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  1. So as an engineering manager, you will certainly need to use logic and reasoning. Also comprehension, assuming you're dealing with detailed, complex plans and designs when you are building whatever it is that you build. So given that you clearly posses these skills, and are a smart chap with a 1st class degree, I would ask you to read the overwhelming amount of evidence, and use those same skills to come to a conclusion.
  2. I'm interested in your job, and if, as part of your job, you use logical reasoning and comprehension as part of your daily work? Given you have a first class degree in Engineering (which is impressive) I assume you do this kind of thing day in, day out, no? What are you engineering? Bridge builder? Construction?
  3. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/06/trump-racism-comments/588067/
  4. You've made this judgement after having admitted that you hadn't even read the article. This just about sums up where we're at here. What do you do for a living, if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Possibly, yeah. His personality is garbage and makes for good TV.
  6. LOL OK! No hard evidence? Huh? I suspect you didn't even read half of that article (unless you're some kind of idiosavant) because you replied to my post just 4 minutes later, and the article in question is a detailed analysis which is over 7000 words long! If you had actually read the article properly, and digested the words in your brain, you would have seen that the evidence is all there my friend, right in front of your eyes, and it is overwhelming. Multiple sources, over many years. Please try and give it another go, but this time read the words.
  7. Joining Schengen and the Euro would go down like a shit butty. As a remainer, i'm glad we're not in the Euro.
  8. Read the above and tell me if you think Trump isn't racist.
  9. OK, here you go then, have a read of this: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/06/trump-racism-comments/588067/
  10. No, I'm not here to spoon feed you. You will have to do your own research i'm affraid.
  11. Recklessness is hardly an excuse, think before you open your gob, it's simple really. Also it's a wider issue which goes beyond comments, it's more about attitudes and bias.
  12. A racist comment is a racist comment, regardless of "intent". Lots of institutional racism in the Military, as there is in the Police.
  13. He's made racist remarks, which are all on public record. Have a read what he said about Mexicans for example.
  14. Her argument is the equivalent of someone saying they can't be racist "CuZ My mate is black'. Absolute nonsense.
  15. Certainly not in the near term, no, I dont think so. The decision has been made. We'd end up with a worse deal then we had originally. That's not to say that i don't think we should rejoin at some point in the future. I'm generally not in favour of any more plebiscites, as the public have been shown to make poor, ill conceived decisions on complex issues. For many people, Brexit turned into a religious argument, logic and good will went out of the window.
  16. huh? Trumps clearly racist, he's made racist remarks whilst president which are all on the record. The only people playing games are those who choose to ignore the facts about this guy.
  17. Lol, next you'll be telling us he isn't sexist either.
  18. New house i'm buying is already Band F - 2700 quid a year! Not sure how much it would be if they go about revaluing for council tax update. As for the stamp duty holiday, we managed to benefit from it as it was announced a few hours after our offer was accepted. Can't see them extending it.
  19. I think you've got a bit confused with numbers here. Also, we are not in a depression.
  20. My current guess is that we're in for a re-run of the ""roaring twenties" and asset prices, including housing will continue to tick up as people are hungry to get back to living. Interest rates to remain low + continued demand outstripping supply mean's prices are only gonna go one way.
  21. Congrats on exchanging, you've certainly made a tidy profit there. Completely agree with your assessment BTW, unless interest rates suddenly blow up there will be no crash.
  22. People buying houses now or in the last few years are no more or less prudent those those waiting for a crash. Ultimately, i would argue that it is more prudent to invest in a property to live in then to sit about waiting for this crash that's always around the corner but never seems to materialise.
  23. It's very difficult to keep up with the governments messaging, i think most would agree.
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