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  1. Kingston university cutting pay but making up for this by giving staff a much better title LOL
  2. The purpose of education for these people, is a brilliant job, in a world without jobs paying this kind of money does not make sense
  3. Bolton and Rotherham would need to be significantly cheaper, I am sure students from poorer countries are very cost conscious
  4. Huawei to sack 375 in the UK, they no longer see a future in the UK for themselves
  5. I enjoyed Turkey for a holiday, i would like to live there but i would rent, i think would get bored after 6 months.
  6. That is life, you might as well enjoy furlough no point in being depressed, eat drink and be merry.
  7. I agree with sum of that, I agree that Apple has a lot, the city role as money laundering capital will soon be over. Panama papers no you hear what they want you to hear.
  8. None of this is evidence, just what the media want you to believe, i have friends in the Media and they say the public is so gullible,, you have multiple media sources all getting this information from the same source.
  9. I have heard of conspiracy theories like this my entire life and just dont believe it.
  10. I was near Golders Green station today, and Saw some salesmen in suits trying the speal in getting gullible people to part with their money, what was different was they had Australian accents. Has there economy crashed or something..,
  11. It is exactly the same, well life is for me much better thank gawd we have a labour tax and spend government in power
  12. They might not find any buyers, it is impossible to asses what the selling price will be, do you now the post code?
  13. How did the miltants start and how does undercurrent manifest itself?
  14. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2020-05-15/u-s-2q-gdp-to-decline-39-at-annual-rate-deutsche-bank-s-hooper-video
  15. I forgot about Brexit, let’s just get out
  16. I do not disagree with you, but Covid 19 has destroyed the UK housing market, and all the kings horses and all the kings men could not put humpty back together again.
  17. LOL, I assume they are not your favourite people, but they are only a cog, not the main protagonists.
  18. I think 8 months from now we will be back to normal, progress can be slowed but never halted.
  19. I can see foreign capital no longer coming to somewhere with a lockdown, no wonder tax receipts are down so much, we have a spend and borrow economic policy
  20. Why do Estate agents get special treatment, buying a house at the moment is the last thing on my mind, i am waiting for the big one.
  21. I remember her saying that, she has such a wonderful sense of humour.
  22. You have become very right wing i guess it is an age thing, i understand you are worried about your pension and the crash in the value of your assets, i understand where you are coming from. But we have to continue with this lockdown, and Rishi has played it right i would definitely Vote Conservative for the rest of my life now.
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