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  1. This is some time before coronovirus i can see it getting very difficult, the quality of life will soon be very low.
  2. https://www.radioexe.co.uk/news-and-features/world-news/the-city-has-become-unbearable-why-are-so-many-people-leaving-los-angeles/ The pandemic has laid bare deep-rooted problems and many Angelenos are cutting their losses and leaving the city. Homelessness has long been a problem in US cities such as Los Angeles. Since the pandemic hit, the number of people living in tents in the city has grown visibly. In the wealthy neighbourhood of Venice Beach, rows of tents now dominate the sidewalks in affluent residential streets. One realtor, who didn't want to be identified, told Sky News one of his clients returned to her Venice Beach home to find a homeless man in her kitchen. "It was at that point she said 'I'm out' and put her house on the market," he said. "As a woman living on her own, she didn't feel safe living there anymore." You hear this time and time again from people. The city feels more dangerous, the homelessness is out of control - on top of high taxes and eye-watering rents, many are considering moving out if they haven't already. Comedian Joe Rogan is one high-profile resident who has left LA for Texas - citing overcrowding, traffic and homelessness as the driving factors. He is not alone. Kerstin, a British expat, posted online: "We've just left LA and moved to Ojai because things in the city became unbearable for us." When contacted she told Sky News: "We have quite a few people in our circle of friends who are either leaving LA because of COVID or planning on it. https://ooyala.news.sky.com/tpaDBvajE6RZCOvds_5D0l7pFCZPNG9w/DOcJ-FxaFrRg4gtDEwOjM3NjowODE7Tz
  3. NW11 9BX Or you lack prospects, what do women want from a man?
  4. Perhaps because you cannot get a real flesh and blood woman
  5. Maggie has been the best PM we had since WW2, but the bar has been very low
  6. Sending you a virtual red wine, with a woman i think is at your level
  7. Sarcasm, I bet you are wondering if she used to be a ladyboy
  8. In one of our workplaces one of the Muslim guys is gay it really pisses some of the women as they want him to ogle them, so the make up they have spent a fortune on is money well spent
  9. This is more relevant than having money in the bank.
  10. You are the one bringing up how to improve your score on dating sites, using machine learning
  11. My impression is that most of the single guys on here think they are gods gift.
  12. About Digital lifestyle, health, travel and finance reporter at The Express. Before that, I interned for nearly two years at Fabulous Daily at the Sun newspaper while working for my English and American Literature degree at the University of Kent. I am currently completing my NCTJ exams at News Associates, London.
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