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  1. Because she could not run away with the property, I think the banks must be s hitting it
  2. I assume he is affected by the cladding problem.
  3. I have worked my entire life and always paid taxes, an old school friend has been on benefits for over 25 years, he has COPD and Diabetes because of inactivity well according to his doctor, apart from going bald i have nothing wrong with me.
  4. It probably does not, expect the oppressed workers is part of a story.
  5. What is the selling price of comparable properties
  6. So a new build is worth more than Buckingham Palace, older property has better locations history and other good points that I don’t know
  7. immigration into the UK has different dimensions you have a right and left wing perspective. The right is pro-immigration as it lowers the cost of labour, it is anti as it is the standard bearer of nationalism. The left is pro-immigration as it talks of the struggle against the elite, it is anti as it lowers wages for the workers and puts pressure on services. I have noticed how the labour and Conservative parties are now switching their attire.
  8. Yes, it is i have friends in online retail saying this, you also have householders lying about not receiving, and their does seemed to be a big increase in poor people who were once employed and may be moving to crime to get more money.
  9. Since your wife works at the coal face, what is her opinion of ADHD?
  10. This is the book i am reading at the moment.
  11. Learned behaviour and parts of monkey see monkey do, have you taken up some of these characteristics i would have, i am the sum total of my experiences
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