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  1. McDonald's are hiring.. http://news.sky.com/story/mcdonalds-to-create-5000-new-jobs-in-uk-10514237
  2. Any one else impressed with how he came up with all that in under 24 hours?!
  3. I see NuNuLabour have set Jeremy Corbyn up as the fall guy. I am no great fan, but ironically he was one of the few politicians who was actually listening to what people were saying; he only half heatedly supported the Brexit. Now politicians on both sides are queuing up to say he is out of touch - without any sense of irony. Pathetic.
  4. I think this is it. Is it finally happening!
  5. I think that this is about pulling up the drawbridge to new entrants. Not necessarily a bad thing and will hopefully bring about an end to the amateur BTL types.
  6. Are these seriously the best people we have to potentially lead our (once) great country?! I despair.
  7. I think I have experienced worse. Has anyone tried "new and improved" McCain Hash Browns recently?! Good God, I thought I was going to be sick. I used to really like them when they were made of potato, now they appear to be made up of white slime fried in old cooking oil. It would appear that I am not alone in this if you check out Ocado website. :angry:
  8. I voted for the sociopaths in charge. But the unthinking masses are just as culpable.
  9. Nope, I am an Engineer and could flee work abroad if necessary.
  10. Yep. And any shortfall the bank thinks they are due if they sell for less than my mortgage.
  11. So, will prices continue to rise? Almost certainly not. Everything posted on this site; interest rates at an all time low, commodity prices rising and falling wages.
  12. Thanks. My thoughts are that if the worst happens and the place gets repossessed I go back to renting. So in effect no worse off than I was just over a year ago. Not here to moan or brag, just telling it as it is.
  13. Just to be clear; the 'help' given was a loan, which I am repaying.
  14. This is a pure anecdotal, I completed on my first house a year ago today. So, why did I buy after all I had learnt both here and elsewhere? Turning the big 4-0 I had a ‘now or never’ moment and frankly I was tired of renting; having to deal with incompetent (and sometimes just plain evil) landlords as well as being treated like a second class citizen. I found a place just outside London that ticked all the right boxes. It was empty and had been on the market for five months, a little bit run down and somewhat neglected; the previous owners wanted to sell following a divorce. It just needed some TLC, no major structural issues. I was able to haggle on price and with some help from my parents was able to afford to put down a decent deposit to get a lower mortgage rate. So now I have my own place, I enjoyed decorating to my own taste and have never been happier. Having said that, I do miss being able to just pick up the phone when anything goes wrong, I now have to identify problems myself and find someone willing (and able) to fix it, much easier said than done! I also haven’t been able to afford to go on holiday at all this year! It can be done, but you WILL have to make sacrifices. I would have loved to have been able to wait longer but time is against me. The temporary boost to prices only made possible because of ‘Help to buy’ will be short lived IMO. So, will prices continue to rise? Almost certainly not. Any regrets? No, so long as I keep my job and keep paying the mortgage I do not care how much my home is ‘worth’, I no intention of moving. So should you buy now or wait? Damned if I know! Good luck, whatever your decision.
  15. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/hands-off-our-land/9484948/Conservative-MPs-revolt-over-new-threat-to-green-belt.html Get your comments in - for what it's worth.
  16. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/9300784/Rothschild-and-Rockefeller-families-team-up-for-some-extra-wealth-creation.html So, failed financial institutions get bailed out by Governments, causing whole COUNTRYS to collapse whilst these gentlemen capitalise on the misery caused. Not a lot different to their ancestors then?! :angry:
  17. Read more here, if you can bare it... http://vincenttchenguiz.co.uk/
  18. Sad, but true. Until recently I could not have seen the French accepting this. Though I am not too sure what to believe these days. Interesting times.
  19. So... And... So scum floats to the top in all situations then?!
  20. I have been researching this subject recently, having someone who fits the description of a psychopath forced on me at my workplace. Something I would recommend is looking at other personality disorders as well, rather than just looking at an individual adaptation. Quite by accident, it has proved to be a useful exercise for me, helping me on the road to finding peace myself (though self awareness). More info here... http://www.mind.org.uk/help/diagnoses_and_conditions/personality_disorders
  21. Loving the chamber pot on the dining room table!
  22. Perhaps the money ends up in the black economy? I would not imagine that Columbia or Afghanistan keep particularly accurate records of their ‘exports’.
  23. Also being reported in the Telegraph... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/8890555/New-York-police-clearing-Occupy-protest.html
  24. First they place a banker to run Greece, now an economist is installed to rule Italy. They really are starting to take the pi$$ now... http://blogs.voanews.com/breaking-news/2011/11/13/italys-monti-wins-pm-nomination/ (Edited to add link)
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