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  1. I think your "friend" may be full of shit and a little bit racist.
  2. You're confusing a couple of different things here. LTV - loan to value is how much cash you need to borrow vs the price of the house you're loaning the money to buy. The bigger your deposit, the less you need to borrow. The headline amount a bank is willing to loan to you is a multiple of your salary.
  3. Why would the 10K be used for a deposit on a house in Lancashire?
  4. Your "gearing" explanation doesn't make sense. Just because someone has saved a few grand on SD dosn't mean that the mortgage co will lend them more cash, it just means they'll have that money as a deposit. The amount the bank lends isn't a multiple of your deposit.
  5. Yup, I would agree with this prediction. Pretty much spot on.
  6. just out of interest, what/where was the forum running on, and what has it moved to?
  7. True, I wouldn't be buying a central london flat right now.
  8. Saying there will never be a crash is a bit extreme, but certinaly, in the mid to near term while we have a shortage of good stock and history low interest rates, it's extremely unlikely that prices will fall to any large extent. If you can afford to buy now, an you have a reasonably secure income stream, i would say buy.
  9. Absolutely. It's human nature isn't it. After a period of enforced lock down, people are likely to go nuts. Myself included, cant wait to go on a blow out holiday, just as soon as it's safe to do so. Best of luck with the new kitchen, I hope you enjoy it.
  10. Look at the demand in the housing market pushing prices up. Look at people crowding beeches during summer, or shops packed over the weekend, or the pub across the road from me in Edinburgh with a que of people streching around the block waiting for a pint in the cold. Look at the insane demand for consumer items like the PS5. The evidence is all around you.
  11. hardly surprising news really, given how busy the market has been this year.
  12. Thinking about consumer sentiment - people seem to be chomping at the bit to consume, to by stuff, to drink, to go on holiday etc. I think there will certainly be a big V shaped recovery, assuming the vaccines do their job. People just want to get on with life, and I think some may also be more up for living for the here and now when it comes to big purchase, houses, cars, family holidays etc. Let the good times roll!
  13. It would be amusing apart from the fact that people may take this guys "insight" seriously, delaying purchasing for years, which may ultimately mean they're priced out of the market.
  14. Yeah Yarton is fine, traffic can be bad into Oxford in the rush our though. Had a colleague who cycled in from there though.
  15. I think the Index will be up, of course, as has been the trend for this year
  16. Perhaps the majority of the UK populace who have bought a house are just getting on with their lives & enjoying their homes, rather than sitting on here for years on end being all salty.
  17. Yup, stragflation. Despite that, house prices will continue to rise as the government does something to prop up first time buyers lending, some kind of 95% mortgage scheme. People are eager to spend money, so certain industries will bounce back quickly imo.
  18. lol. Your oil shares. Would you care to share your positions with us? Also, didn't you call the top of the market a couple of months back?
  19. Unemployment being a factor is overstated. Most of those unemployed wouldn't be in a position to buy anyway.
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