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  1. No. Building machines to do things better than people can is the only sensible way forward. Let's automate the underground rail network, and end strike disruption, or staff shortage due to sickness, forever.
  2. Wikipedia doesn't agree with you. There is evidence against a USA origin, and for it to have originated elsewhere. China is a possible source based on movement of Chinese workers and evidence they had some immunity, and had therefore already been exposed to it.
  3. The sub committee involved were of Social Scientists i.e. people who think they understand how crowds think. They know **** all about science.
  4. It said (if you read the Guardian article, which sourced the missing info from elsewhere) that the Govt was contemplating a more severe lockdown than the scientists wanted. The scientists got their way, and the lockdown is lighter. Not what most pundits were expecting. It was redacted presumably because the Govt still wants the option of making the lockdown more severe.
  5. Except the comment about Sweden is not true - https://www.ft.com/content/a26fbf7e-48f8-11ea-aeb3-955839e06441 scroll down for graphs of excess deaths by country. Sweden is up 28% on long term average (Data updated to 21 April).).
  6. For well off grandparents, it is a no brainer. Pay for private school fees or give half away on death, in Inheritance Tax. Many grandparents live relatively frugal lives, with a good pension and savings, but no big expenses.
  7. It’s much more than that he broke the policy (I would have said broken the law). He obviously doesn’t believe his own scientific prognostications.
  8. Huge land borders? But almost no traffic across them, except for a very few crossing points into Cambodia, Laos and China, where they are under the close scrutiny of the army. Presumably they are closed now
  9. Write out 100 times - "obviously pored over everything he said"
  10. If the fake accounts were supporting herd mentality (that's what it says), I would have thought English was not their first language.
  11. Presumably this was before we left the EU, so he would have had to be treated the same as a UK resident?
  12. How come the French student not meet the residency requirement?
  13. I did see a sort of breakdown yesterday, but I can't remember now where. Basically for Spain, Italy, Greece and (surprisingly Romania) the number of applicants for settled status (so far) were 8-10% higher than what the Govt thought was the total number of immigrants from that country. But for Bulgaria the number was 50% higher.
  14. So that is no evidence from your side. You really are coming over as a mouthpiece for the CCP.
  15. The existence of the virus lab in Wuhan is well known. What is your evidence for dogs, or was it pangolins?
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