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  1. Does anybody know if we are likely to get anything back at all? Even half the original investment would be a massive help during these difficult times.
  2. I received the same email today only the voting result in favour was 14.00%
  3. Hi Ahlam, Sorry, I'm not on Facebook at all, or any social media in fact.
  4. I hope so. This is my first and only investment and quite possibly my last. So I'm not really that clued up on the legal side of things, all I know is is our money is sat in an account somewhere and we want it back. Hopefully someone on here will be able to help!
  5. I have digitally signed it. I've paid my fees up to date, much to my dismay, but it's what was asked and I'm always in the mindset that they always get their money back sooner or later, nothing is ever for free. I've just had an annual fee request in the post today, Year 13!! So it's cost me £1674 in fees alone. I just want my initial £12880 back, even more so now redundancies are looming.
  6. Hi All So glad to have found this thread after years of feeling "alone" in all of this. Im based in the UK, Portsmouth. I too invested in half an acre back in 2007 for £12880 through Landcorp International, a friends cousin worked there so felt safe. I'm in the same boat as everyone else on here, not had any updates etc. Been paying my 1% fee every year since the beginning but I won't be paying this year. All I want back is my original investment! Not on FB or any social media so any updates on here would be brilliant, this is my only hope! Anthony
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