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  1. Every supermarket and mini market in my UK town (at least 14 that I know of, and have recently visited) has eggs and vegetables in abundance. I wish you would stop complaining that there are shortages. Only in your imagination.
  2. It's what happens when technical experts get pushed into a corner. When tall blocks were first being built, designers realized that fire risk was the major issue. So they made them out of solid concrete. In recent years, the experts were told, no, thermal insulation is the major issue, so go away and make these blocks meet the highest possible thermal insulation standards. But don't spend too much money. We end up with the cladding disaster. The same type of imposition of rules from above is about to happen with central heating. Gas will be banned, but electricity is very expensive, so ol
  3. The UK Govt was desperate not to have a 3rd World state on its northern borders, without the ability to pay its own way in the World. You think the wrangling and division over Brexit was bad. Separation of Scotland from England/Wales would have been 100 times worse, and lead to years and years of deep bitterness. Of course, at the end of the day, if they want to go their own way, I wouldn't stand in their way.
  4. I mainly shop in corner shops i.e. the mini Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose and M&S, all within half a mile of my house. No gaps on the shelves anywhere. If you can't get eggs, I suggest you find a different delivery service, rather than trying to blame it on Brexit. There was a farmer in Cornwall a couple of days ago giving away 250,000 eggs because restaurants are shut and not buying them.
  5. There have been at least a couple of riots/demonstrations at the holding centres for illegals because the inmates want free houses now.
  6. This leads to the situation where the poor (i.e. stupid and lazy) are incentivised to have lots of children, and the rich (i.e. clever and industrious) are penalized for having children. Can you see where that ends up?
  7. Anecdotal I know, but there are plenty of examples of tradesmen in the City of London, and other towns and cities during the early 1600's reading the Bible themselves, Foxe's Book of Martyrs (very influential), and pamphlets, and understanding the issues of the day. This led to their fervent support of Parliament. OTOH Royalist support was derived mainly from the more backward feudal west and north, where peasant literacy must have been very much less.
  8. As a student of British history, I'm with Debtlessmac on this. The King James Bible was derived mainly from Tyndale's translation of 100 years earlier, and was written in the language of the day. Unfortunately when it was compiled, it was exactly the time that thee thou and thy were falling out of general use. However, the language would have been understood by all. Literacy levels were quite high. One of the reasons political debate in the early 17th century was so active (and the Parliamentary Army so motivated) was that ordinary people could read the Bible for themselves, as well as politi
  9. Exactly. Why and how did she get into the UK. 'Why' is presumably because she realised she would have been locked up if she stayed in Albania, but in the UK she would be free. 'How' - maybe her family or the Albanian state got her out, so that she was no longer their responsibility nor threat.
  10. Boris has little or no influence on the Nazanin Ratcliffe imprisonment. Under international law, the UK cannot protect citizens with dual nationality against what their other country of nationality does to them. She is being held hostage because the UK owes £450 million dating back to the 1970's tank order from the Shah, but which Britain has refused to pay because the money will probably go to the Revolutionary Guard, and may even be illegal under present sanctions.
  11. The rise of the two income household was from 50 to 65% over the period 1985 to 2000 (https://www.ifs.org.uk/publications/12951) . Since 2000 the number of households with 2 earners has remained broadly constant at c.65%
  12. I don't think you really get this democracy thing. You don't get to choose the government, all by yourself. Others have a vote too.
  13. The Duke of Normandy arguably owned England, but in his own right, not as a vassal of the King of France.
  14. I believe at that time all countries' territorial waters extended to 12 miles only. So French boats arrested at that time before the CFP were fishing within 12 miles of the UK coast. This was not such a big issue at the time because the UK fished heavily in Icelandic waters. Then Iceland pushed the limit to 200 miles so triggering the Cod War. It is now accepted under International Law that all maritime countries have a right to such a large exclusive economic zone to include subsea hydrocarbons and fish in the waters above. The French claim that they have been fishing in what is now
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