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  1. I thought this was all about Barnier making a bid for the French presidency, and for that he has to outflank Marine Le Pen. With the French people (and a number of the French generals) making clear that North African and other various Islamics are a real problem and will soon lead to civil war, he needs to really put the lid on immigration from those areas. I doubt that he is too worried about a few rosbifs settling in the Dordoyne.
  2. I agree entirely with both of your posts, except with respect to Cummings. I get the impression he is a very clever but very cynical person, who has his own agenda and beliefs, and I don't think has ever been a Tory party member. I don't think he wants to bring Boris down, but was merely responding to some serious accusations which gives the impression that somebody is trying to fit Cummings up as a fall guy in the future Covid inquiry. Why people in Boris' circle have made these accusations is completely beyond me. It was like a red rag to a bull. Cummings is the type to bring a gun to a knif
  3. I suspect many of these biology grads would like to go into medicine or a medical profession, but find that either they cannot get into medical school, or if they wanted to go down the medical route, they would have to start at the bottom again. The last thing the British medical profession wants is a lot of biology grads trying to get into their cosy little cartel.
  4. Interesting problem, and I would definitiely advise seeing a solicitor with a good knowledge of wills and property. What does the law say about responsibility for maintenance? Or leaving her to enjoy the property in peace? Can the OP put massive fences around the property, or make access difficult? I would be interested to know if a person having a lifetime interest in living in a property is legally different to a tenant who pays no rent, but has a secure tenancy agreement until they die. I don't see how money can be borrowed against the property in that situation. I assume the pro
  5. It is immoral to vote in local elections on the basis of national issues.
  6. Because of the effect of immigration on wages and therefore on lowering inflation, it caused this period of ultra low interest rates.
  7. More housing units can always be created by subdividing houses, or adding extra layers on top of others. We already have the smallest living accommodation sizes in Europe, but we can go smaller still. People in Hong Kong can live in less than half the space we do (http://shrinkthatfootprint.com/how-big-is-a-house). However, I haven't detected a drop in the price of flats, except for those with cladding. The birth rate is falling because accommodation is so expensive, while, for modern lifestyles, people want more space, their own space. Meanwhile the population of England still goes
  8. But in the UK, or more specifically England, the population is going up, and continues to go up. Which is why land and homes are expensive, and will get more expensive.
  9. But property in Bulgaria/Romania was the next big thing, and astonishlingly cheap too, according to friend who bought a large place in a rural village, and a flat in a skiing resort (can't remember where he said). Those countries had just joined the EU, and development money was pouring in, building a motorway past the village where he bought. Fast forward 15 years, and the motorway never quite got finished because the money was siphoned off by the Bulgarian politicians/mafia (same thing). Depopulation has accelerated as anyone with skills has either moved to the big cities, or moved to elsewh
  10. Of course there wasn't much oversight. It took 3 months for a ship (if it made it safely) to sail from the UK to India, and 3 months for a reply to come back. What the EIC and UK Govt seemed most concerned about, was curruption and embezzlement (see the long running case against Warren Hastings, and he wasn't the only one). But many company representatives had high ideals. Wikipedia describes Warren Hastings as "an energetic organizer and reformer." In fact the whole Wikipedia article on Warren Hastings is worth reading for an insight into how Britain and the East India Company worked, its goo
  11. A Home Office source tells Guido much of the £5,400 Primark claim was, in fact, for refugees – not just clothes for migrants. The Byline Times prides itself in reporting “what the papers don’t say” – turns out there’s good reason for that…
  12. Utterly fake news. But the truth is out there: https://order-order.com/2021/03/26/byline-times-and-skwawkbox-misfire-on-home-office-expenses/ Some of the press should be closed down for its lies.
  13. Doesn't the SNP rely on the Greens to retain power? Won't the Greens think getting rid of the North Sea is a great idea? Doesn't this drive a wedge between the SNP and the Greens?
  14. The fact that the UK and Israel infection rates are continuing to plummet, and most other countries are rising into a third peak, suggests that you are wrong to doubt the vaccine efficacy.
  15. There is a difference between having needles stuck in at a doctor's surgery or hospital where they have all the backup to staunch bleeding. Most vaccination sites do not have this. In fact they are rpoduction lines, with minimal delays and no recourse to medical notes. So it is just a tick in a box on the form which goes in front of the vaccinator.
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