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  1. I was running a cottage business, but look at the number involved. FYI I have no records of my banking with starling bank, no evidence that I have ever had a relationship with them they have deleted everything Apart from an email that says I opened a bank account and a starling debit card. i have no proof that I have funds in starling bank as my app is blank of all information
  2. Just a word of advice against banking apps. They have wiped my app, i have no balance, no account details, no information on money in, no information on money out, i have no past data at all.
  3. I have sent them an email saying i want the money sent to a Children's Charity, lets see what happens.
  4. Dear Shlomo Information has come to light which is of concern to Starling Bank, as such we are closing your account. Under the terms and conditions of your account, we can withdraw banking facilities by giving you notice in writing, and in-line with company policy, we don't elaborate further on how we've reached this decision. Your account has now been closed The remaining balance of £527.54 will be retained by Starling Bank, We can’t provide any further information on this decision and unfortunately our customer service team will be unable to provide any further clarification on this matter. Thank you for your co-operation. Team Starling ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ My Starling App is now blank, no data at all To get legal assistance would have costed £350 which i did not consider worthwhile I sold food at a festival under "Kosher Foods" so that was the name that people put with my bank details.
  5. LOL, so true even though Birmingham and Manchester have so much to offer, a better quality of life for less money, just not good jobs
  6. Any reason why you do not make a low offer for the property.
  7. Yes, i would go with this. Also stick it to the establishment mentality which so many people have, the issues were not so important.
  8. As you get older you seem to be getting more right wing
  9. You are both genuine guys but different points of view. you need to move on or you will have a heart attack
  10. Have you stopped purchasing Chinese take away food?
  11. Would your business gain by the exchange of ideas at the coffee machine, have people in close contact is a mechanism of exchange of ideas, we grow by learning and teaching. Standing on the shoulders of giants
  12. If you Google "China bank runs" most of the media seems to be Bloomberg media, strange that.
  13. You dont have a life, how can you spend so much time on looking back at his posts.
  14. What is your experience of "work from home" from a business perspective?
  15. I think on this forum their are some people who did not buy because they wanted to boast that they purchased at the lowest price One up man ship nothing to do with BTL
  16. You love being insulted, it makes you feel alive
  17. I am not trying to imply that you are stupid you would make a good business partner perhaps I am talking allowed about my faults
  18. You are always looking for a bargain you would not pay £4K for a one bedroom flat you know the cost of everything but the value of nothing you cannot think of 2 different things at the same time
  19. Most EE cleaners in my area have been replaced by South American’s, so most things here are correct
  20. This is penthouse luxury end, they would not let low life like you through the door especially if you start talking about how you are just an ebayer
  21. I have a friend who is a landlord and he says he cannot get tenants, this is luxury end for Arabs/Chinese the problem started before coronovirus
  22. Do you not think soon enough if the money stops coming to London soon enough Scunthorpe will crash as well
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