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  1. It was just the fact that yourself and a few others suggest that people are stupid, implying that you are smarter for not buying, so i was interested in how much money you spent paying someone else's mortgage for them.
  2. I thought i'd check after you told me your little porky.
  3. ha, i think i know where you mean, not a fan of new builds, no.
  4. lol. it wasn't hard to find. Are you trying to buy/sell in Oxford Maffo? I'm buying just outside the city.
  5. Because (for the time being) the people in the market for a house have not been effected by the recession, and demand for good houses still outstrips supply.
  6. Makes me laugh when i read some of the luddites in this thread talking about work from home as if it's a theat to society. It's generally better for pretty much everyone - both employees and employers. I work for a global tech company, I haven't met any of my team mates, yet we actually work better as a team and are far more productive than any office based job i've worked in. Mainly because we have good management who just let us get on with stuff, and we're well paid. We're judged on our output, not on how many hours we put in.
  7. Si1 and the like could have probably bought a house and paid a 3rd of their mortgage off by now, given how long they've been here, but instead they wait for the mega crash that never comes!
  8. The question I was implying? How does one go about implying a question? Presumably you're talking about my originally post, in which I said the general trend is up, which your graph supports.
  9. If you can afford somewhere you like and feel reasonably secure making the repayments then i would say go for it. That's what i've just done anyway. Time will tell what happens but the general trend of house prices is clear to see.
  10. When people say "IT" it's really too vague to be useful - it's like saying "care" - ie you can be anything from a person who mops up sick, to a consultant surgeon. Same in IT - there are so many roles from basic tech support, to senior engineers/architects.
  11. What field is you company in and what type of "IT" are you talking about, our of interest? My field is a tech company in the payments space, and we can't hire people fast enough at the moment. I'm a network engineer.
  12. Great post - and this is similar to my position and many other professionals in their 30s/40s. We know the system itself is fundamentally broken and is not going to be fixed - even a crash of 20/30% is only going to wind back the clock by a handful of years, which is useless if you've been waiting on the sidelines for decades. It's shit but it's the reality we live in. So you either grumble about it, or get on with your life.
  13. we just got a 5x joint mortgage from our lender - and our broker has had his best month in 25 years - so yes, the banks are still lending, and people are still buying. There is a mini boom going on, question is when it will tail off.
  14. If by your own admission you can't be trusted to work unsupervised then chances are you're doing something uninteresting and menial. Those that enjoy their job and take pride in their work will get the job done regardless of location.
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