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  1. No one is plainly saying the energy cap is £5248 though. This topic has been thrashed out to death in the media for a year now and every news story I can find, and every clip of Martin Lewis, makes it patently clear the figure given is an estimate on typical usage. The notion that you’re pedalling whereby some people have been conned into thinking it’s an outright cap on what you pay is utterly absurd!! What? You honestly think thousands of people interpreted it as meaning Billy in his 15 bedroom mansion would be paying the same as John in his 3 bed semi?! Capped at 2k regardless of usage?! Have you lost your mind?!
  2. He’s really not 100% right, or even 1% for that matter. The only person I’ve observed getting this wrong was a poster on here. Literally everyone I know has been talking about this for months, and not one person is confused about what the cap means. Its literally been presented as follows, hundreds of times a day, for almost a year… “The energy cap is rising. This is a cap on the how much you pay per unit. This will mean those on a typical usage will now pay £xxxxx.xx” We’ve heard these words thousands of times ffs…. 🤦‍♂️
  3. He wants the government to govern for god sake!!!! The figures banded about in the press give an accurate representation of the situation! Have you even bothered to check how much you’ll be paying shortly? Bills are going up by several thousand. It’s that simple. If we didn’t have a zombie government then they’d get around the table with the big energy companies and agree emergency rates. Do you really think these companies want to risk their livelihood and future operations in the UK?
  4. Same. I have a nicer house than that which I grew up in. My kids have great bedrooms and there are good social spaces in the house for us to spend time together. Id like a bigger place to make WFH easier, and a bigger garden for the kids to enjoy. Most of all though, I’d like to help my kids get a small house or flat in the not too distant future.
  5. It isn’t even remotely confusing. In fact, I can’t really recall Martin Lewis omitting a brief explanation of ‘the cap’ almost every single time I’ve seen him on TV or the radio. What more do folk want? Google ‘what is the energy cap’ and the first result explains it in a single sentence. People need to take responsibility for their own finances before calling someone like Lewis a Cretin. Pathetic.
  6. I don’t think population density inhibits Englands ability to follow Scotlands lead on renewables. I think it’s just the product of us voting for governments up here that care about the environment.
  7. Best thing to do is stick your annual usage into a comparison website but make sure you’re sitting down for the results….
  8. Yes, you’re missing something. The figures featuring in the media are typical usage for your average household. My house is a ‘big’ 3 bed because of the high ceilings and bigger rooms, and we normally paid £1200 - £1400 per annum. I’m Scottish though, and that means I’m less inclined to stick the heating on when the kids aren’t in or have gone to bed early evening. My £1400 per annum went up to £1600 last year, fixed until Sept 2023, and the cheapest tariff now for my usage is currently over £4000. So even smaller households are going to easily surpass £3000 this winter, where they previously were under £1000. With the cap lifting, £3000 for even smaller houses could end up being over £4000.
  9. We used to eat out once every week or two. Typically just cheaper Wetherspoons type places during days out with the kids. Since covid and perhaps more importantly the rise in the cost of living however, we’ve actually never been back. I’m not even sure I know why. I think a lot of people will be the same which spells danger for hospitality. There was a few calls into the radio station I listen to about this very think - restaurants never regaining pre-pandemic business.
  10. You just sound like the sort of jealous, patronising individual that the 0.001% of racist pro-Indy supporters exclusively base their position on. You've made your points. England isn’t water stressed. Scotlands world leading renewable energy industry is insignificant. The majority - greener thinking, more climate conscious - voting nationalist electorate only care about oil revenues. You’re armchair assessment of Scottish nationalism fed by the daily express trumps my lifetime of casually discussing independence with hundreds of friends, colleagues and relatives for over 20 years. The independence movement is of course nothing to do with the UK government - and more recently Boris’ administration that, against all odds, STILL remains in power. Staggering.
  11. I’m actually quoting this twice because it’s such a toxic, and deliberately disingenuous remark. In a country that often produces a SURPLUS of renewable electricity - I know you don’t believe Scots care about oil. We don’t need it!! And you know that!!
  12. 99.9% of Scottish nationalists couldn’t care less about oil. They elected a majority of parties in Holyrood that pledged to end its extraction! Nationalism is simply about wanting the people that live and work in Scotland - to be those that govern us. It’s that simple, no matter how painfully basic a notion that is for those that want to control us from afar. We just want to make the very decisions that impact the country we live in. Predictable unionist dimwits continually bring oil into the debate and they make nationalism about ‘hating the English’. I’m sure you will find a few racist people up here dislike folk from down south, but sadly you’ll find it’s reciprocated and it’s part of a broader global problem whereby you plainly have bigoted, racists and xenophobic people everywhere. You mentioned oil, so I simply responded to point out how it was an asset that Westminster couldn’t afford to lose all these years.
  13. Why can’t we use the “English stealing the Scots oil” argument? Many Westminster administrations have lied and downplayed Scottish oil reserves to stem the pro-independence movement. They’ve spoken of our oil running out for 50 years but it still flows…
  14. This made me laugh. I was waiting on you coming along to refute basic facts. I said an extremely small proportion of fresh water originating in Scotland crosses the border, but that I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of possibility Westminster could seek to pipe more south. So no problems in England? No flooding? No droughts? Is it going to rain all winter to top up those reservoirs? You realise millions of people in England drink reconstituted foul water? Must taste lovely. As, you say though, no issues!
  15. I don’t think much water flows across the border though. Possibly a very small fraction of a percent. If that. The highlands receives the most rainfall and our mountainous topography retains millions of cubic metres of freshwater before the excess presumably finds its way into the sea. I almost spat my dinner out when some clueless moron on the telly criticised Scottish farmers for not doing enough to help retain water within their land!!!! I for god sake what does he want us to do? Pipe it to England? Oh… I see… he does…
  16. England is very flat which is the primary reason for its water shortages. Loch Ness famously holds more freshwater than all water courses in England and Wales combined. In fact, Scotland has 90% of all the UKs freshwater. These sorts of stats really help you understand why the Tories are denying us a second independence referendum, in spite of electing a pro-Indy majority in our parliament that pledged a second vote.
  17. Don’t be. Poorer families will be f*cked this year. We normally gift Christmas presents to various charities at that time of year but we’ve also donated cash to the school uniform appeals too.
  18. I first mentioned this a couple of years ago and I still wouldn’t put it past the government. I could see them becoming desperate to save the housing market and a 1-2% drop in mortgage rates would go a really long way….
  19. Me speaking to the wife about mortgages for a bigger house… Late 2020 - “You know, I think we could stretch to 350k! You’d be surprised! Maybe even 375k!” Now - “Get all thoughts of 300k out your head. That ship has sailed!!”
  20. Reasons why a crash cannot be averted… Energy is up 300-400% Interest on your mortgage up 200-300% Fuel up 30% Food 20% The only possible way a crash can be prevented is if the government mandate lower interest rates for mortgages to save the property market….
  21. Again, it’s not the UK. It’s England. The main point however is that droughts in the south are not in the slightest bit unexpected - hence all the Tory fanboys making excuses for billions of £££s of taxpayers money going overseas rather than being spent on infrastructure. I tried to get some data on Scotlands reservoirs but unfortunately searches just result in unionist propaganda that aims to hide the fact that England is a water stressed country where it’s population have no option but to effectively drink their own p*ss. Lovely. From what I can gather Scotland has more than half of the UKs reservoirs, excluding the vast amounts of fresh water that’s also stored in lochs. So I’d ask the Tory fanboys again - why are you cool with your party being complicit in your country failing to build a single reservoir for over 30 years 🤷‍♂️
  22. Doesn’t happen up here with Scottish Water. In fairness though you can can’t compare Scotland and England because we have an abundance of fresh water. Southern parts of Scotland as well as the central belt have been unseasonably dry, but rainfall in the north has been at its usual levels that’s kept us from any remote risk of shortages.
  23. You’re wasting your breath. Many people on this site are happy to defend billions of £££s in profits going overseas, rather than being spent on infrastructure within our lands. He’s not. He’s simply asking you to explain why you’re excusing decades of failure to improve the network?
  24. Why are you defending the indefensible? Are droughts new in England?
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