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  1. My reading of it was President Rajapaksa was too powerful, he was making decisions on subjects he knew nothng about he should have consulted experts, the debt of Sri Lanka is US $52B and they have to repay US $7B this year they should have taken longer terms, why did he not?
  2. All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved. Sun Tzu
  3. Unless the West made sure Russia beat Ukraine. In the early days of chess, players didn't know what to do with their pawns - they considered them a nuisance to be got out of the way, so that the more powerful pieces could join the fray. Many beginners and novices make the same mistake - they consider pawns worthless and aren't too bothered if they lose a pawn here or there. Make sure you don't fall into the same way of thinking. The first player to really recognise the power of pawns was the 18th century master Philidor, who called pawns "the soul of chess". Nowadays, chess masters understand that pawns and pawn formations - known as pawn structure - are the cornerstone of chess strategy, and a strong or weak pawn structure can sometimes be the deciding factor in a game. The position of the pawns in turn determines where the other pieces should be placed.
  4. He is only a kid, he should be chasing girls in newscastle not be in a war, the system that makes us kill each other is to blame.
  5. The point I was making is that war is very bad, and it is not the people it is the system.. One of the other was talking about "Bloody Sunday" and he blamed the british soldiers, how can you blame a 18 year old with no life experiences it is the system, Vadim Shishimarin is innocent, the system is Guilty
  6. I assume you are talking about the manchester area
  7. LONDON, May 18 (Reuters) - In volatile currency markets, one trade stands out as an easy bet: selling the British pound. With the world's fifth-biggest economy grappling with a particularly unhealthy cocktail of slowing growth and surging inflation, the British currency has become the medium of choice to express a negative view. Official data on Wednesday showed inflation reached a 40-year high of 9% in April - more than four times the Bank of England's 2% target while Britain's worst cost of living crisis in three decades will not subside until late this year, according to a Reuters poll. Money markets now expect only 120 basis points of cumulative rate hikes by the end of the year compared to the Fed's nearly two full percentage points. Even a more cautious European Central Bank is expected to raise interest rates by 108 basis points over that period. Jane Foley, head of FX strategy at Rabobank says markets have slashed their UK rate hike expectations in recent weeks because recession risks have grown. Respondents in a Reuters poll assign a 35% probability of a recession within a year. Kaspar Hense, a senior portfolio manager at Bluebay Asset Management in London, said he was short the currency in his portfolios. "The pound has the weakest outlook among all the major currencies as the central bank's reluctance to raise interest rates aggressively means it has the lowest inflation-adjusted yield among its rivals," he said. As the war in Ukraine added more fuel to price pressures, UK growth expectations and consumer confidence tumbled because of the soaring inflation, the protracted conflict and concerns about the impact of extended COVID lockdowns on growth in China, Britain's third biggest trading partner. Citibank indexes that measure how economic data fare compared with expectations are lower for Britain than for the rest of Europe or the United States, suggesting growing economic headwinds ahead.
  8. https://slate.com/business/2022/05/uber-subsidy-lyft-cheap-rides.html One of the biggest factors in car sharing’s demise, the executive said, was Uber. Getting a door-to-door ride was always going to be more convenient than renting a car yourself. But here’s the weird thing: For much of the last decade, even for long rides, taking an Uber has also been cheaper. That is because Uber has lost an astounding sum since its founding in 2009, including more than $30 billion in the five-odd years since the company’s finances became public. Together with earlier losses and a similar strategy at rival Lyft, this has amounted to an enormous, investor-fueled subsidy of America’s ride-hailing habit.
  9. Other countries also have problems we just do not look at them, our problems are the same as other anglo-saxon countries not worse
  10. Not going to happen, the US also has a lot of problems as has China and the EU. The economic problems will affects every nation.
  11. The British Empire was not all fun and games, the Russians Army in the Ukraine is very liberal in comparison. (probably because of the power of the internet to publicise this)
  12. I cannot work you out, you seem to be messaging contradicting views in so many of your posts
  13. He has justified the atrocities by not calling them out, all humans are capable of evil regardless of nationality we should not be given the cause or opportunity
  14. He is a STAR at pistonhead https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/forum.asp?h=0&f=57
  15. Naked, what am I? A lank, skinny, spider-legged libel on the image of God! Look at the waxwork head— the face, with the expression of a melon — the projecting ears — the knotted elbows — the dished breast — the knife-edged shins — and then the feet, all beads and joints and bone-sprays, an imitation X-ray photograph! There is nothing imperial about this, nothing imposing, impressive, nothing to in- voke awe and reverence. Is it this that a hundred and forty million Russians kiss the dust before and worship? Manifestly not! No one could worship this spectacle, which is Me. Then who is it, what is it, that they worship ? Privately, none knows better than I: it is my clothes. Without my clothes I should be as destitute of authority as any other naked person. Nobody could tell me from a parson, a barber, a dude. Then who is the real Emperor of Eussia ? My clothes. There is no other.
  16. I have to agree with you, the stupidity of our political class to this impending crisis then do not even seem to notice it, I could see it unfolding a few months ago
  17. I agree I have got so much free stuff over the years and I have never worked out why…
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