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  1. I have been thinking about the OP to this thread, and to answer your question it really matters who you are asking. Some of us can make a mobile last 5 years and have one that does everything you would want from a phone, some can buy a 4 year old car at the auction with only 50,000 on the clock and keep it for 10 years and get 150,000 miles out of it and pay 1/3rd of the purchase price. Many of us don't take debt on to buy or do things and much of what can be done that's most enjoyable can be done in a good pair of walking boots or on a high spec secondhand carbon bike and with the outdoors being free. On a Friday night throw a few things in the back of the car and have pleasant drive through the night on an empty A1for a long weekend in Northumberland for less than £100 quid, I know people who spend that for one night out. Yes there is going to less "stuff and things" available due to less money or less available future debt, but as hard as I try I just cannot see anything but a nice future ahead if you get your perspective and wants right.
  2. Some of us have been planning over the last 4 or 5 years for the inevitable credit crunch, I will be able to get by quite comfortably on a 70% drop on my income from where it was pre C-19 and without anyone knocking on my door for unpaid bills and most importantly unpaid debt, to which I do not have a penny in borrowed money. When this is all over I will be able to cut my cloth to my new circumstances, if you are heavily in debt and worse still in debt with a now falling major asset then life starts getting very unpleasant, and owed debt does not just walk away from your life. I am expecting personally a better quality of life, so yes my living standards will be probably improving, but I must add that not all my quality of life revolves around things, far from it. I expect to be in a Suffolk or Northumberland smallholding with the outdoors on my doorstep and hopefully within 5 years tops, I am hoping for sooner, and then everything on top of that will be a bonus,
  3. Thanks for that, I seriously think that was the best post I have put up on HPC, only you have picked up on it ?
  4. Too many people will be angrily screaming for it to end in the next few months, the most amusing types I find are those that I strongly suspect of earning good self employment wages and putting didly squat through self assessment over the last few years, suspect several people who have done this, but I am sure there are far more. And how do you fight that one out as unfair when you self assessment is showing less then £30,000 clear profit and you now get 80% of that and with a £60,000 lifestyle and overheads, not a leg to stand on? Karma I call it.
  5. It's not a problem, but too many people think they have been saved by all this magical free money right now, reality should hit them by the end of Autumn
  6. You want to head up to Northumberland then warpig if you are into that sort of thing, it's Wadenhoe x 10 if you are into the outdoor stuff. Sea, hills and empty scenic roads with loads of space. Lot of people talking lately about staying closer to home because of C-19 and I am one of them. Tried a boat dive off Seahouses Northumberland last year and swam with about 100 seals, another day you will get dolphins, Minke whales or even the odd orca, dive with seals only £20 quid for the trawler to get us out to Farne Islands. I have traveled the world for far worst dives than that one.
  7. Yep, been there experienced it. Amazing how it can sit there like a ticking time bomb unnoticed in your head until the day a trigger out of the blue sets something off that you thought was never there.. A very violent and abusive father like I had can effect you well after you thought possible. You have to own it and even take responsibility for those past events, or else. Also, and just have to put this out there in case it helps just one person, DMT was one of my biggest saviours, that's all I am saying on that ?
  8. I am amazed that people see furlough and all that money that has thrown at this virus as something that just is, like removing a small splinter and away you go again. I remember only several months ago business whinging about too many bank holidays and needing to get more people working weekends etc as it was weakening our economy in a competitive world, so what are the same people making of all this spending now, all this "FREE" money ? There are a lot of big economies in the world and few of them have throwing money at it like we have, hand on heart I think 90% of people have no idea what is heading there way and that is even with the majority knowing things "might get a little harder", yeah right!
  9. Yep, your pretty close ? It's unspoken little gem around that area, but locals right now are not happy with anyone turning up for walk, swim or boat etc, so am just having to grit my teeth and wait, desperate to get back in the water and knock out a few 5 Km swims.
  10. I sometimes thought if you knew that you only had a couple of years of life in you with good health and only you knew about it, say the end of the world was coming or a non painful health issue that would only effect you on the fateful day ? what a magical last few years you could have. You could run that credit limit up to bursting point as others used their hard earned money to tread water thinking in 20 or 30 years they to would reap their rewards as you lived everyday as it was a holiday. That's kind of where I think we are at now, even on here I am reading posts that sort of treat furlough and mortgage holidays and increased universal benefits and Housing benefits like just some kind of extra Bank holiday they can just write off as if it was nothing. I keep reading stuff like "house prices won't fall because they will just" etc etc, usually they are referring to this huge pot of money that's just sitting there unused. There will be consequences, unless of course we are all going to peg it in a couple of years and it will all be fine ?
  11. This is just a guess of mine and not actual fact, but I am convinced lenders, and a few other related businesses have something else they are looking when lending money that's not official and not openly admitted to. Not for one minute do I believe the credit score you look at at say Experian are what Banks rely on. My Experian CS is Excellent and has been for a while, but I have a had a few incidents which have led me to believe I don't look as outstanding to banks as many would think I should, always felt they were looking at something else as well.
  12. Take the Clonards and Falls border lines, look back in British history and it wasn't unlike what has gone on in Britain on a bigger scale ? .. Some places in the UK are still not far off it, parts of Scotland for example.
  13. It's like saying someone on £2000 per month take home pay with monthly bills of £3500 is just fine because he has a £12,000 limit on his credit card.
  14. I recently did some work with a massively loaded customer with a huge village house that purchased a property next door in order just to pinch the garden and then put the property back on the market. He is just putting the property on the market now minus garden, will be interesting to see how much that new garden might now cost him ?
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