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  1. Those big city financier will be mostly bankrupt, the world is going to change so much
  2. But a lot of PE firms are already nursing big losses from their own recent incursions into the UK’s casual dining sector. Since 2014, PE firms have splashed £10.4 billion on 132 deals in the UK’s restaurant and bar sectors, according to data from PitchBook. Now, many of them are lumbered with assets that are losing value fast due to the lockdown and the uncertain future facing the restaurant sector as a whole.
  3. It is also programming, 3 months of not going somewhere you come to the realisation it was not important, I went to the barbershop I was the only customer I was surprised as I thought it would have been packed, we have changed as a people wars and famines and experience change a people we are not the same I think we lost the work ethic
  4. Yes, I have noticed as well perhaps paying 3 months rent with nothing coming in means it’s over for many, both pubs near my house are open but nearly no customers, coronovirus might have also have made people buy alcohol in supermarkets for much cheaper than pubs/wine bars
  5. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-8490395/Banks-braced-10bn-hit-job-losses-shoot-up.html Britain's biggest banks could face losses of up to £10billion as customers are weaned off loan payment holidays, research has found. Lenders have granted payment holidays on loans worth more than £250billion, according to an analysis by Barclays. Many of the three-month holidays will come to an end this month just as lob losses mount up. Fears are rising of a wave of defaults as customers lose their incomes at the very moment they are asked to start making repayments on mortgages, personal loans and credit cards again. The research found banks had agreed to halt payments on 17 per cent of mortgages, 8 per cent of personal loans and 2 per cent of credit cards. Lenders have also granted a break on interest charges for 27million overdrafts. The study estimated that if a quarter of the customers on mortgage payment holidays default, this will lead to losses of £7.5billion. UK banks face losses of £217million on credit cards and £2.2billion on personal loans when payment breaks end. The total across the three main types of debt would be £9.9billion. As the country's largest lender, Lloyds is the most exposed to the economic fallout. It faces estimated losses of £1.7billion, £137million, £242million and £165million on mortgages, credit cards, personal loans and motor finance respectively if a quarter of customers default.
  6. I just do not believe you, you want a house in London as a pension that you sell in 25 years for a large number, i have met a lot of northerners who have told me this after a few beers, Sadly you have no Bomad you have to accept that, i have been to the North and they have some wonderful cities and actually northerners are generally more friendly than us southerners. Stop complaining no one is listening and move on.
  7. Or if some fiendish plot to create cornovirus that would stop travel, why would the rich invest in London if they cannot come to London, the flow o funds to London has stopped.
  8. maybe they are in a parallel universe to the one i am in.
  9. Thats only the Chinese what about the other groups, you have an enquiring mind your opinions must be Jewels.
  10. If you got a pound for every post you have on HPC you would be a millionaire by Xmas Rodney
  11. How long do you give John Lewis before they have IT problems caused by Wipro
  12. I have always wondered that are most of these 100k students finding employment equal to the amount of money spent, or are they looking at historical data and thinking it will all work out.
  13. That is physically impossible, most world economies are being trashed, we look good from the outside.
  14. I can see your point, but i do not think this is done to script.
  15. Thus is the agenda, maybe they don’t want anymore Eastern European’s or Jamaicans but they do want Chinese, to be a true melting pot you need lots of different
  16. What is their standard of living like, is it very similar to their environment, or have they created wealth.
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