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  1. North Yorkshire never had the insane price increases
  2. Actually certain people when they are young get off on this, it is impossible to police the best thing is to move on, let’s be honest we have all done stupid immature things when we were young without malice just for a laff
  3. That is a million dollar question is the price increase a blip or more permanent, I really wish i knew.
  4. Perhaps they always could, if they could by foregoing avocado on toast, let’s be honest well my opinion anyway it is the new mentality people are spending money on buying a house and electronic gadgets and stopping on entertainment and holidays, my wife has refused to leave the country until all these restrictions are over
  5. Not a very big number, I thought it would have been more
  6. It seems to be in places that are in good location the power is with the landlords, I guess quality does pay dividends
  7. https://www.globalconstructionreview.com/work-begins-on-mad-architects-cracked-denver-residential-tower/ Work has begun on Beijing-founded MAD Architects’ third US project: a 16-storey residential building in Denver that appears to have been ripped open to reveal its green stuffing. One River North is a 66m-tall apartment block made up of 187 units and 1,200 sq m of green spaces, including a landscaped walkway that winds over four floors and a rooftop terrace complete with pool, spa and garden. The project’s principal developers are The Max Collaborative, Uplands Real Estate Partners and Wynne Yasmer Real Estate. Davis Partnership Architects is serving as the executive architect and Saunders Construction is acting as the main contractor for the project; both are Denver companies. The “crack” in the façade, which covers 10 storeys, is a reference to Colorado’s dramatic mountain scenery. Kevin Ratner, co-founder of The Max Collaborative, commented that the aim was to create a model that “shows how we should be … surrounding ourselves in the natural environment, bringing nature into our homes and creating authentic, biophilic experiences coupled with modern comforts and conveniences”.
  8. https://www.ft.com/content/40b433b1-17a3-4f44-9396-bc1c915bf8a2?fbclid=IwAR2wm9TPBj9ulJfNBgguhwJ4qEwJqZ4qFQryCry2WdvdMp_hc87bq6pnSA8 Demanding online access to your bank accounts for 90 days to scrutinise your income and expenditure. Calling your boss to verify your salary. Asking for an accountant’s reference and copies of your tax returns. No, I’m not talking about the level of financial scrutiny people can expect when applying for a mortgage. These checks are becoming the norm for tenants trying to rent a property in the aftermath of the pandemic. “To get a new place to live, I have to allow the new landlord’s reference checking company to spy on my bank account for 90 days,” says Michael Wright, a journalist and freelance writer. The property market in his area of Norfolk is red hot due to the “race for space” and the staycation boom, which has seen many traditional lets convert to Airbnbs. At the same time, lockdowns have accelerated the move away from providing paper copies of bank statements towards digital services powered by Open Banking, which allow consumers to share their financial data with fintechs authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. To stand any chance of renting close to their child’s school, Wright and his partner reluctantly agreed to be digitally vetted. For 90 days, they consented to share data, including their account balance, details of all incoming and outgoing transactions (most banks hold one or two years’ worth of data online) plus any fees, charges or interest they’d incurred. Although this verified that the couple had a joint income of well over £60,000, self-employed Wright was deemed a “moderate risk”. The letting agent has also demanded to see copies of his tax returns. And all this for a monthly rent of £980! Property expert Kate Faulkner says tenant referencing and credit checks are nothing new, but the pandemic experience has made buy-to-let landlords even more paranoid about the risks of rental default. Rental insurance is harder to come by and policy costs have soared. “Landlords will also check affordability for other costs such as council tax and heating,” she says, adding that some tenants have had issues with damp “which turns out to be because they can’t afford to heat the home”. Even at the higher end of the market, the self-employed and singletons are considered especially risky.
  9. I would give it 4 months before tptb give up
  10. How many months will his yacht give him?
  11. That is really brilliant, you could have a tv series out of that MORSE rather than Agathe Christie
  12. Good example but most people making threats do not carry them out
  13. You could ask @desiringonlychild as she is a tigermum
  14. EE are affecting the working class, the Chinese will affect the middle class
  15. That does not mean people will actually do it, it has become a style of conversation for the great unwashed
  16. Since 2007 houses have been a better investment that all other areas
  17. The reason Steve Jobs managed to turn around Apple was he copied Dell and moved the manufacturing to China and that was the primary reason, other things like rationalising the product range and marketing helped
  18. I had a friend who worked in marketing for Levi’s and they used to do this to create a buzz around the product, slip the journalists a few freebies and you had a marketing executive dream, bid a ridiculous number for an old pair of jeans.
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