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  1. Put our 4 bed house on the market a week last Friday - by Monday we had 14 viewings booked. We ended up with 6 offers, 5 over asking. Decent houses priced realistically are going under offer quickly in the south east.
  2. No, it's unclear if they had an AIP or not - the seller doesn't know.
  3. Something is certainly going on here - A friend of ours was refused a mortgage this week, despite seemingly meeting all lending criteria and being pretty wadded. If lenders are backing away then this could light the fuse to a crash.
  4. Similar position here. Sold STC but nothing of interest coming on to buy right now. You say you will go "STR"? what does "STR" stand for?
  5. Yeah exactly, i don't think many higher earners in this city have been adversely effected. Time will tell
  6. I think you're misunderstanding how repossessions work - the lender doesn't care about your LTV as long as you're paying off the money they've loaned you every month.
  7. This doesn't make sense? As long as you keep up with your monthly payments, why would Nationwide reposses?
  8. Not just yet - you have to wait to see a crash long enough to completely price yourself out of the market
  9. Interesting move by Nationwide. Let's see how many others follow suit...
  10. hehe. Yup. Throw enough shit at a wall and some will stick, eventually.
  11. Which property prices are being "lashed" then? I'm not seeing them? Or are you talking about some nebulas point in the future?
  12. Absolutely nothing coming on the market at the moment in houses around the 400-600 bracket. Intresting to see if the madness from pre lockdown continues with stuff going 20% over asking.
  13. Yeah it's certainly "brave". I woudn't say the property in question was worth 600 even before lockdown.
  14. If you read all the thread you'll see a subsequent post regarding anecdotal activity Oxford. Stuff is selling there at the moment, we'll soon see if the agreed sales prices turn into actual sales soon enough.
  15. I'm talking about agreed sales/prices. We will soon see if these actually go through.
  16. Alot of his young followers are gonna be watching that and getting completely the wrong impression. Talk about miss information, I reckon he'll struggle to break even after tax.
  17. You may well be right, we shall soon see I guess! Anecdotally, the housing market in Oxford at least is alive and well. Wanted to see a house that came on this week on Saturday for 600, which i thought was 50k to much - it's already gone under offer. Another place that came on this week was fully booked for viewing on sat, so i think there's a bit of pent up demand still.
  18. He complety negletics to mention the change in tax rules which has been fazed in over the last few years and which more or less kills the "business model" of IO mortgages on by to let. Why was he not showing his profit after tax? It will be a pittance and not worth the mental hassle.
  19. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2020/jun/10/property-sales-recover-to-pre-lockdown-levels-across-england-says-zoopla tl;dr Sales agreed in the last week 6% higher than the same week in June last year. “Lower asking prices for homes sold over the lockdown period may drag down indices over May, but this new data suggests house price growth is set to remain positive in the next two months,” said Zoopla research director, Richard Donnell." "The scale of the bounce-back in demand is “unprecedented’” said Zoopla. “New sales agreed have rebounded and are just 12% short of the levels seen in early March as buyers return to the market and agree to new purchases; we have seen the number of new sales agreed rise by 137% since the market reopened,” said Zoopla." Where is this crash I keep hearing about?
  20. LOL that video is absolute garbage. He spends half the time just pointing at other peoples graphs saying that they don't make any sense to him.
  21. LOL, that clip True, time will tell.... We'll certainly know more in a couple of months...
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