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  1. https://www.modernghana.com/news/1120500/chamber-of-agribusiness-ghana-warns-of-imminent.html Chamber of Agribusiness Ghana has warned of an imminent increase in food prices in the country due to rising prices of fertilizer worldwide. According to the chamber, rising prices of fertilizers are causing shortages worldwide and are likely to impact the production of food in the country, especially as Ghana is a net importer of fertilizer. In a statement, the chamber said prices of cereals and grains are expected to increase significantly from the first quarter of 2022
  2. My life is the best it has ever been, it is downhill from here, as i get older i will deteriorate healthwise and my income will go down
  3. It is much better now, the world has improved a lot just do not real the Express or the Mail
  4. One of my observations seem to be when an area Gentrifies in becomes anti-working class. The cost of housing in the area is then no longer affordable by people in traditional working class jobs, the children of the locals who were housed in council houses no longer have this as an option. The Children of the working class end up moving to a cheaper area which is a commute from where they grew up. Is there an agenda to disenfranchise the working class?
  5. The green eyed monster coming out, do you think your life would have turned out a success if you had been to a grammar school
  6. The child of an immigrant that has bettered themselves, fair enough onwards and upwards
  7. However if people like you and other people like you move to an area it would change, look at the gentrification of areas like Hackney
  8. @spyguy you are married to an Italian and who are your children going to marry, it is a high probability they will marry the child of an immigrant
  9. When I stop growing in an environment
  10. I come to learn when I come to the conclusion that I have learned everything possible I move on. For me it is to improve myself ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’
  11. They have not been updating records, do not know if they have been receiving rates, they also have a 45,000+ account backlog. Can you really blame Kim Jong Un 12 months later
  12. LOL, I was being sarcastic, perhaps we have become stale and boring. Why do people visit a forum....
  13. No need, I was just being nosy. I wish you the best of luck, I hope you stay on this forum. You are a valuable contributor
  14. can you give the numbers for comparison.
  15. I am sure you said you were from the Leeds area, the person selling is not important, more relevant are the neighbours How much is would your repayments be compared to the rent you are paying?
  16. What area are you looking in?
  17. Wow, I have just looked at your profile you have been a member since 2004, What did you buy?
  18. Covid 19 has reduced the membership
  19. I fully understand this is about HPC, but you need to have interests as well
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