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  1. it went to best and final in the end, 5 offers ranged from 400 to 380. We ended up picking the couple with a big deposit and no place to sell, which wasn't the highest offer, was mid table. We could of waited longer and probably held out for 405 I reckon, but we would of lost the house we wanted. I have no regrets as we made a tidy amount on it since we bought it and was able to buy the house we really wanted as the sale progressed relatively quickly.
  2. Try telling that to an estate agent whilst trying to book a viewing before you're sold stc...
  3. We can't "surmise" much if anything from this graph as you've not given any context to it. Number of listings of what? where is the data from? What we know for certain is this - you "called" the top of the market months ago, and as usual you got it all wrong.
  4. funny how all of you declaring a crash a few months back have now gone quiet. 🤐 🤫 😆
  5. Just thought I'd bump this again, seeing as we're still not seeing any evidence of these mortgage rate rises or the impended crash you guys said we'd be in by now
  6. lol at this picture. They can't even be bothered to market the place professionally, I can only imagine the quality of the build itself.
  7. Awful, incredibly cramped. The living room has both a toilet and a washing machine in it. I feel sorry for anyone buying this, I suspect they may end up renting them out and be purchased as a BTL.
  8. I recently moved to a rural area which is served by gigaclear using fiber to the house. The latency and bandwidth available is insane, really impressed. I don't think BT's planned new fibre to the premises is a match as it's a spliced connection.
  9. I would end up paying an extra 1200 a year, I could afford it but it would be quite a hit each month. People with “expensive” houses in the south east aren’t millionaires necessarily.
  10. 2% uptick overall i reckon, as the economy bounces back into life once most people are inoculated. Still no signs of this mythical crash.
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