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  1. So what is your opinion of Rishi, Could Rishi Sunak target capital gains tax to help plug Britain's £322billion Covid black hole? Review will examine rules charging up to 28 per cent residential property gains It will also look at whether allowances and reliefs could be simplified or scrapped Sunak is interested in ‘how gains are taxed compared to other types of income’
  2. You seem to have an evil streak in you, did life deal you some bad cards.
  3. I have never heard of that scenario, pray tell me more
  4. You are on the wrong forum for that, try mumsnet, we are miserable and old and bitter and if you stay here long enough you will catch it as well.
  5. Why don’t you make it un-cool by taking it up and wear a handkerchief on your head, and say words like mojo and daddyO everytime they go skateboarding you go skateboarding and ask they advice, you can stop a behaviour by making it s as appear un-cool
  6. Protagoras of Abdera (c. 490 - c.420 BCE) is most famous for his claim that "Of all things the measure is Man, of the things that are, that they are, and of the things that are not, that they are not" (DK 80B1) usually rendered simply as "Man is the Measure of All Things". In maintaining this stance he pre-figures the existential relativism of writers like Luigi Pirandello ("It is so if you think so") by some two thousand plus years. It is curious to consider, then, how a man who claimed that what was true to each of his listeners was, in fact, true (including the idea that no one could know the gods' will objectively) could come to be the most highly paid Sophist in ancient Greece
  7. Money... Another observation it seems to be crag end British with much hotter foreign burds.
  8. Just looked at their website the prices are very low. i would be tempted to buy if you had not said that.
  9. That would go some way to explain why the Poles i worked with hated Russia and Germany.
  10. The impression i get is that they love multiculturalism but have been brainwashed to hate it and cannot square the circle.
  11. I have worked with a lot of polish people and the men are very very right wing they hate Black/Muslims/Jewish people Weird thing is they complained about brexit and that we are a racist country but did not look in the mirror
  12. Accidentally or did you know what you were doing?
  13. But a crap house in London is worth over a million, your relative wealth must have gone done, does that piss you off you want the plebs to know there place, power is more important than money
  14. Did your family come over with Duke William
  15. What is the purpose of education at life’s end
  16. I 100% agree with this, when i get bored in the old days i used to go BRITEXPAT Forum, and follow peoples posts as they immigrate to AUS/NZ and then after about 18 months come back, disillusioned, the grass is not greener on the other side The AUS secret service has an entire department praising the country to get rich foreigners to come bringing lots of money.
  17. i have a big problem my entire left has been about collecting money, i had a swell time along lifes highway as well, fast women and loose cars, Now that they keep throwing money at me for nothing i have no longer any interest in collecting it. I no longer have a purpose in life.
  18. Probably did not help that you had a foreign sounding name like costas or constantinou
  19. You had £250k in the bank she had £2k of savings can you blame her
  20. They must have been jealous of the amount of savings you have
  21. I am furloughed my company realises they don’t need me full time, they only need me to cover holidays and illness, what will they do
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