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  1. Lol, they do not have the skill set for such a sophisticated operation
  2. https://medium.com/swlh/i-used-to-be-impressed-by-people-who-had-a-lot-of-money-but-now-im-impressed-by-people-who-have-8fb0a2b34219 The Idea of True Wealth Is Broken True wealth isn’t luxury, millions of followers, or a fake ass Dan Blazerian life holding guns like Rambo and collecting exotic animals that are pleading to be released to their natural homes and take a break from phone cameras. This is what true wealth looks like: A book a week Books connect you to humanity. They take you out of your head and place you in the author’s head. Most of us get zero time to read. Books are long. Time outside of work is short. Impressive people have bought their time back so they can read a book a week if they choose. A good night’s sleep Ever met angry people at work? It’s either a lack of sleep or poor diet that throws their energy down the drain. Buying your freedom back gives you the opportunity to sleep more. Eight hours is recommended. Nine hours on some days is a real luxury. Add in afternoon naps and you start to feel like a different person. Energy is a better form of wealth than money. No work on weekends Your mind needs decompression time. Time to join the dots between all of the inputs for the week so you can grow as a person. When you’re a slave to money, work tends to creep into the weekend. Your mind can’t fully disconnect, so proximity to your goals starts to fade. Weekends are for play. A clear conscience I don’t know how certain people make it through the day. I’ve worked with some businesses that simply do evil so they can make a buck. They know what they’re doing is wrong. They know they’re wrecking society for future generations. But they simply flick a switch. Prioritizing time over money has helped me gain a clear conscience. It makes day-to-day life less stressful. Less stress equals wealth. A walk with no destination Walking is better than a rushed workout at a packed gym next to your workplace, where the loud techno drowns out the potential for peace and quiet. Since I got a hearing condition called tinnitus, I’ve begun walking more. Placing one step in front of the other acts like meditation. It’s why many entrepreneurs love walking meetings. You can walk along tracks that people from hundreds of years ago set foot on. You can ponder what life was like for them. Walking is true wealth. A family who knows you Those busy startup worshippers and those high-flying executives that all chase money hide the truth: their families barely know them. They’re never there. A birthday party for their kid is an option, not a priority. They spend more time with “the business” than their family. So their business booms but their family drifts further apart. Often it ends in divorce or raising out-of-control kids. Time with family is wealth.
  3. as long as we do not have shortages of Paracetamol and Calpol i see no problem
  4. Spoons are not all the same, the spoons near me is disgusting full of the dregs of humanity, the Spoons on Holloway Road an ex cinema is really nice, it is in effect an Irish family pub, I think it was called the Coronet before spoons acquired it
  5. I sometimes do wonder if you are a person or a beta computer programme
  6. https://metro.co.uk/2021/10/02/fuel-crisis-man-who-tailed-tanker-driver-angry-he-didnt-stop-15353574/?ito=facebook|social|metroukfacebook&fbclid=IwAR2llIQzpHYaZdaJQaAmebnjU6eE6xocD01iB_Gdo9kZc0uI7uP8S_kOpr8 A tanker driver was tailed by around 20 cars on a dual carriageway, only for them to discover he wasn’t even transporting fuel. Johnny Anderson was driving 44 tonnes of cement to a building site in Northamptonshire when he started to grow suspicious he was being followed. He noticed tailbacks of around 20 cars behind him, with no one overtaking. But all were left sorely disappointed when they discovered where the tanker was actually going. Johnny said one driver even challenged him when he realised his final destination was not a petrol station.
  7. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/first-suicide-victim-linked-cladding-25124910?fbclid=IwAR0Ecq0rbRc7qTVKy2N0gVyWe0tWd95BAF1SnphzUuG1rJhNCSun4F9v73A In the first suicide linked to the safety crisis after the Grenfell Tower fire, tragic Tom Mansell feared huge bills over flats and saw no way out - a friend said it was a 'significant factor' in his death A family friend said worry over the likelihood of six-figure remediation costs and rising insurance premiums was a “significant factor” in his death, plunging him into depression. He faced an estimated bill of £50,000 for just one of his rental flats. “Tom was a smiling, cheerful and bubbly personality, who was caring and compassionate, and led life to the full,” said the close friend. “But the burden of so many unexpected bills along with all the doubt and uncertainty, overwhelmed him.” Tom began building his property empire in Leeds at just 21 with the backing of his father Neil. He owned several homes across the city To add to his portfolio he borrowed money to buy four flats in the stylish Leeds Dock area – only to discover to his horror after the 2017 Grenfell disaster that apartment blocks there were sheathed in flammable cladding. In one building where he owned a home, La Salle, annual insurance premiums across the whole block, containing 210 flats, rocketed from £36,000 to £286,000. Service charges for leaseholders also soared to cover the cost of waking watch fire patrols, friends said. As his debts mounted, Tom became desperate to sell off the flats.
  8. I did not realise that. I am the wrong side of 50 so some of my culture and conclusions may be no longer be valid
  9. He was self employed in principle, as I said he was good at interviews and I assume he was good at the tests, and he was Indian so people wrongly thought he knew about IT @spyguy
  10. I had a friend who not so much did this but was brilliant at interviews but useless at productive work, he used to over dress and get sacked in about 2/3 months but a big number in his bank account, he used to get upset at losing the lucrative jobs but as I said to him ‘you are shit at work’ he no longer talks to me but that is for another reason
  11. Managed to get diesel only 20 minutes in queue, £35 limit but that is enough for now
  12. No one answer to that, people have different perspectives.
  13. I used to think it was money, now i think it is health ( you still need a certain amount of money)
  14. That is something, I can see substance behind that, managing freelancers on demand
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