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  1. Just out of interest, which one of you is more likely to run off with a Colombian Toyboy, you or your wife?
  2. Going down to a pub called brouhaha off the Haringey green lanes, they serve Chinese/Japanese food and beer one of the good repurcussions of coronovirus is that the great unwashed are not going out as much
  3. Nothing wrong with that, he is saving £1.5k per month And she cooks and cleans for him, he has to be back by 9pm or....
  4. When i tell chicks i live with my parents they are not interested i have to show they my banking app with how much money i have, the weird thing is after they see how much money i have they pay for the meal.
  5. Most landlords I have come across, big up the lie is that they are brilliant business people They drive flash cars and are extravagant
  6. If you married a 19 year old supermodel from the urals I hope I get invited you have a lot going for yourself money talks
  7. They inhabit a different world, I have come across many people like this, and spending that much on a wedding is a business investment not just pleasure or bragging rights
  8. The cost is dependent on how much money you think you have, so you upsell yourself 2 years ago I went on holiday to turkey, the Turkish Cypriot women I work with told me to disregard the stars and pay more, she said the more you pay the more you get we all think that if something is cheap it is rubbish, and I have found this to be true
  9. Top of the range Mercs, holidays the best, presents for friends, charities, Costa, weekend getaways to Europe, latest iPhones, nice thing lots of miscellaneous
  10. You are a people person, you need to work with people not a computer screen
  11. Have you thought of changing your profession, have you thought of becoming a teacher
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