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  1. Usual answer really: Chronic shortage of supply of decent hosing stock in this country. Extremely low interest rates. QE pushing asset prices up. Also I see the Halifax have started to bring back 10% mortgages which is telling.
  2. Yeah you are correct, this could just be sloppy journalism.
  3. Spot on. Really poor form from the lender, to say the least.
  4. This is nothing to do with the competence of the solicitor. The solicitors don't have a crystal ball - a client could have a full and valid mortgage offer, the problem is the lender can still pull the mortgage offer at the last moment, ie after exchange and before completion. Quite a scary prospect and hopefully very rare as it would be a life changing amount of money to lose if you find yourself in breech of contract after exchange.
  5. Exactly the same position here. We've been ready to exchange for ages but the other end of the chain is a mystery. Talk of exchange this week but im deeply sceptical as our chain has already broken down twice now. This entire process of buying and selling houses is broken. If ever there was an industry crying out for disruption, this is it.
  6. What a cringe worthy post. If anything is out of date here, it's your Alf Garnett take on India. The engineers I work with based in India are just as on the ball as anyone in EMEA or North America.
  7. Not really - traditionally Botley has not had any cachet, it's not fashionable like east or north Oxford. Good area though, relatively safe and still decent-ish prices for a 1930's semi. The only issue is the botley road, in that traffic is bad, but you can easily cycle down it in 10 mins if you're working in town.
  8. it seems pretty busy to me. I bet they get a lot of folks viewing as guests.
  9. lol, nah not really, just about 200 regulars.
  10. yeah, it's all open source software though, so not a like for like i guess.
  11. cheers for the info. that seems really expensive for what it is. I pay 7 quid a month to host a forum.
  12. how runs the forum? is it running custom forum software or is it off the shelf?
  13. LOL. Good luck with that empire building. Absolute dreamer.
  14. This is the type of silly non fact post that confuses people on here. People on this website have been led by people like yourself to believe a house price crash is coming for the last 15 years. The fact is this house price crash hasn't happened, and anyone waiting for it will of missed the boat by now.
  15. I'm not sure where you got that idea from. I am buying at the mo, so am interested in the discussion on prices, obviously.
  16. Very true, most of them have been posting on here for years, waiting for this mythical crash.
  17. Sentiment? hehe. We are in the middle of a global pandemic, the likes of which no one has seen before in living memory. We are also about to leave the EU, perhaps without a deal. And yet.... And yet... We have seen prices boom. Given that we're on the verge of getting "brexit done" one way or the other, and the fact that we have a vaccination on the way, i see no reason for a change in sentiment.
  18. The most likely outcome will be stagnation. There will certainly be no crash while interest rates remain low and demand outstrips supply for quality housing stock.
  19. chefs and travel agents earn rubbish money on average. We've seen them mostly all on furrow already, or even out of a job, and this has not effected the housing market at all.
  20. The housing market is reasonably unaffected by raising unemployment, mainly due to the fact that most unemployed people are in low paid service industries and as such will not have been in a position to buy a house anyway
  21. You do realise that the Daily Express is a nonsense tabloid?
  22. ...And the mitigations are going to depend on the frequency of the event, obviously.
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