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  1. I too have witnessed families arguing and positioning over potential inheritances, even with their own family members not even being dead! Another sad way in which the overpriced housing market is destroying society.
  2. I think the school guidance https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/actions-for-schools-during-the-coronavirus-outbreak/guidance-for-full-opening-schools is that there is no social distancing for whole year groups and no need for masks. Can’t see anything other than a second wave when schools open back up.
  3. How about compulsory purchase large sections of land and then sell it off as individual plots with planning permission? Then they could even meet their building targets.
  4. More people visiting rightmove. Been going on there a lot myself lately to see if there has been any changes, checking to see if prices are coming down etc. I imagine a lot of people have been doing the same. Be great if the ‘market’ gets going, we need some price discovery (albeit in a rigged market).
  5. So if I get contacted by a track and trace worker, I am advised to go into 14 day’s isolation . Not sure that will go down well with my employer. Do I get sick pay? UC ? Furlough pay? Does my employer have to fit this bill? This could happen to some individuals multiple times during the next year or so.
  6. It’s an interest free government backed 50k loan (initially) . I guess it’s just like a business form of what the banks get but for a much smaller amount of money. Some are doing very well out of the lockdown. Basically, the whole nation is being funded by borrowing on the back of about 3 or 4 remaining taxpayers.
  7. Sorry I can’t decide yes or no in order to vote. I am torn. I first joined this site in 2006. The logic was for a house price crash (as I felt was the logic in 2000). In 2007 it looked inevitable. Due to the lack of a free market, it never materialised in the way that I expected (having experience of the 90s crash). who knows what happens next. Torn between inflation and deflation. I am very confident that the government want to keep house prices going upwards forever. I am just not sure if they have the ammunition to do so or even the competence to do it even if it
  8. Every time I think “that’s it now, house prices are going to collapse when the market opens for them”, along comes the government and splashes another load of printed money. Another 4 weeks of furloughed workforce. Everyone, every business, is being paid for by non-existent tax income.
  9. What I still am not sure about is if all this printed money is going to lead to inflation, or is the concept that virtually no businesses or individuals will want to take out loans/debt in this environment, individuals will not spend beyond the basic necessities and the velocity of currency will collapse leading to massive deflation and bankruptcy galore, unemployment and receivership/repossessions. Seemingly, virtually every thing Is now government financed and taxpayer guaranteed, so maybe currency collapse?
  10. It does seem to be that we have delayed the inevitable, not used the time to properly prepare, just like February was wasted. All that has been ‘achieved “ is handing out loads of printed money and destroy any tax base. Most I know have done ok so far economically, including self employed and small businesses, but I imagine that is not a picture representative of all across the country. What are we going to do now? Loads more debt, virus still in community transmission, are we back to where we were at the start of lockdown?
  11. Agree on the principle, I would go for 25% and have an upper cap of 25% of the National median wage. Working families/individual should not be priced out by those on benefits. The country needs to go through a process of corrections so that we are in a better position to have a meritocracy. Unfortunately, as someone analogised a few years ago, it’s like a wheel has come loose on the economy and instead of the government stopping and reattaching the wheel they have loosened the opposite wheel to try and balance it out.
  12. Do we know roughly how mich the national debt has or will increase by? It’s about 85% of GDP per covid. Obviously GDP might go down significantly too.
  13. I would not be at all surprised to see double digit inflation with 0.1 % interest rates. Wage inflation following but not as fast. Ultimately, we will all be poorer (those outside the 0.1%).
  14. But what happens when the bomad is also priced out and saving for their own shoe box. It's got to the point that such a high percentage of people and families can not get enough of a deposit together that the government is stepping in with help to buy etc. Even high paid jobs can only afford a former textile workers building from 100 years ago.
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