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  1. no mention here of SSP (secondary state pension) which public sector employees are denied but is available to all private sector employees, though most of them are unaware they will be receiving this as a pension boost. This goes some way to downsizing the 'gold plated' pensions that keep being mentioned, especially at the lower end of the public sector pay scale.
  2. There is another poll ongoing http://uk.news.yahoo.com/pages/poll/poll_r...p?poll_id=40959 doesn't look too promising
  3. The amount spent should not be the figures that need to be considered What counts is the amount of profit generated by these sales
  4. Reading the BNP manifesto they actually have a good grasp on the 'bloke on the street' opinions and seem quite in league with general opinions. Then unfortunately their immaturity shines through in other areas, they are probably not ready for main stream power for a long time yet. I am still not sure which I resent more, liberal elite telling me to back pedal on emotion and not dish out just desserts to heinous offenders or some thug telling me to bare my teeth, snarl and rip them apart with no compassion.
  5. I am not sure he is a fool, by destroying independent manufacturing and nationalising banks he may be very cleverly introducing us to socialism with everybody employed in government business.
  6. it gets worse. my partner, a member of unison, is employed by a primary care trust bidding for foundation status. they have just announced that all overtime will no longer be paid at enhanced rates. all overtime will now be paid at unskilled 'bank' rates. this effectively means that if a skilled member of nursing staff is called in for overtime duties to cover a lesser skilled position they are paid approx £6.60 per hour for their shift. not a peep from unison regarding this. not only is basic pay being devalued there seems little chance of enhancing it further with extra hours.
  7. I understand lodgers paying uner about £80 weekly need not be declared, so figures are going to be difficult. No figures to back up anything but I first bought a house in early 80s because it seemed that soon it would be a cheaper option to pay a fixed mortgage than ever increasing rents. Life moved on.......... I bought a house again in late 90s because it seemed that soon it would be a cheaper option to pay a fixed mortgage than ever increasing rents. Based on this I guess rents tend to increase with inflation where house prices jump over a short period then drop and stabilise till rents catch up. So, rents will indeed rise till the next bout of HPI IMHO.
  8. had something similar in my area based on the same data. of course all those empty homes could not be owned by unscrupulous BTL allowing tenants to live there, pay rent but not register as living there, or am I being a tad cynical.
  9. I don't feel the purpose of this site is to motivate people to revolt. it is for members to voice opinions on what will happen to house prices in UK. lots of easy effective things can be done, but it does not have to happen here nor do many feel that it has to. a lot are of the opinion that house prices will rise to levels that are unacceptable then will drop due to market forces. why even bother to take any action to accelerate what will happen anyway. anybody who chooses to ignore opinions here have that right and they may take their own consequences. again the causes leading to HPI are numerous and subject to opinion as to what has had more effect. I guess it will not be too long before members on this site are being sued for not being forceful enough in their arguments to prevent people from buying who then find themselves in negative equity/financial difficulty.
  10. there are many more tools around to disguise financial difficulty than in 1991. 75,000 reposessions meant a heap of financial difficulty highlighted by the amount of repossesions. IVAs are more easily agreed now as a means to avoid repossession, that is they were but controls are being tightened. re mortgages are being allowed to an age way past retirement now. IO mortgages are being allowed with no capital repayment vehicle being displayed. buy back companies are mentioned in plenty, the stark reality of these companies is that far from being a solution they cause extreme difficulties, from only allowing a usual one year tenancy alowing them to sell at will then evict the unfortunate tenants and also by buying at below 'market' price thus contributing to a downturn in prices. also causing a downward trend will be the publicity surrounding auctions allowing huge discounts. we have not yet seen the negative equity element tht caused so many problems in 1991. there are possibly the same 75,000 families suffering financially but not reflected only in the number of repossessions. a softer landing initially will be apparent due to huge job losses and the temporary cushion of redundancy payments & lowered interest rates, but a glance at any news clippings will illustrate the rising costs of living coupled with the inevitable harsher borrowing conditions that can only lead to many HAVING to sell their house to survive which must devalue prices. my opinion only of course, based on then & now observations.
  11. different country I realise but quite a good article explaining interest rates/inflation http://www.newzimbabwe.com/pages/inflation182.17436.html
  12. falling prices DO cause repossessions! perhaps you were not around in the eighties. a lot of folk attempt to walk away from the negative equity albatross. they just give up! they think they will always make a profit & when they realise it just ain't so they walk! if they are allowed to.
  13. as long as it is the newcastle babes, have you seen them, size 12 clothes, size 20 flesh, export, export, export.
  14. so five people living together do not flush the toilet five times more than a single person? OK they do not eat five times as much so have five times more waste? OK they are not five more likely to need a doctors surgery OK they are not five times more likely to go to hospital OK they are not five times more likely to need social services getting bored!!!!!! why does a person living in a £200,000 home have more money than a council house dweller? are you a drunken student with no grip on the reality of life????? you do make some insightful remarks but tonight you are BEING A TAD INFANTILE!
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