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    But you'd borrow six, if not seven figures over 30+ years for an over-priced pile of bricks. Hmmm...

    Personally I did not. I sold a business that paid for our house.  My first house was on a mortgage 4 x salary. 

    That said if others want to buy a house and pay on a mortgage that is their choice. Equally of others prefer to rent that is also their choice. 




    What I mean is that the more debt someone has, the less freedom they have to move job, start a business or do anything else but pay down the debt/mortgage.

    Hi SJL - I always enjoy our discussions.  I would argue that if a person is in debt they may decide to get a new job that pays more money. 

    Most people who start a business will take a loan - I had to the first time - most who buy a house will get a  mortgage unless they are very wealthy or very lucky.

    You say we have a debt based system without a loan most people would never be able to buy a house or start a business. 

    I cannot understand people who have massive credit card debt to finance a holiday a wedding or clothes for instance but that is a personal choice which is part of being in a liberal society where people are free to make their own albeit I would not do that myself I hasten to add.


    Rich not always in money....... rich with enough to get by.;)

    Agree totally



    The overwhelming majority of wealthy and/or successful people come from equally wealthy/successful backgrounds. Dare I say it because wealth is simply powerful. 

    According to The Sunday Times Rich List of 2018, out of the richest 1000 entrepreneurs living in the UK, a whopping 94% of them were self-made.


    I ersonnaly went to schoo, witha good buddy whose family lived ina 3 bed semi - dad was manager of a hotel m um a housewife.  He started  business in Australia sold it to a Japanese company for 30M

    has not changed him - still lives in the same house - he still comes to the uk has a few beers watches West Ham ( odd I agree) 


    It's quite obvious that most buyers want a property at a resonable price.  Who buys anything and says 'I want to pay as much as I can afford/borrow for this'?



    the whole situation is engineered to get people into debt slavery for 40 years so that they have no choice but to work in non jobs that they hate, trapped forever on the hook to a leeching bank.

    If a person is in a job they hate they can leave and get another job.I do not know anyone who actually hates their job personally.  They seem to get job satisfaction and enjoy the company and banter with colleagues. For sure most people I know would rather have enough money not to work but needs must, food is not free.




    how young people these days just aren't willing to make sacrifices and expect to move straight into a 4 bed detached with 2 new cars on the drive etc.

    Sadly in some cases that is true - not all of course 

    I know a guy who is renting - wants to by they they do not have the deposit
    Wife wanted  a dog so they spent 3k on a pedigree rather than go to a dogs home and get a nice mongrel
    The pedigree has cost them £500 in vets fees for a stomach complaint not covered by insurance because it was within the first month of the policy 


    You only have to look at the price of coffee to see that. 

    Agree I do not get why anyone goes to a coffee shop and pay £2 plus for a cup of bleeding coffee 


    If Wuhan flu isn't acceptable - Spanish flu certainly isn't. Or the Bat virus - its certainly driven many governments batty.

    Ignore it some folk want to be offended by everything 


    True, but in my experience the people who go on about the hardship of WW2 were either born after it, or were a small child during it

    You have a slightly different experience to mine then.

    I was not around during WW2 but I know I am a zillion times luckier than those who were.  I did not have to experience bombs, the blitz, being in the army, navy or RAF to know it was a much harder time than anyone has now.

    Sorry but I am sick of snowflakes whinging all the time when they do not get everything they want in their little lives.  



    No ofcourse not.  Having to face 2 financial crisis events which enriched anyone with assets in 12 years.  No problem whatsoever....

    Yep - nearly as bad as being bomber or having to fight in a world war or go through the great depression


    Liverpool isn't it?

    From the half heard buts on the radio from a bunch of Northern mayors it's apparently Fatchers fault.

    To scousers everything is everyone else's fault - the city of pity.  Repeat in a high pitched whiny accent- "scousers afre speeeecial peeeople" 


    Let me guess - something about WW2 and rationing despite being born in 1950?

    Yes what people have today is a million times better than living through a world war.  Now people have a melt dow3n of their mobile is lost or not working.  


    I probably shouldn't say this but why are you coming on a public forum to sl*g off your mum - she gave you life?

    Because she owns a property innit - awful person. 


    I wondered, for example, if PHE was a conduit by which the British Goverment were subject to WHO instruction.  While I've no evidence that governments are subordinated to international institutions... it certainly looks as if they are.

    Extraordinary conspiracy theory 


    They will tell thier cemented on Tory readers that every unemployed person is on £30k, given a big house and flat screen TV

    Can you show me the article;e that says this please? 


    I have friends in parts of Europe on low wages but live a very different and better life than they would in the UK,

    I have friends who come from Asia where they would have had  a much worse life than they do in the UK

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