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  1. https://www.opindia.com/2021/09/activism-by-church-groups-global-liberal-organizations-has-left-sri-lanka-starving/ But this harsh reality does not stop global liberal NGO juggernauts from raising big money in the first world, nor spending it in the third world. In many least developed or developing countries in Africa for instance, foreign aid is a huge deal. The big-name global NGOs have resources that the local governments simply cannot match. Big money from abroad, therefore, has the ability to change local politics. Consider what happened in Sri Lanka since they banned chemical fertilizers. The country exports a lot of tea and spices. This is even more crucial right now in order to earn foreign exchange. But those crops are set to fail, with yields expected to decline by up to 50%! An estimated 90% of farmers in the country utilize chemical fertilizers. The vast majority of them don’t even have any idea on how to transition to organic farming. This is what collapse looks like. No wonder Sri Lanka now has the military guarding sugar and rice.
  2. https://theprint.in/world/how-sri-lankas-overnight-flip-to-total-organic-farming-has-led-to-an-economic-disaster/728414/ At the root of this economic catastrophe is a bizarre overnight flip by Rajapaksa’s government on 29 April to ban the import of chemical fertilisers and any other agrochemicals to make the Indian Ocean nation the first in the world to practice organic-only agriculture. The result: prices of daily food items like sugar, rice and onions have soared over twice, with sugar even touching record Rs 200/kg; kerosene oil and cooking gas prices are surging; tea crops are predicted to fail in October; and there are fears over a hit to production of other crucial export crops like cinnamon, pepper, rubber, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, betel leaves, cocoa, and vanilla According to major Sri Lankan tea conglomerate Herman Gunaratne, one of 46 experts picked by President Rajapaksa to spearhead the organic shift, the move’s consequences for the country are unimaginable. “The ban has drawn the tea industry into complete disarray… If we go completely organic, we will lose 50 per cent of the crop, (but) we are not going to get 50 per cent higher prices,” he reportedly said.
  3. I have heard that the Next warehouse in Bradford is paying £20 per hour overtime, normal pay is £10 per hour
  4. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/breaking-britain-now-see-permanent-24953533 Some quotes from Ian Wright... Mr Wright said Brexit has been one factor in supply issues but wider "structural changes" are to blame, and Brits will have to shift their "expectations" of what they can get on shelves. He said the food and drink industry is short of about 500,000 workers or one in eight, adding: "It’s going to get worse - and it’s not going to get better after getting worse any time soon." Some industry workers have decided “not to go back to the rat race” after Covid, while 300,000 to 400,000 switched to online jobs - some of them HGV drivers who no longer have to get up at 4am. "That's a structural change that will not reverse itself", he added.
  5. Europe is 400,000 HGV drivers short, it many ways it is a world wide problem
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58519997 Labour shortages in the food industry means consumers may not be able to find the products they like in supermarkets, an industry boss has warned. "The just-in-time system is no longer working and I don't think it'll work again," Food and Drink Federation (FDF) boss Ian Wright said at an Institute for Government event on Friday. Mr Wright warned that the UK was in for permanent shortages. However, it didn't mean the country would run out of food, he stressed. But a spokesman for the government said it did not recognise claims of permanent shortages. Morrisons warns driver shortage will raise prices 'Customers will go elsewhere and won't come back' Wetherspoons runs low on some beer brands "The UK has a highly resilient food supply chain which has coped well in responding to unprecedented challenges," he said. "We are taking steps to support businesses tackle a range of issues, from the pandemic to a Europe-wide shortage of HGV drivers." He added that the support included expanding the Seasonal Workers Pilot to 30,000 visas for workers to come to the UK for up to six months, as well as a package of measures to help tackle the HGV driver shortage that will streamline the process for securing a licence.
  7. I like BJ so will vote Conservative first time in decades
  8. https://www.fairobserver.com/region/europe/peter-isackson-tony-blair-prime-minister-war-on-terror-afghanistan-iraq-war-united-kingdom-britain-84993/ Blair’s plan reads like a comic book version of traditional British imperialism. “We need some boots on the ground,” he said. “Naturally our preference is for the boots to be local, but that will not always be possible.” Let the natives die as we secure our rule. It is already laughable to suggest that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit Britain might “work more closely with European countries” on its relations with the African continent. Blair is obviously thinking of a tandem with France, whose citizens have lost all patience with their nation’s inept military operation across the Sahel region. He imagines France and Britain together renewing the glory formerly achieved by the US-UK duo in the Middle East. Together they will ensure that the “remaking” lasts longer. France’s Jupiterian president, Emmanuel Macron, humiliated by the current pressure to withdraw troops, would clearly welcome the chance of participating in such an alliance, even if the French people are reticent. For Blair, it isn’t about power and money, though he is clearly attracted to both, especially the latter, which he has shown a talent for accumulating. No, it’s about universal values, Blair’s own singularly enlightened values. That’s a language dear to the president of the French Republic, a nation that has tirelessly sought to exercise its “mission civilisatrice” across the globe for the last three centuries. Blair, the stand-up comedian, will “stand up for” those values and be “prepared to defend them.”
  9. I have been offered a tenancy from a foreign landlord for £850pm should be £1300pm have not seen the property yet but expect it to be a dive as he has not been in the UK for 20 odd years
  10. I go to a lot of landlord forums and the number of new landlord and these people are not verve doing due diligence another observation seems to be a few South American’s in this group who think this is a part to riches
  11. I can see the UK/US giving aid to the Taliban, I noticed Blair has changed the tag for the enemy from Taliban and Al-qaeda to Islamist, notice the detail.
  12. As in the spectator article, the eElite and ordinary people have as in Brexit opposing views
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/video/2021/sep/06/islamism-is-a-first-order-security-threat-says-tony-blair-video If you read the comment sections then you can see the opinion of him is, Nearly every comment is that it was a big mistake and thank gawd we have left I bet no one can dispute that
  14. A valid hypothesis but this guy is an accidental landlord with one BTL so he has no care about anything else
  15. Do you think the Russian and Chinese General Staff helped the Taliban with logistical problems
  16. Inside London rents are going down, so in some ways it is equalising but I think they should go down all over the country
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