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  1. Not sure if you will be able to open the attachment i uploaded woth this post it's a court order re Bradley Marr back in 2001-2002 he defrauded investors out of $20 million this court case was only brought in 2010.Also link below re this same company Milennium Financial Ltd in New York seems lots of investors in Scotland got scammed out of their money. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/12515608.former-president-of-millennium-financial-faces-charges-in-us/ Also searched and found out Brad Marr was a director of Landcorp Intl in Spain I did think many years ago this was a huge scam but thought maybe Brad Marr had changed his ways and was trying to be legit as Forest Lakes did exist and was being developed but seems all the companies involved in this development are dodgy. I hate to voice it but might never see our money again but I would be happy to take my land units and transfer them to owning a parcel of land as in the future it could be sold to a developer. As in my earlier posts email me on [email protected] and we can get a email group together and start looking at how to get help and try and get to the bottom of this mess. bradley Marr court proceedings.pdf
  2. Hi all Ignore the earlier email I posted. i’ve just set up an email account if anyone wants to get in touch and we can try and get a group together regarding how we take this forward. I am happy to write to the Canada investigations and jornalist details are on a post above. [email protected] have a read of below obitutory’s for Bradley Marr. Martin Kilbride has posted and lots of people who worked with him in Spain https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.legacy.com/amp/obituaries/tributes/193887347
  3. Hi all i have been doing some digging to find out more about AV corporate services the company registration number 3299314 I found on an email from them below their signature and the business number they quote on their website terms on their email Information about uswww.avcorporateservices.com is a site operated by AV Corporate Services Ltd. AV Corporate Services Ltd is incorporated pursuant to the provisions of the Companies Act of the Province of Nova Scotia and is also registered pursuant to the provisions of the Corporations Registrations Act of the Province of Nova Scotia, Business number 76546 8293 and have our registered office at AV Corporate Services Ltd, Purdy’s Wharf, Tower I, 1100-1959 Upper Water Street, Halifax, NS B3J 3N2. draws a blank on website below https://www.ic.gc.ca/app/scr/cc/CorporationsCanada/fdrlCrpSrch.html I started digging on HBS on companies house and they have had 24 company resignations since incorporation and when I looked at their last accounts filed the 3 directors are resident in Spain and Gilbratar. The company I bought the land units from was Landcorp Intl in Spain! Then when you look at the “people” section on companies house and check what other companies they are of have been directors off the same names of past directors/secretaries are listed for the other companies also. It’s all starting to feel like these companies/people are dodgy they probably make a living of setting up companies obtaining cash and moving on. I haven’t paid my fees to HBS as Martin Kilbride said I didn’t need to when I told him I was sick of paying fees for an investment that should have paid out in 3 years and is now at 13 years. I feel I will have to instruct a solicitor to look into this correspondence from HBS/AVS as not sure if they cut me out as I haven’t pay the fees. i am not on Facebook if anyone wants to email me and we can get an email group together it’s [email protected] and try and get a collective group to fight this together.
  4. I'm glad I have found this forum I too bought land units1 acre for just under £25k back in 2007. I ignored my gut instinct on this as I did lots of research at the time before I invested, I had a solicitor look over all the paperwork, I found that the Marr brothers were known in Spain and had pasts with previous dodgy investments, the trustee company at the time (it's since changed) was a newly set up company as was Terra Firma and their offices in Canada were serviced offices so alarm bells rang. But I checked with Canada land registry and they owned the land and in their blurb about the development they mentioned the architects so I rang their offices and asked if they were working on the FLCC development and they confirmed they were so I weighted it up and as they owned the land and had architects I took the risk. I always had in the back of my mind it was a scam but when Savills started marketing it in UK I thought it was illegit. I should have asked at the time of investment but about 6 years ago I found out from Martin McBride Land Corp Spain I was no. 208 in the queue to get my return. I remember the conditions to getting your investment back was they had to have $1M in the bank to paid out so would need to be $208,000,000 in the bank for me to get paid out so realised it was a bad investment with no chance of a return. So I contacted Martin to swap my land units for land as thought at least could build a house on the land as wasn't going to get my money back but they wanted another £50k so I declined! I stopped paying the trustees the yearly charge about 5 years ago as felt was throwing good money after bad. Unfortunately now especially with Covid 19 the chances of someone buying the development with all its debts is probably unlikely. If we come together as a group rather than one voice we will have more power. Does anyone have a copy of the contract or the original information about the Trustees company? Someone mentioned monies being safe in a Barclays account although from memory i thought it said they could use our money to fund the development. I remember seeing an electronic copy of the contract but didnt print off a copy and all I remember signing was a 2 page document which I scanned back and transferred the money by bank transfer. All I have is a certificate with the land units on it! What an idiot i was taking risks with my money and with just a piece of paper to show for it!
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