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  1. Thanks. Yes he has cash, he's in for around 20k in furnishings and another deposit around the same (I think). Final price is in and around the 350k mark. So it's a substantial piece of work. We were of the opinion he shouldn't commit in these times and could have got away lightly if he acts wisely.
  2. Looking for some advice. My brother has his house due to be built come July and the building contractor emailed out of the blue today to say he needs an immediate 10k further cash deposit or the deals off. Obviously this is related to the economy tanking with the impact of CV-19. Is anyone else in a similar position? Due to complete on a sale/purchase perhaps and now have a chance to walk away just before you complete on the edge of a massive economic downturn? I would also like to say that this is the small picture stuff. We know the need is to protect the vulnerable and high risk individuals in any way. We will pick up the pieces.
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