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  1. Inflation is going to go through the roof, the standard response would be to increase interest rates that is not what policy makers seem to be doing, who knows......
  2. I have heard from very wealthy people it is best to spread your money to 4 countries and that is the best insurance against something bad happeneing
  3. I guess she will soon wish she never got on the BTL bandwagon
  4. The UK is very liberal and it is geared up to making money, the elite in other countries promote nationalism, racism, religion and other stupid cultural ideas. The easiest countries in the world to make money and progress is the US, followed by the UK ( the UK has honourable benefits, ie for women and kids)
  5. I think the issue seems to be the sellers purchase has fallen through @Dweller
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/landlordsforum/permalink/4528253513930606/?comment_id=4528357270586897&reply_comment_id=4528367870585837&notif_id=1636797743037359&notif_t=group_comment&ref=notif Helen Louise 6t936p8n5o651m71 · SELLER REFUSING TO GIVE US POSSESSION Not BTL just yet but we completed on a house purchase yesterday after a 5 month wait. We exchanged mid October with the seller saying she needed 4 weeks between exchange and completion. Yesterday she refused to move out saying she had no where to go. I believe, but may be wrong that she has less rights than a tenant. Can anyone advise me as the new owner with seller in breach of contract of what my rights are? What I can and can’t do - can we get a Locksmith in etc? We were hoping to let the house within a couple of weeks and have trades people lined up. Thank you for reading
  7. Thanks, it’s nice to see the opinion of real people
  8. I do wonder how it pans out, can you estimate the return the BTLer will make on the brummie property
  9. The two biggest exporter are China and Russia and they have stopped exports that has broken the supply chain, the quantity cannot be made up by the rest of the world the conspiracy theorist in me does wonder have they done this on purpose
  10. So the final price was £25k +£25k more than you anticipated, that is brilliant, congratulations a house is the biggest asset most of us have
  11. If it has been marketed for a longer period you might have fished out a buyer that might have paid more, but that is an unknown
  12. https://www.ft.com/content/5674eee9-6fad-45f4-9bd1-5d7898cf0a8a An acute shortage of fertilisers in rural India threatens to disrupt the winter planting season, stoking unrest among the country’s politically important farmers ahead of a series of crucial state elections next year. Desperate farmers in central and north India have thronged state-run shops selling subsidised fertilisers and clashed with police who have used force to control the crowds. In some states, officers have taken to distributing bags of fertilisers at police stations to keep law and order. Farmers, frustrated at having to sit in snaking queues for days, have held sit-in protests to demand delivery of the fertilisers. They contain basic nutrients such as diammonium phosphate or DAP, crucial to growing wheat, mustard and other crops sown in the rabi or winter season. “Only one or two trucks arrive when there are thousands of people waiting to grab it,” said Yograj Singh, a farmer in Amritsar, in the state of Punjab. Singh had just returned home disappointed after trying to join the queue for fertiliser at 4.30am. “I need at least seven bags but have so far secured only three after trying for days,” he said. “We need it now.”
  13. Sounds good, we all make decisions on a whim and not logic
  14. https://www.dailynk.com/english/north-korea-sees-decline-urea-fertilizer-imports-china/ North Korean imports of urea fertilizer have recently declined, Daily NK has learned. This comes as South Korea experiences shortages of urea following a Chinese ban on its export. North Korea is having trouble importing ammonia as well, with fertilizer factories in danger of suspending production. If North Korea cannot raise fertilizer production to normal levels, the country’s food shortages could worsen next year.
  15. The variable i was looking at, It needs a certain amount of public domain exposure to fish out the highest payer, If it sold within a few days the price was too low, how long does it need to be marketed to achieve the highest price. If you want it be sold in say June when should you list it at estate agents, say February.
  16. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/nov/12/record-high-fertiliser-prices-in-australia-could-disrupt-food-supplies Record high fertiliser prices in Australia, with analysts predicting farmers could be forced to ration its use, potentially disrupting global food supply. Modelling from Thomas Elder Markets shows the price of fertiliser in Australia is at a record $1,320 per tonne for purchase, freight and discharge. Agricultural market analyst Andrew Whitelaw says fertiliser prices had been rising since the start of the year but have skyrocketed since August. He said as a result, “we’ll see more rationing, as farmers will use less fertiliser because it’s too expensive” which could disrupt the global food supply chains. “Fertiliser is one of the key components ensuring we’re able to feed the world. “If farmers are using less fertiliser, there’s the potential for lower yields and if there’s lower yields there’s less food to go around.” Organic wheat, for example, yields 30% less on average than the synthetically fertilised equivalent, according to Whitelaw.
  17. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=42106799&sale=87152778&country=england Looks really spectacular, what are the locals like not the usual druggies or bennies
  18. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-11-04/nitrogen-shortage-to-force-u-s-farmers-to-scale-back-fertilizer A shortage of nitrogen fertilizer is getting so bad that farmers won’t be able to get what they need for their fields in the near future. That’s according to executives at CF Industries Holdings Inc., who spoke on an earnings call Thursday. If the owner of the world’s largest nitrogen facility is right and farmers have to scale back fertilizer applications, that could lower corn yields, pushing up the price of food even further. Food inflation is already a concern, with a United Nations gauge of global prices at a decade high. https://fortune.com/2021/11/03/inflation-fertilizer-shortage-food-price-increases/ Food prices are already up more than 30% around the world this year, but a rising crisis in the fertilizer industry all but guarantees they’re about to go even higher—and take food prices along for the ride. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is being reported across many countries....
  19. …asking for a friend, how long does it take to sell a house in other words to get it seen by a large number of buyers probably on rightmove and zoopla, I would guess the average buyer would want 2/3 viewings and to weed out time wasters, how many months would give a top price
  20. Good point, we need a deflationary thread, for balance
  21. What about repairs, new boilers, painting I doubt he did very well, and just out of interest what is the price of a Victorian house in North Yorkshire
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