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  1. I very valid point, she has no assets left anymore, she has played her cards wrong.
  2. Things change, and we tell 2 different narratives, we pay bribes for buying British, weapons, education, services, we tell our people we are really nice and are helping the poor of the world, now that we are on the cusp of poverty we have to stop spending this money, our standing in the world will change.
  3. He must have had some very good times to have been able to afford a Rolex in the first place. People like him have no future the well paying jobs are not coming back. Oh by the way did you hear about Elon Musk
  4. +1 The other side of the argument is that we are bribing third world countries for our benefit
  5. I have a friend who trades in second hand Rolexs he has 3 units in Hatton Garden he is converting all his savings into them as he says in a few years the price will shoot up He picked a pre-used one last weekend for £500, that he reckons is worth about £2000 from someone who was desperate for the money We have a new poor group coming
  6. Flipping this around, which countries does the money flow to? I actually lived in India for 6 weeks on a business project and I did not come across corruption at all, according to the media everyone was on the take, but things worked I found the country too boring but not corrupt
  7. Did you never hear the story of Dick Whittington, telling the poor indians/pakistanis/turks/nigerians/polish that the streets of London are paved with gold, all you need is a self certifying mortgage, that can be purchased at a price.
  8. It is the big lump sum, you get after you sell your London property after paying your 25 years mortgage I have a Turkish friend his father has just retired at 55ish with a flat in dalston worth £500k and a bus drivers pension, a comparable Turk working in Germany for BMW can only expect a pension of maybe £100-200 per week, I met an Italian hottie 26 years old who wants to be my friend as she want knowledge on how to get on the property ladder, no experiences were offered so I decided not to be her friend
  9. Just watched on BBC iplayer, it is as if the housing associations want to evict all those people and want to take possession of those properties. ...the new robber barons.
  10. We are becoming very corrupt if you read the media or we have always been corrupt and the internet is bringing this information into the public domain
  11. That may be true in the academic area where people need to be a bit intelligent and are lowly paid, to advance in the UK the old boy network, going to the right university, family connections are still very important.
  12. You cannot use this as an example of EU incompetence, we probably have more cases of promotions and advancement due to family connections
  13. Why are you using 3.5 times, should you not look at affordability due to low interest rates
  14. So true, the world owes us nothing it was here before us
  15. Yep, i guess it’s all down hill now, with the steel industry gone
  16. What does it say on the white envelope I cannot read it on my huawei smartphone
  17. We want to make a profit or we shut down it the mantra we subscribe to
  18. no deal brexit will decrease the economy by 5% not the end of the world.
  19. Lockdown some things are worth more like a garden or PS4
  20. I cannot see a future for so many, I am starting to see a lot of poverty on the streets you could be past your sell by date
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