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  1. How about a very strong correlation in the States between poor, old, unvaccinated obese people dying of CoVid and rich, old, vaccinated people not dying of it? At the risk of sounding as if I support our Government, it should be remembered that we had a vaccine roll out free for all strictly based upon order of clinical need.
  2. I think we have reached that point in the middle of a game of Monopoly. All the properties have now been landed on and bought up (and they don’t make any more). And no one is yet bankrupt. So we just continue round the board paying rent where we land until someone runs out of money....
  3. Deliberately misreading the meaning of what they are doing. Pathetic.
  4. No no no! The immigrants with little or nothing, who have suffered under the hands of others are the ones that people generally want to help the most. That is the nature of empathy. You are again assuming that people who are against uncontrolled immigration lack this empathy that you feel. The more you speak to them, the more you realise they do not, and how torn they are between wanting to welcome, and help (as needed) those who are here as individuals, yet knowing by doing so that they are encouraging more influx and so enhancing pressures on their society and environment, and enhancing the competition their families feel for resources.
  5. You are right. This will help big time. Until September when it won’t.
  6. Why do you assume that? Lots of cases yes. Pretty much assured now. More people in hospital yes. Pretty much assured now. More deaths? Probably. In fact I would say certain. But not sure as many as 500 a day. And even if we reach 500 a day would we lock down again? Not sure.
  7. I believe to be a successful society long term we have to move back to a position where the majority of young working people/ families can afford their own home. To do this I agree it has to be measured in real terms (adjusted for inflation / relative to wages). I also agree it has to be time limited (<5 years?). We could create a definition for the site if you like? Here is a starter position 0-5% Minor Correction 5-10% Major Correction 10-20% Significant Fall 20-30% Substantial Fall >30% Crash?
  8. Real terms (slow) Bust for me. The dash from city flats that was happening will peter out. Fewer people to pay silly money will mean prices stagnate or fall slowly. I do not think a rapid nominal price drop will occur unless interest rates rise significantly.
  9. Here's a radical idea. How about we treat old and young alike? We have separated out younger generations and asked them to take the burden of their education in the form of a Graduate Tax. Perhaps we should do the same and separate old people out to pay for their requirements in a Pensioners Tax. Wealthy pensioners rattling around in their family homes could pay for the privilege (Land value tax above £250k or so for the over 55s) and we could redistribute this to pay for the state pension and triple lock? We could increase the tax rate after phase in to pay for Care Homes too... Another vote winner!
  10. I agree they are not the same thing, but no I did not conflate them. A level grades represent achievement (at a point in time) not talent. We use them as a proxy for later success in a professional career. They are not a very good proxy, but they are better than some others others. If you wish, you could also use raw talent (however you define it) as a proxy for later career success. This would also have value, but would not be a great proxy on its own. This is why our admissions system uses a combination of these, and other information and Universities use discretion in choices for who gets places. N.one of this changes the fact that good candidates are not getting places for medicine in the UK and are choosing other careers instead.
  11. I will not disagree with your points Si. I am sure there are also examples of talented, enthusiastic students who did not get all A grades that have also been lost to the medical profession through excessive levels of competition.
  12. Spot on. We should be targeting wealthy pensioners’ huge asset wealth, not their generally modest income. Best way to do that would be to instigate a house price crash. Good luck getting political support for that policy though.
  13. The shortage of Doctors is due to the limited number of medical school places - controlled by Doctors. Almost like they are creating their own shortage... Some of the students I know failed to get places at University to study medicine despite 3 A or A* grades as A level. Good potential is being diverted elsewhere due to excessive levels of competition for places.
  14. Yup. I think this, and Zugs’ comments are both a fair summary. The EU are “over” us leaving and are getting on with the possibly easier life of governing “Europe” without us. The U.K. Brexit majority are “over” us leaving and are celebrating the anniversary of us voting to do so. As an Independence Day. It is just perpetual remainers (like Clive Lewis on Politics Live yesterday) who are angry, frustrated, and struggling to get forgive and forget. Sadly, I am one of these...
  15. By getting over ourselves and recognising the mutual benefits of doing so. By “ourselves” I mean both U.K. and EU
  16. Is having a thriving shared culture in and with your neighbourhood a good thing ? Yes. can we have a thriving shared culture with our EU friends after Brexit? Yes, I think we can.
  17. Probably true. My understanding is that Although pretty much equally effective at stopping deaths, the Oxford-AZ vaccine is not as effective at stopping short term mild infection as the Pfizer-Biontec. It may therefore also be poorer at stopping spread. “congrats Brexiteers even the Brexit vaccine turned out to be shite “” Sorry, I do not agree with this comment. The Oxford vaccine is remarkably effective and clearly working in terms of saving lives. You are unfairly dismissing the hard work of many people, and the life’s work of some that we should be showing great gratitude towards.
  18. Continents are capitalised, North America is a landmass Erm. Yes. They are proper nouns. I was pointing out (supporting previous poster, you) that the EU are taking over ((or at least trying to) usage of the continent.
  19. EUropean with a big E, in the same way as American with a big A means USA.
  20. Thought provoking diagrams. It may be this is saying something more universal (psychological) about the human condition and how whether you see yourself as doing well or not is colouring your judgements in other areas.
  21. In the interests of fairness I have put the other side of the referendum debate in as well Pig. What interests me is that I know people who see the left hand word cloud and instantly think “ disgusting and xenophobic, putting U.K. people above and before the “other”. I suspect this is your view Pig, and why you posted it. But then I also know people who see the cloud on the right and think “disgusting exploitative privileged bastards, putting GDP, their privileges and money above and before the lives of ordinary U.K. people”. I see both, and also neither.
  22. So we have got to the stage where the original meaning of Dr. and a doctorate has become misleading enough to be ditched have we? I thought the title “Doctor” was the academic title you achieve when you know enough about something to employ your knowledge and begin teaching it to others, regardless of the subject matter. And of course, having the level of knowledge to start treating patients medically is a subset of this. As the medical usage has now overtaken the original academic usage perhaps we do need a new title to avoid the confusion caused.
  23. As someone who spent a number of years living and working in another EU country, I was enjoying our mutually enriched lives, as I suspect you were. And indeed most if not all Remain voters were. The people who voted for Brexit were in the most part not benefitting from this enrichment and only saw the downsides of increased competition for scarce resources and unfair (as they saw it) treatment. It took discussions with many Brexit voting people leading up to the vote for me to recognise the mistakes we (Europhiles) were making, but many (and I include most of the current progressive politicians in this) still have not understood how Brexit has been more a result of inequality in our own social system than anything else.
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