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  1. Hi Dorkins, just one more property is all that I could manage if I am honest. I don't want to be completely reliant on tenants paying rent in order to make repayments.
  2. This forum has a lot of topics relating to opinions on house prices, buying property etc which are actually discussed, so I don't see why trying to get different opinions on equity is such an issue. This is the first time that I would be doing this, so I was really hoping I could get some help to decide whether I am literally choosing the worst time to do it. Anyways if possible please can admin delete this topic? I will just read the topics that everyone else posts instead of starting my own or replying to anything in the future.
  3. My topic just got approved so I am concerned it was missed. If anyone has any insight please share
  4. Hi, I decided to take equity out of a buy to let I own so that I could buy another property. I haven't finished the process but brokers still seem to be contacting me and want me to proceed. I do believe house prices are going to fall due to Coronavirus, is this still a good idea or should I put this on hold? In my head the value of the property I would be taking the equity from will be negative but I am not planning to sell. I am planning to buy more properties so having cash and cheaper property works but I am concerned that I am being to simplistic. I would really appreciate your thoughts.
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