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  1. https://www.npr.org/2022/07/02/1109105779/monthly-car-payments-record-700?t=1657141005524 Cars have long had their own special place in America. The wide open roads, the wind in your hair, the feeling of freedom when you drive. Cars have been celebrated in movies and eternalized in songs for evoking all that. And right now, that feeling of freedom comes with a pretty hefty price tag. The average monthly car payment crossed $700 a month earlier this year, the highest on record, according to Cox Automotive/Moody's Analytics. "I joke with people that every new car purchase is a luxury car purchase, I don't care what you're buying," says Ivan Drury, senior manager of insights at the car buying expert Edmunds. However, cars aren't just a symbol of freedom. In fact, they play an essential role in the economy. People rely on cars to get to work — 3 out of 4 Americans commute to work by car. Then there's school drop-offs, doctors appointments, grocery shopping and more. And yet, for more and more Americans owning a car is becoming unaffordable. "Unfortunately for the segment of the population that probably needs it the most, it's getting more and more out of reach," Drury notes.
  2. If interest rates hit 5% could you survive. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2022/07/05/banks-ordered-rein-lending/
  3. Either you are an agent of the Chinese government or you are giving a good impression of one
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-62064506 The heads of UK and US security services have made an unprecedented joint appearance to warn of the threat from China. FBI director Christopher Wray said China was the "biggest long-term threat to our economic and national security" and had interfered in politics, including recent elections. MI5 head Ken McCallum said his service had more than doubled its work against Chinese activity in the last three years and would be doubling it again. MI5 is now running seven times as many investigations related to activities of the Chinese Communist Party compared to 2018, he added. The FBI's Wray warned that if China was to forcibly take Taiwan it would "represent one of the most horrific business disruptions the world has ever seen". The first ever joint public appearance by the two directors came at MI5 headquarters in Thames House, London. McCallum also said the challenge posed by the Chinese Communist Party was "game-changing", while Wray called it "immense" and "breath-taking". Wray warned the audience - which included chief executives of businesses and senior figures from universities - that the Chinese government was "set on stealing your technology" using a range of tools. He said it posed "an even more serious threat to western businesses than even many sophisticated businesspeople realised". He cited cases in which people linked to Chinese companies out in rural America had been digging up genetically modified seeds which would have cost them billions of dollars and nearly a decade to develop themselves. He also said China deployed cyber espionage to "cheat and steal on a massive scale", with a hacking programme larger than that of every other major country combined. The MI5 head said intelligence about cyber threats had been shared with 37 countries and that in May a sophisticated threat against aerospace had been disrupted.
  5. Covid and Brexit go hand in hand probably same state actor or singing from the hymn sheet
  6. https://www.ft.com/content/bd5a3c33-03bc-4434-8465-9d306b8885da Norway has warned that gas exports to the UK could be shut off this weekend if a workers’ strike escalates, with up to 60 per cent of the Scandinavian country’s supplies under threat from industrial action. Equinor, Norway’s state-backed energy company, had already shut down three oil and gas fields since the strikes began on Monday evening over pay claims to compensate for rising inflation, in a move that helped propel European gas prices to the highest level in four months. Norway’s Gassco, the state-owned pipeline operator, told the Financial Times on Tuesday that “in a worst-case scenario, deliveries to the UK could stop totally”, with striking workers planning to extend the shutdowns this Saturday to a key distribution hub that supplies the UK. The threat to Norwegian supplies comes as European countries are already rushing to fill storage ahead of the winter. Europe has turned to Norway, traditionally its second-biggest gas supplier behind Russia, to plug the gap left after Moscow cut flows following its invasion of Ukraine earlier this year. The UK has also become an important conduit for moving supplies on to Europe over the summer, with its export pipelines to Belgium and the Netherlands running at speed to send excess imports of liquefied natural gas and Norwegian supplies into continental storage ahead of the winter. The supply drought has sent European gas prices surging, contributing to a sharp rise in costs for businesses and households. Benchmark European gas prices rose 6 per cent on Tuesday to €167 per megawatt hour, the highest level since early March and five times the level of a year ago. The jolt higher in prices rippled into the foreign exchange market, with the euro sinking to its lowest level in two decades over concerns about how spiralling energy costs will affect the euro area economy.
  7. https://uk.investing.com/news/economy/russia-could-cut-state-spending-for-fx-interventions-says-finance-minister-2677835 MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia may start buying the currencies of "friendly" countries and use those holdings to try to influence the exchange rate of the dollar and euro, as a means of countering sharp gains in the rouble, its finance minister said on Wednesday. The rouble has soared to seven-year highs, boosted by capital controls that include curbs on Russians withdrawing foreign currency savings, thereby eating into Russia's export income by denting the value of dollar and euro proceeds from sales abroad of commodities and other goods. Authorities in Russia stopped buying foreign currency via market interventions in early 2022, under a budget rule designed to shield it from external shocks, to ease pressure on the rouble at a time when it was falling sharply. Those declines were triggered by fears of tough Western sanctions in the run-up to what Moscow calls the "special military operation" in Ukraine that began on Feb. 24. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that, under a "modified" budget rule, his ministry was ready to step in and accumulate other currencies in its reserves
  8. The Euro is finished either Biden or the illuminati have played a blinder, this war I mean special operation will destroy the Euro Zone and Russia The pound is going to get stronger
  9. They are worth something, sometimes they have good locations and the price has always been lower than a comparable house, some people cannot afford the house and with HTB you had people paying £10k deposit to get on to the housing ladder, no one knew about the cladding problem then.. I actually was considering buying a flat..
  10. House prices in London are going down as well, flat prices are crashing
  11. We have been saying this on HPC for a few years now, bloomburg is just catching up
  12. I have recently sold excess camera bits like lens for more than I purchased them for retail pre-Covid, sold a Panasonic lumix camera used for £299 I purchased from amazon for £229 in 2018 I am certain I could have got more as it sold in 2 days I could not work out a price as there were non on eBay as a comparator
  13. You should get a G-Shock I think it would suit you
  14. If you are as old as you say you are and purchased them decades ago they are worth a fortune and will appreciate in value with the passing of time,
  15. Why don’t you post the pictures of your watch collection on HPC, and then we can get the measure of you
  16. The price for Rolexs has gone crazy, two tier country some with nothing and some with obscene amounts of money
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