and ditching cars to save lives. One of those measures results in a monumental change to our way of life; our ability to earn a living, see family and friends, travel to nice places for recreation etc. The other involves putting a bit of fabric over your face....
  8. But I don’t think anybody is arguing that masks provide robust protection against the virus. The general consensus seems to be that there is a very marginal benefit from wearing them. If 0.4% fewer people catch the virus thanks to masks and that results in 0.02% fewer deaths, then isn’t it worth the small inconvenience? I think masks versus no masks is the least of our worries anyway. We have people in lower paid jobs that are working in unsafe conditions because they fear they may be struck off if they complain. People in warehouses and on sites being forced to share facilities intimately. The flip side is also having people breaching the rules by meeting in large social gatherings. Right now we are faced with varying degrees of risk that have to be blended to protect people’s livelihoods and manage people’s well-being. Gyms, barbers, small business, attractions etc have to operate in some capacity but non-compliance puts them at heightened risk. I’m glad the football is back on but jeez beyond the 22 players on the actual field, why are all the support staff sitting chilling like it’s 2019?! As soon as the whilst goes it’s all hugs and handshakes like they are in invincible!
  9. I don’t believe preacherman and other naysayers of masks believe they are entirely ineffective, but rather they feel the benefits are so small minuscule that it should be their choice to wear one. My little girl asks “why’s he/she not wearing a mask?” when we are in shops. It it’s an individual I tend to say “some people struggle to breathe with masks”. If it’s an entire family out on a jolly at the weekend I just explain some people are selfish.
  10. At no point have I said they don’t work, however I would acknowledge that their effectiveness varies greatly depending on the circumstances. My company are asking people to wear masks whilst sharing vehicles. To me, if one has covid then the other guy is frankly doomed if they are spending a shift together, regardless of them both wearing face coverings. In a retail setting however, I don’t think anyone could argue that a mask would offer some added protection. The beef I have is people blowing this measure out of proportion as if it’s completely irrational. It’s a sensible, measured precaution that is inexpensive and easy to follow. Even if you don’t believe they work, why not give others a little piece of mind? You don’t know what underlying conditions people have so why risk impacting their health even if the risk is incredibly small? Refusing to wear a mask in a shop is just petulant. Where I live I seldom see people without masks on, but it’s no surprise it’s always younger people that aren’t complying.
  11. You’re missing the point - I’m not saying masks or face cloverings are particularly effective. I’m saying the notion that they have no net benefit at all is non-sensical. How could anyone argue that covering the entrance to your airways has zero affect on the likelihood of you contracting a respiratory virus?! I reckon the net benefit of them is small, but it makes sense to wear them for pretty obvious reasons.
  12. To be fair I live in Scotland so we’ve not have the same appalling handling of the virus as other parts of the UK. Boris has just copied Scotland’s approaches throughout the whole situation. People were being told to work from home and wear masks early doors up here and we didn’t have the daft “get back to work nonsense” that backfired after a few weeks. I just ignore the papers and tune in to the proper daily briefings we get up here.
  13. There’s a huge problem with your neat demonstration of someone vaping whilst wearing a mask. A flaw that even my 4 year old would recognise. How, in any way, can you liken exhaling fine vapour through a face covering that is designed to be breathable, to someone inadvertently expelling larger droplets of saliva whilst coughing or sneezing?! Larger droplets are propelled further. The majority people aren’t wearing masks because they fear for their lives or think it gives them 100% protection. Its because they are intelligent enough to accept that even supposing the net benefit it very marginal, it’s a simple, measured precaution we can all take.
  14. Except burning witches at the stake is a HUGE departure from asking people to wear an item of PPE that’s worn by healthcare professionals.... particularly amidst a GLOBAL PANDEMIC! If you genuinely believe that a busy supermarket full of maskless people are at no great risk of contracting a flu like virus than a retail outlet with people sporting face coverings then you’re frankly stupid. It stands to reason that a face covering impedes germs being expelled from the nose and mouth, whilst also acting as a barrier to the wearer inadvertently touching their nose or mouth. I think the benefit is probably very small, but it’s such a minor inconvenience that I think it’s pretty selfish and disrespectfully to wilfully refuse to wear one. Sure flu can carry a high fatality rate, but covid has a higher mortality rate so even if you’re a non-believer, why not show a little respect, at least for elderly people out doing a weekly shop.
  15. I put those those that vehemently object to wearing masks in the same league as flat-earthers. Some people these days are so desperate to rebel against ‘authority’ that basic common sense escapes them, and they are embroiled with a sense of selfish entitlement. Supposing with the passing of time we learn masks only reduced the R value by a fraction of a percent. 0.795 to 0.790. Supposing even we learn they made no difference. Why does that matter to some people? Just wear the mask to at least give those with poor health a little peace of mind when they venture out for some shopping. These morons are akin to the brainless ‘sad face’ daily mail mob that point at their expelled children’s black trainers, shocked that they didn’t comply with the dress code. My 4 year old wears a mask and if you ask why, even she’s smart enough to articulate that it’s to prevent coughs and sneezes from reaching others. Some people pick the most pointless of battles in life. Just wear a mask. It’s not all about you.
  16. For many, yes. But I’m going to sound like a troll when say that actually, most people I know live in homes wholly proportionate to their incomes.
  17. I’m afraid it’s yourself that’s making the assumptions. Prices in Edinburgh were strong even amidst the 2008/9 dip... and they’ve continued to rise disproportionately higher than the remainder of Scotland since then. I’m seeing friends transfer some pretty impressive levels of equity toward family homes of a similar price but out with the city. I hate perpetual HPI as much as most on this forum, but let’s admit to ourselves that millions of people continue to benefit greatly from this insane market. I feel like a right mug overpaying £200 a month when friends are moving back to my home town having accrued over £1000 a month in HPI in the city!!!!
  18. I think this is why ‘average’ house prices are up this year, because the sales are heavily weighted toward second/third steppers and not FTBs at the lower end of the market. Take my wife and I’s immediate social circle for example. Of the dozen couples all in our late 30s, 4 have moved this summer and 3 others including ourselves are actively looking/have places listed. As a group we all bought our first family homes 7-10 years ago but it’s no coincided that the summer of 2020 is when everyone now wants to move. Stamp duty hiatus, healthy market and the threat of further restrictions is seeing people buy more flexible family homes. Pricey city flats being cashed in at profits I’m severely jealous of!!
  19. You’ve missed the bit about how fixed rates have halved in recent years so the cost of servicing mortgages is 30-40% lower, making property more affordable.
  20. The overwhelming majority of wealthy and/or successful people come from equally wealthy/successful backgrounds. Dare I say it because wealth is simply powerful. While I appreciate many people buck the trend, I see the strong link in so many friends and colleagues over the years. Families with money can afford their kids better opportunities. Whether that’s helping them start businesses or get on the property ladder, being able to financially back your kids when they are starting out is a huge leg up.
  21. We are pretty ruthless when it comes to spending disposable income. I think we’ve got a really good balance of buying sensibly, using gumtree/eBay for used items and then selling unwanted stuff on afterwards. My wife bought a job lot of a particular toy for £25 on gumtree last year and once the kids stopped playing with it, we sold it all on eBay for £80. Making money on a few toys instead of losing on all of them makes a big difference! One of our best gumtree purchases was a solid oak nursery set of cot, drawers and wardrobe that we got for £250. We sold it for £700 2 years later.
  22. My wife and I are mid 30s and while we have reasonably well paid jobs now, we both could have been a bit more assertive in getting where we are a lot earlier. Whilst we had our first two properties, our wages were very low so we had to save to carry out even basic improvements. Low wages are incredibly crippling. The other clear and obvious reason for not being wealthier is property. We’ve bought the wrong types of properties at the wrong times. We have many friends that have 50-100k of equity arising purely from house price increase. Well we don’t, we have possibly as little as a net 20k equity from price fluctuations over 12 years. Oh and finally, inheritance. Our wider families aren’t wealthy and that’s meant when grandparents have passed away we’ve not inherited money in the same way other friends have. Ie. Small nest egg for a deposit on a house when younger etc. Or being able to buy relatives properties at a good price. I don’t have many regrets about any of the above though. I’m just mindful that I now know where we are likely to be financially when we retire.
  23. I love Amazon too. One click and the stuff appears in a locker near my house the following day. Prime day and Black Friday see some insane price drops too. I mean don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of inflating of prices ahead of the likes of prime day before sticking the “come get me” prices. But in the main supermarkets and other online retailers can’t get close to amazons prices. I appreciate ethically their empire can put a lot of people off... but i feel I support other local businesses in other ways.
  24. I never really understood the likes of Kirsty and Phil trying to explain the ‘Scottish system’. We have a surveyors valuation up here but even prior to that all you could do was some research and bid what it’s worth to you. Position is as important as price, or more so which we learnt first hand recently when we bid 10k more than second place but lost it to a builder who had cash. Particularly over the last few years it really doesn’t matter how they frame the price, ‘offers over’ or ‘offers in the region of’. Just view it and ask the agent what the seller wants for it. If it’s popular and goes to a closing date then check historic prices and bid sensibly.
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