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  1. I'm having a fun drinking game on the word "honest"
  2. That's a great looking climbing frame for the kids. Just needs a swing.
  3. Welcome to the end game. This is exactly what happens when sentiment about a fiat currency goes to zero because of all the money printing. Currency gets moved into hard assets (aka gold and silver) in a final push to save your wealth before hyperinflation kicks in.
  4. Wallstreetbets (the group behind the recent Gamestop short squeeze) are eyeing up silver. Two fingers up to JP Morgan. This would probably be the thing that initiates the great reset. A big challenge though. https://amp.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/l68ill/the_biggest_short_squeeze_in_the_world_slv_silver/
  5. Supposedly silver is one of the next targets after Gamstop.
  6. I can't believe what has just happened to Gamestop share price over the last couple of days. It just seems to be another crazy thing just before the shtf.
  7. Can we have a third option for "feck the EU, we should join Russia and China"?
  8. I don't know how credible this is but they are predicting a decreasing of 6.2% in first quarter of this year! https://propertyindustryeye.com/house-prices-set-to-fall-sharply-in-q1-2021/
  9. But over on this side of the Atlantic, we get stories about mortgage rates going down. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/lifestyle/money/new-mortgage-rate-cuts-23309630
  10. To Paperchase https://www.paperchase.com/en_gb/somebody-will-miss-you-leaving-card.html Lots of love, HPC. xoxo 😃
  11. It's mental. Try Flesh and Blood trading card game. Up 1500 to 2000% for first edition boxes. And this is a game from New Zealand that's 2 years old and has only just arrived to the rest of the world a couple months ago. It's gone crazy because people see Magic the Gathering and Pokemon and how original cards are now worth huge amounts. So small people buy some to save but then whales buyout all the stock and the price doubles overnight. Then more whales come in a higher prices to buy all the stock and then it doubles again. With crypto, the similar thing happened to XRP because Bitcoin has massively increased in value. So XRP was at $3 a coin a couple years ago. It then crash to nearly $0.10 earlier this year. Then people went crazy in October/November and it rose to $0.8 and people were saying it's going to shoot to the moon and be worth $10 by end of next year. It's now crashed again and is currently at $0.2. But the common thing with everything today is that people think the only way to make money is essentially to get someone else to pay for it with their hard work - whether it is a house, shares, collectibles, etc...
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