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  1. You do realise that the Daily Express is a nonsense tabloid?
  2. ...And the mitigations are going to depend on the frequency of the event, obviously.
  3. lol, so you give a personal account of how you can't find a job you deserve because of the nasty recruitment person, but then you complain about people asking about your personal circumstances.
  4. I think you may be misunderstanding what a chain is here - if the vendor is committed to buying somewhere, then they are in effect part of a chain. Chain free would mean they have no onward purchase.
  5. Yes, it's always possible, the onus is on you to make sure you have the right skillset for the job's you're applying for i'm affraid.
  6. You're conflating two completely different risks here, snow fall at "Dubai Airport" is no where near the risk factor of deploying snow plows in various parts of the UK, which was what the OP's comparison was based on.
  7. Your comparison doesn't really stand up, as bad weather is relatively frequent, in comparison to a global pandemic which is a once in a lifetime event.
  8. Strange that you won't share the field you're looking in, as advise really depends on the career you're looking to forward, ie, taking professional qualifications in your chosen field can really improve your chances. Also sub specialising in a niche within your field can really help you to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes you need to move sideways, or even down & across to get you where you eventually want to be, in terms of roles.
  9. So my experience is in IT, which may or may not be relevant, depending on what field are you looking in?
  10. huh? I'm just interested in which field you are looking, as I have practical experience
  11. What field of work are you looking to progress in?
  12. Why not to find an area you like and buy a home to live in?
  13. much much better, low crime and generally nice area. You can cycle into town in 15 mins.
  14. I'm a strong believer in calmer, good things come to folks like you. You've probbly just made some kids xmas.
  15. Good point, it's like having a massive house, you can only physically be in one room at a time...
  16. I do feel sorry for the likes of the OP, it seems like people tend to focus on some kind of conspiracy theory to help them understand why they cannot afford to buy, when the reality is much simpler, there is a lack of supply of good housing stock in this country.
  17. The pandemic isn't over by a long shot, and i dont expect WFH to go back to the way it was pre-pandmic. No one enjoys commuting, and companies that fail to offer flexible working arn't going to get the best talent.
  18. Interesting. This mirrors what people in the industry have been telling me since the first lock down, the market is red hot and shows no sign of slowing yet.
  19. It's not all just about money though, it's about having somewhere nice to live.
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