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  1. Exactly - a person who is an accountant for instance will be very busy right now. The more highly skilled a person is the Less chance they have of losing a job or if they do the more chance they have of getting another job. Most jobs have been lost in the bar/pub/hotel/hospitality sector - traditionally low paid low skilled jobs. We have seen what happened when they were open with no restrictions. If they had not been closed and people were getting Covid people would be saying it is all the govts fault! The deprived community thing has been done to death. Many of these people are BAME who culturally live in multi generational households. Also, when I am in Richmond people respect the rules. I went through Hounslow last week and it was like a normal day - very few were distancing and many were not wearing a mask - DUH to them when they get it.
  2. The boomer I know are respected by the people the care about such as friends and family - they are not bothered about what others think - they are not the snowflake generation who need approval from the rest of the universe Anything wrong with,loving your partner? ! Exactly see jilted ignorant comments Not true - I employ 2 boomers they are far harder working than some of the millennials I have had to let go. As for luck - yes they were lucky in that house prices were more affordable but that is not their fault. There are people who are now moaning they cannot afford to buy a house who could have done but waited as they thought they were being so very clever and that prices were going to fall and they would make money. They were only concerned with a financial gain not a home. Then they whine because others have made money on a property which is exactly what they wanted to do. Some folk, take advantage of their luck others do not. A ridiculous and childish generalization No most people on that thread seem be be snowflakes who are still whinging about a vote that took place over 4 years ago and are not able to understand that sometimes they do not get everything they want as they are so entitled.
  3. And anyone who does not vote the way the left wants them to vote should not be allowed to have an opinion. It is amazing how the liberals become not at all liberal when anyone has the bad manners to have a different opinion. That is how democracy works. Some you win some you lose.. When you lose you suck it up and move on and done whine about it for the next 5 years.
  4. The good guy who was arrested on pro IRA marches, supports Hams and Hezbollah , said the police should have risked their own lives to capture a terrorist rather than kill him, who was in charge of an anti-Semetic party. Yea lovely man And Abbot the insane racist
  5. FGS No you are . I think you wuill ind that no one can make them leave Sam e as when you buy a house you can stay in it if you want to :()
  6. No party can be seen to be anti homeownership and aspiration. It is a tricky one - the forum has about 6,000 members. Far more than that number will want to take the opportunity to have a 95% mortgage and pay a mortgage rather than a landlord.
  7. Property should not be what anyone is obsessed with a house is just a place to live in. what is important is family and friends and hobbies that you enjoy doing.
  8. all the older folk I know who own a house have paid their mortgage off. They have the right to stay in a house they own for as long as they wish. suprised
  9. Try getting a social rented house if you are an English single person or couple who do not have kids. try getting a social housing place if you work and do not have kids. All you guys here who rent on the private market have to approached your local authority and asked to be put on the list for social housing? If not - why not?
  10. It is not a huge cot at all. The savings people make from not having to travel to work,many people have to wear suit at work which costs money pk,us dry cleaning. The fact is a huge number of people would rather work from home than have to travel to a place of employment My mate has a guy who had someone working for him where the company provide sandwiches paste etc at lunchtime. He sent a e mail to the HR dept (a big company) asking for his lunch to be paid for while working at home and his electric bill. My mate advised him that if he was not happy with the situation he was free to find another job. The voice of reason Agree but it is beyond me why people may £2 plus for a coffee and £4 plus for a sandwich I take my own food. Agree Which is exactly what is happening
  11. Of course offers and not binding they are subject to a survey which may outline a serous issue such as Japanese Knotweed or dodgy electrics or some or minor issues. How would a layman kn ow if the electors in a house are safe they are not an electrician. Does a buyer get on the roof of a garage when he goes to view a house. Or the roof of the house? Most houses in the uk are of an age where they may be problems the vast majority of which will be minor cosmetic but now always. Yes if he wants to lose the house. Most people will negotiate and meet in the middle.
  12. https://thenegotiator.co.uk/rented-homes-poor-quality/
  13. Roman - I think the anti Semitism was a bigger thing than many people realise particularly among younger voters who are very woke. I think the support of muslim terror groups also lost a huge amount of votes from the Sikh and Hindu communities.
  14. LOL, it is all Maggies fault - she only left office 30 years ago and we had a Labour govt for between 197-2010 LOL It was Liam Byrne who left a note that said "there is no momey left "
  15. And supported FOM and mass uncontrolled immigration and still does which of course has no effect on supply and demand LOL No it was also Corbyn - his anti Semitic party - his support for muslim terror groups and the IRA his idea that anyone who earns a good salary should be hugely taxed - his idea of taking 10% of a private individuals company - the fact that he said everything can be free -m the insanity of having an ignorant racist woman who cannot do simple maths or even put her shoes on the right feet as home secretary and his socialist policies The only time Labour won since Wilson was when Blair ditched socialism.
  16. I am far from the only person here who happens to have bought. I do not live in the north we are in Richmond SW London. I am interested in other people's point of view. I feel for many people who are unable to buy their own home. That does not mean I think prices are likely to plummet. If other people do, that is fine we are all entitled to our own opinion. A forum is a place where ideas and thought are discussed and exchanged not a place where people merely pat each other on the back and tell each other how correct each other is. A while ago I had a discussion with Social Justice about everyone getting a sum of money from the govt. I was interested to hear someone else's perception. We did not agree with each other but were able to disagree and banter with no rancor. When I and she who has to be obeyed meet friends and family we banter with each other and take the mickey - we talk about sport, what we have seen at theatre when able to go or the cinema, where we have been for a meal or a beer, most of us like reading so we swap books with each other. I honestly and genuinely with my hand on heart cannot remember the last time I or my family or mates had a conversation about house prices. My home is where I live it is not a financial investment. I have no wish to move for many years so I honestly do not care. If prices go up I am not moving any way. If they go down I am not moving anyway. Whatever happens it is relative. Not everything is about profit and loss to me. If it was I would drink in a Wetherspoon at £2.590 for a pint! I wish you all the best.
  17. Exactly - no one is forced to buy any property But they do - have you tried to get social housing > If you work and do not have kids you have zero chance
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