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  1. You sit on a number of boards? I'm impressed! You sound very important, even though you don't seem to know the difference between your and you're.
  2. lol. Thanks for the incredible insight there, captain obvious. We shall see how much of an impact this has in the long run, there are far more pressing macro economic factors at play in terms of consumer behaviour and the death of the highstreet. Anyway working from home can be great, I enjoy it. Maybe you need a new job if you're so stressed?
  3. You're looking at a few crap sandwhich shops going under, hardly the end of the world into the gains that come from less people commuting and less pollution. The quality of life boost and also the up swing in productivity from people not being burnt out from a massive commute is enough to justify it in on itself
  4. Most of these places just seem to be dross which has been overvalued by the EA in order to win an instruction. Not sure it's telling us much about the wider market.
  5. Sounds like you broke the rules. Are you going to declare these earnings to the tax man? I can guess the answer.
  6. No, that's an oversimplification. Debt in itself is nothing to be affraid of, as long as you are sensible about it.
  7. Nah not annoyed, just a bit baffled with your logic really. Banks and other lenders are now required to 'stress test' all mortgage applications to make sure that the applicants do not borrow more than they could comfortably afford, in case the interest rate increases in the future. I have first hand experience of this and I can tell you the lenders i've dealt with are surprisingly rigorous with their checks. How long have you been waiting for a crash BTW?
  8. total immersion of debt? Nothing wrong with a mortgage as long as you can afford it - which the vast majority of borrowers can. It's not about "winning". It's about living your life. If you're happy renting forever then go for it. How long have you been waiting for a crash for now?
  9. Not true in my multinational. -a definite shift coming from the top. They are relaxed about home working, and have been for a while.
  10. Interesting that some of the more seasoned house price crash regulars are also anti-vaxers. Say's a lot really about the mind set which seems to be "i'm superior to all those sheep who bought property", when in reality most of them managed to price themselves out of the market years ago.
  11. He wants locking up for the absolute state of the two tone paint job on that roller, if nothing else.
  12. Indeed. If we do see any dips in value they'll be inflated away in the next 5 years anyway.
  13. All anecdotal evidence but the housing market seems red hot at the moment, at least according to mumsnet! https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/3967154-Are-prices-shooting-up-where-you-are
  14. We're just sold STC, we deliberately chose a buyer with a large deposit, so hoping it goes through.
  15. We just sold our place in Oxford, it was on the market for a week before going. Loads of viewings within the first couple of days and 4 serious offers. The market is going bonkers according to our EA.
  16. We just had an offer accepted a couple of hours before the announcement, so assuming our sale goes through this should save us 16 grand. Obviously i'm happy about that, but I still reckon it's an odd move by the government, and one that's likely to just overheat the market and then make it drop even more once it's over.
  17. I recently sold a buy to let. The numbers just don't really stack up anymore after the tax changes, unless of course you're a cash buyer. It's alot of hassle and there are easier ways to invest.
  18. Agreed. Seeing anecdotal evidence of this as both a buyer and seller. The market has gone nuts right now and seems to be defying logic, despite the grim outlook for the economy.
  19. LOL, indeed. You'll have to take my word for it i'm affraid.
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