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  1. We're about to put our house on the Market, just waiting for the lockdown to end, so the sooner estate agents open up the better as far as we're concerned.
  2. Exactly, good work greg. Most runners around my way are equally courteous and will use a bit of common sense to step out onto the road if safe. It's just common decency really, which sadly seems to be lacking in a small minority of idiots.
  3. indeed. "social distancing doesn't apply to me because XYZ" just goes to show the ignorance of some people.
  4. The recommend distance of 2m is explicitly stated for good reason, it's not 1.5 m, it's not 1m, it's not 3m, but obviously you're a special little snow flake who knows better. Social distancing is a common endeavour that, in order to work, takes everyone to play their small part. You should try and respect social distancing as you trudge passed people. Try not to wheeze on them.
  5. I note you've avoided the question again, perhaps because there is no evidence to back your claim up? ?
  6. I find it a bit strange how many people on here seem genuinely concerned that there won't be a house price crash, i shouldn't really be surprised given the name of this site, but there you are.
  7. Huh? I'm asking you for a citation, given you said Donald Trump was "factually correct"? What "facts" are you talking about here?
  8. Citation please? The root cause of this hasn't been officially identified yet. It's presumed likely to have originated from a Wet Market in Wuhan, but stating this as "fact" is pure conjecture on your part here.
  9. Actually you are wrong - it's called "Chinese virus" by Trump because he's an archetypal populist, saying this for geopolitical reasons. He's appealing to the lowest common denominator. Reading your post, looks like it's working.
  10. I'm sorry, what? The virus is an excuse? For what? By whom? Fear mongering is unhelpful at this time IMO.
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