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  1. Incredible isn't it! heh. It's a shame to say I told you so, but these cranks really should stop presenting people with thier misinformed opinions as facts. I will bump this again in 6 months time, and we'll have the same conversation :)
  2. As usual, you're missrepresenting the data to fit your narrative here. What the ONS did actually say was more nuanced, ie "UK average house prices increased by 8.0% over the year to July 2021, down from 13.1% in June 2021' Which means they are still up year on year, as they go on to confirm: "UK average house prices increased by 8.0% over the year to July 2021" Source: https://www.ons.gov.uk/economy/inflationandpriceindices/bulletins/housepriceindex/july2021 Again, UK house prices have gone ballastic this year, and the crash you and your band of followers predicited earlier in this thread has not materialised.
  3. Another bump after a few months! Those of you proclaiming a house price crash earlier on in the year now looking a bit silly!
  4. Apologies if that came across as gleeful Andy, it was more in response to some of the bears on here who are perennially wrong about the direction of the housing market. The fact that housing is out of reach for many is sad, I agree with you. I just don’t like the idea of potential buyers being put off from ever taking the plunge under the misapprehension that a crash is about to happen.
  5. Seems like a decent competition to be honest, I might enter it myself.
  6. Oh really? I mean I wouldn’t care but he may be putting off people who are In position to buy, who end up priced out of the market waiting for the crash that never came.
  7. Lol, didn’t you call the top of the market last year? And now your saying it’s collapsed, which is the exact opposite of what any of the usual metrics are telling us. The only thing that’s collapsed is your credibility I’m afraid.
  8. Nearly a quarter of properties are selling within a week of going onto the market. It’s mental out there, question is how long will the boom go on for? Also, Barclays boss predicts the biggest economic boom since 1948 (bbc news) So where is this crash and mass unemployment which some of you where insisting was coming?
  9. A few on here (myself included) have been calling this for ages. People where saying the end of furlough was the end of the world, when in fact most people who lost jobs where never gonna be In a position to buy a house in the first place. The fundamentals are all still in place - cheap money, lack of supply, lot's of money sloshing around.
  10. Why don't you attempt to describe the concept yourself then? Rather than just complaing about people not understanding it and ignoring the examples given.
  11. lol. Paying off someone else's mortgage for them, what a splendid opportunity!
  12. Interesting, what are you doing that’s more fun? What where you previously doing ?
  13. A crash is happening? You're are that we're in the middle of a boom right?
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