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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10029847/Stanlow-Oil-Refinery-chiefs-hold-crisis-talks-HMRC-223m-VAT-bill-amid-fears-collapse.html They were allowed to defer a VAT bill, which has now fallen due to be repaid. But they say they haven't got the money. The present fuel chaos is an excellent time to out pressure on the Govt to try to pursuade them to defer further or even waive the tax bill. Indian businessmen are very clever.
  2. But lithium extraction is not tech and I see no reason for it to follow an S cost curve. It is a heavy basic industry type of thing, where any siginificant scientific breakthroughs were made years ago. I have no idea what the cheapest EV is because I try to keep my old ICE cars going on the grounds that it is better for the environment overall. When I do get another car, it will probably be a secondhand cheap but reliable enough ICE. I would have thought that an acceptable EV should have a range of 250 miles, in any weather, providing a comfort level the same as ICE, and cost the same. I will compare the market when I need to.
  3. But will EVs come down in price? AIUI the higher cost is due to the value of the metals, principally Lithium, which is not particularly rare, and it is not clear how the production cost of Lithium will diminish with time. Presumably the Cobalt and rare earth metals are expensive, but again it is hard to see how the price of refining these elements will go down.
  4. Which strongly indicates many people are just topping up unnecessarily. They have enough in the tank to continue driving, but are refusing to pay a few pence extra.
  5. While I think Macron's strop is largely electioneering, it is also clear that the global security tectonic plates are moving so as to contain and confront Xi's China. That is the only explanation for Australia to go nuclear submarine, rather than France's conventional. Of course Australia could have just said to the French make them nuclear after all, but would the Austalians really want a load of nuclear stuff largely incompatible with the USA (their major strategic partner) and the UK (their other partner in 5 eyes).
  6. I haven't time to look it up,but I believe the road accident pedestrian deaths in the 1920s were horrendous. People were not used to looking out for cars when crossing the road. Also coal mining and similar jobs were really quite dangerous.
  7. I think I believe the Telegraph on this one. Looks like furious backtacking from the Elysee, after Gozi was too honest. Saying that I really don't believe that France would ever give up its Security COuncil seat to the EU. They just expect to be the leader and spokesman for EU foreign and military policy. But the Swedes, Irish and Estonians may have different ideas.
  8. Can you provide a link to Gozi saying they were not his words? The only source I can find is the Daily Mail saying that Macron had denied it was French policy, but then he would say that wouldn't he.
  9. It’s not clear what Macron is offering. Will a Swede or an Irishman get to sit on the Security Council, in rotation with France? I doubt it. Will France try to convince everybody that they speak for the EU’s foreign and international security policies? Almost certainly.
  10. Wasn't us southerners wot did it. It was William the Conqueror. I've always been a one England man.
  11. Just mention the Harrying of the North by the French William the ******* (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harrying_of_the_North). It is actually a misspelling. It should be 'Harrowing' which gives a better understanding what William and his Normans did to half of England, as attested by the devastation recorded in the Domesday Book.
  12. I prefer to deal only in facts. When I go to the filling station, is the petrol I buy subsidized by me, the taxpayer?
  13. Your second link doesn't actually say anything verifiable about subsidies (and the link within the article is now broken), except to claim that the UK's export credit agency acts as some sort of subsidy, whereas my understanding is that it is just a facilitator to protect and encourage British exports. Please itemise the subsidies given by taxpayers to the use of fossil fuels.
  14. OK, so to say that we subsidise fossil fuels is a lie, a bald one at that. Fossil fuels are very cheap energy, and the taxes that Govts levy on them pay for a lot of the goodies we take for granted. So when fossil fuels are replaced by wind energy etc, that tax will have to be levied somewhere else in the economy. It will be highly deflationary. Everyone will be poorer as a result.
  15. I suspect there is also an issue about how reliable a Pacific power France (and the rest of the EU) actually be if TSHTF. France. Germany and Italy are likely to put their deep trade ties with China ahead of Australian sovereignty in any list of priorities.
  16. I too drink Yorkshire tea, but I do wish they would not use plastic mixed into the teabag. I find the plastic shrouds after I have composted them for a year or two. Also, why does loose tea work out more expensive than teabags? It was more expensive last time I did the calculation.
  17. I did not mean to offend, just a shorthand I occasionally use. I am a big supporter of British farming, and support Cornish farmers when I can (I buy Cathedral city cheese frequently. I understand it is produced in North Cornwall, but unfortunately is now matured in the Midlands). But farming is not a big employer like it was a hundred years ago, and Cornish farms tend to be very small I believe. I also believe the Govt should be making more of British meat and dairy, and actively squashing the fad of vegetarianism and veganism, because they are potentially unhealthy lifestyles, with a negative effect on the British economy. Tourism is probably a higher paying sector of the economy than farming, though the season is currently short. It could be longer with better transport links. I am not so quick to condemn the second home market, if only it could lead to more properties being let to tourists for more of the year.
  18. Number of live births in England and Wales in 2020, 615,557. Add 6% for Scotland and NI, so it is over 650,000 which exceeds the number of deaths. Now about the net immigration figure (from Google). So a net extra 3-350,000 every year. No wonder house prices keep going up! Some have since gone home because of Covid, but there is a good chance they will return, given time, and economic turmoil in the EU. Migration figures in the United Kingdom from 1991 to 2020 (in 1,000s) Year ending Immigration Emigration Q1 2020 715 403 Q4 2019 681 409 Q3 2019 645 400 Q2 2019 610 404
  19. During 2020 there were 80,000 excess deaths in England & Wales (due mainly to Covid)-https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/press/press-releases/highest-rates-excess-deaths-in-the-world-ons-deaths-data-2020 You can probably add another 6000 for Scotland and NI. In 2021 I doubt the excess death rate is probably hardly noticeable. immigration is still be far the biggest elephant in the room when it comes to house prices.
  20. Do old people buy second homes? Given the high price of houses and the tax treatment, who in their right mind is going into small scale buy to let now? There seems to have been a lot in the press about staycationing rich buying UK holiday homes, but anecdotally the only two I know who had holiday homes have used the current situation to sell up and offload a millstone. most holiday homes are in depressed parts of the Celtic fringe where, without holidaymakers, there would be no economic activity at all.
  21. Why would older people want higher house prices? Only those downsizing and releasing equity to live on have a reason to want higher house prices, and from what I have seen they represent a small minority. Most old people stay in their houses till they die, or go into care. high house prices are a function of there being 10 (or maybe even 20) million more people to accommodate in the UK.
  22. Have Tesla made a fail safe self driving car yet, suitable for British roads?
  23. It is the same problem as with doctors especially GPS. So many can afford to work part time now.
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