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  1. Completed. 2 other houses on our street also completed, i know one of them went for 20K over asking.
  2. We sold in that area within 3 days (multiple offers over asking). As I said, decent stuff isn't sticking around.
  3. East & West Oxford. However all of Oxfordshire is busy according to the estate agents and surveyors i've spoken to - took us almost a month to get a survey done as they're all fully booked up.
  4. Cheer Twenty, agreed it's interesting to see the amount of people with investments which they claim to be out performing the housing market, yet seem reluctant to divulge what these investments consist of! Please do bump a few other threads, it's an interesting exercise reading how far out some of the more loony predictions are in retrospect.
  5. Having recently sold and buying in Oxford, I can tell you that the market is moving very quickly for decent stuff.
  6. Plenty of other metrics showing the same upwards trend, as i'm sure you've seen. House prices are on the up, of that there should be no doubt. Regarding your other point, I take no pleasure in people being priced out of the market, or stratospheric house prices. However, some of the nut jobs on here do need a reality check, as their incorrect predictions (which are often peddled as facts) are misleading.
  7. I didn't realise there was a market for "2nd hand house salesmen". How much do they cost? 🤑
  8. err... Prices down 10%? Not sure where you're getting your info from but it's way out i'm affraid. London house prices: The top five risers in August Borough Average price Quarterly change Annual change Merton £507,800 0.4% 3.2% Croydon £376,700 0.8% 3.1% Kingston £517,000 1% 3% Sutton £395,600 0.4% 2.8% Newham £375,800 0.7% 2.8% Source: Zoopla
  9. We shall see! I suspect the usual characters will still be complaining about the market being rigged as part of some conspiracy against them.
  10. I thought i'd just bump this thread for posterity - given that we're STILL not seeing any signs of the mythical house price crash yet. A lot of the above posters looking pretty foolish now, given that the exact opposite has played out, with prices rising. I'll bump this thread again in 6 months time so that we can all have another good laugh! 😅
  11. Interesting article, thanks. I have a Monzo account myself but would never use it as my main current account, and i bet most others do the same. I'm interested in the fact he says Monzo was never "fintech" - which kind of begs the question, what is fintech exactly?
  12. I agree with your outlook with prices just stagnating. Prices are propped up although they are also a function of chronic under supply in this country. There are just too many people all going after the same houses, particularly areas like the south east. That and the ability for people to borrow lots of money at low intrest rates makes for a competitive market.
  13. Wishful thinking i'm affraid. No sign of this crash. and I can't see one happening any time soon. Borrowing is historically cheap right now, most people who have lost jobs due to the pandemic tend to be young and not looking to buy houses. Last but not least, demand is still outstripping supply. I'm sure you'll just blame the government for propping things up when your crash doesn't materialise.
  14. Interesting, I also use m2 when looking at houses, not sure why it's not more widely used. What kind of price where you seeing pre collapse?
  15. It's business as usual for the Tories. I suspect they'll be pleased with how they're doing. I dont see Johnson going anywhere.
  16. Plenty of professional guidance to suggest Masks help. https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2020/06/417906/still-confused-about-masks-heres-science-behind-how-face-masks-prevent Stop being selfish and just wear one.
  17. I'm glad the OP was outed quite swiftly as a charlatan. These anti mask/anti vax conspiracy nut jobs need to be called out.
  18. Be careful of Blackbird Leys, i'm sure some parts are better then others but it's always had a bit of a reputation.
  19. It's mainly the fact that borrowing is cheap and we have a lack of supply in housing. There are still more buyers then sellers, and until we start building on an industrial scale in the UK I can't see prices crashing.
  20. Why are you obsessed with mumsnet? Seems very beta/subservient. No wonder you can't afford to buy a house!
  21. not sure what you are babbling on about here. I don't set government policy.
  22. The place we're buying needs work doing to the roof - about 10k the surveyor reckons. Thing is, we offered 20k below asking, and the place had already been reduced from 900 to 850, so we figure that we'll keep to our original offer. To be honest, the risk of having to re-do our mortgage at the moment would put me off from renegotiating anyway.....
  23. It's blatantly going to happen, and my guess is that it's going to more or less prop the market up until it comes, after which prices are going to go mental, with millions of new buyers in the game. I'm affraid the house price crash is officially cancelled. 🤑
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