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  1. Have you thought of changing your profession, have you thought of becoming a teacher
  2. I dont pay rent, that is why i have so much disposable income. I knew you would pull me up on this, i think the ebay/market trader, (my partner also works)
  3. i went for a meal yesterday with my partner and kids and spent £124 it was cheap as i did now have to pay £5k for a family holiday because of Coronovirus.
  4. I want to move to 3 days a week, i think my employers want to make me redundant, lets see how it pans out
  5. My experience is that people (old) get used to s as m area and don’t want to move, due to the inconvenience and fear of the new
  6. I want to retire, i have never realised how pointless work is.
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