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  1. What a peculiar thing to say. It's as if you may be jealous of people who have a mortgage?
  2. lol. Of course you are. I hope your other investments fair better than your incorrect proclamation of "the top of the market" a while back.
  3. All investments are speculative, although granted this is more of a gamble then most.
  4. He explicitly said "anyone moving even if they are in the process of completing" Which is nonsense.
  5. Where have you read this nonsense? Do you have a source? The government have said nothing of the sort.
  6. Very nice, looks like you're sitting pretty even after a drop then.
  7. What price did you buy in at, if you dont mind me asking?
  8. Wait until the land registry data comes out, no way that went for anywhere near asking I bet, if the sale actually goes through.
  9. I'm not sure how useful this information is. Take for instance the south east. Many properties go for over asking, and also lots of Estate agents put houses on for wild over valuations just to win an instruction. The real data is what stuff ends up actully selling for in the land registry, not the price on rightmove, which is more often then not above or below the agreed sale price. This might explain why your graphs are out of kilter with other metrics used to gauge HPI.
  10. So is this data using pricing on rightmove?
  11. I was also trying to work this out - especially for the South East?
  12. How are you calculating these stats? They seem way off compared to other metrics i've seen.
  13. Interesting post, and fair play for being able to retire at 40 - i'm that age and cant see myself retiring until 70!
  14. Whilst I agree with you, I think the reality a bit more nuanced than this. The headline figures of say "20%" drop in 2008/9 really don't tell us much about what was actually happening on the ground. It may well be that crappy new build estates and city center flats plunged 50% - where as well looked after period properties in desirable uni towns didn't drop much at all, due to supply and demand. No two houses are identical, valuing a house tends to be a heart vs head calculation as a buyer/seller. tl;dr buy a nice house, one which you can afford and be happy in it and get on with your life.
  15. I'm it sure it is hard work, keeping up with your pretence.
  16. Funny how these STR success stories always seem to involve perfectly timing the market on multiple occasions and the ability to swoop on "distressed" sales for huge discounts.
  17. You really have to question what type of muppet voted for them. Some on here clearly would of.
  18. Exactly. £15K is nack all in the grand scheme of things. Physiologically it meant that people brought there plans forward, so there may be a lull afterwards, but I certainly I dont see any crash off the back of it. If there is a general slow down the goverment will start backing 95% mortgages, they'll be waiting to see how it plays out first IMO.
  19. This is the best advice in the thread. There is still value, and if you can afford it go for it. I see a lull in the market once the stamp holiday ends, but overall prices will continue to creep up as the fundamentals remain - historically low interest rates and a lack of good housing stock.
  20. i understand the theory. In terms of a coin flip - it's a 50/50 chance of heads or tails, and the next coin flip is also 50/50 - because the two events arn't linked. But here's what i don't understand - if you flip a coin 1000 - you'd be more likely to see a mix of heads and tails, rather then all heads - so how does that fit in with the theory?
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