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    Where's the evidence of trolls getting angry?

    It's a brave person who comes on this website and says they've decided to buy. 

    Agreed anyone some people here think no one is entitled to hold a different opinion to their own,they want to be patted ion the back and told they are a financial genius.  .  If they have a different point of view  they are called a troll - childish and boring. 


    They now dribble over the related  (in their mind only) topics of Br*xit, Immigration, Trump, and attacking anything that looks a bit foreign

    The only person who goes on about Brexit is you. We all know how woke you are as you never miss an opportunity to do virtue signalling - (pats you on back)


    All day, yes, all day long, I sit outside the Skipton Offices awaiting their next notification.

    You seem to be offended by me you should bloke me as I dont really want to be replying to your pish again.

    Sorry - no offence meant. A bit of banter.  No one will ever offend me on a forum. 

    A forum is a place where people listen to other ideas and exchange ideas not  a place where we all have to agree and pat each other on the back and say how right we all are and everyone else is wrong/mad/stupid etc.  

    If I do not agree with someone does not agree with me it is fine - it would be a boring world if everyone thought the same and did that same.  




    That's bull, check out UK Property Lion...


    S.E. England, down 1.33% yoy

    East of England down 1.09% yoy.

    London, down 6.16% Since Jan with listings doubling

    The south of England is teetering on a full on 60% price collapse and given the numbers that'll still leave prices too high.

    You said they have gone down in the last 2 years not the last year.

    I have never even heard if Property Lion.  I have better things to do than spend my life on property related web sites.  I have a family, job, hobbies, interests, mates. 

    London may well have dropped as people get away to better locations.

    I am sure there are many other web sites that show prices have risen.  I just did a quick google on something called property data - it shows prices going up everywhere- not by much. 

    Again I do not care.  I am not going to sell for many years so it is of no import.  My home is where I live I could not care less if it goes up or down in terms of what someone may or may not at some time be prepared to pat for it.  Not everything people buy is determined by if or not it will increase in value in the future.  

    If you really think prices will fall 60% good luck.  

    As for the South of teetering on collapse where do you think all the London buyers are moving to? They are moving to the Home Counties and the South East.  Not Mars or Liverpool.  

    Problem is if prices did fall 80% there will still be some who will think they are clever by waiting for a bigger drop and missing out as they did last time and some who still cannot afford to buy.  


    This screams desperation to me and they must be desperate to keep prices up.

    One small lender lowering theior interest rate is never going to distort the market or keep falling prices up 


    The question has to be asked... When house prices fall are the Skipton BS bankrupt. 

    Ive had my suspicions about them for some time 

    Really - you spend your own time thinking about a small lender? !


    They (Andrew Norfolk) broke the Rotherham child abuse cover up, and they’re still questioning the govt on why the related abuse rings were ignored for so long. 

    Fair point but the reason they were ignored was everyone is scared to death of critisising anything to do with Islam or the muslim community.  This is where all the race card playing works against the wider community and decent people.  The police know that if they take action they will be accused of racism and will have the Guardian and the buffoons on FB and twitter all over them.  Students and teachers will protest as will people like Corbyn.  In that situation its is natural that the police who are just doing a job and looking after their family and paying the bills will hope that someone else gets up above the parapet and not themselves.  


    And they’re piping up about freedom of speech, which seems to get ignored by the Guardian (the Observer is marginally better) or Telegraph (I know a young Tory at the Telegraph, alas). 

    Agreed the Guardian is very liberal in it's views as long as people agree with their stance.  


    Next thing I’ll be wearing red trousers. 

    I saw some in a ship in Henley last week.  A snip at just £130.00.

    I will get the Times this Sunday and ignore Walks Jones and the magazine :) 


    £950 sounds pretty reasonable to me. 

    Seems a lot to me but I have no idea of prices in London.

    I would move further out and travel in.  


    Yum.. nice bunch of fat old arabs to infect, conveniently crammed into a couple of London postcodes.
    Hopefully they'll not make it to ICU in time, or will do the decent thing and shuffle off promptly if they do.

    These mutts and the harlot 'professionals' that cluster about them were responsible for the 1st waves of post war HPI.

    OMG you will deeply offend msi who never fails to use the platform to show how woke he is.  You will also offend those who think mass immigration has not have tiniest effect on supply and demand.  


    But the trolls don't like this inconvenient truth.

    Relative to wages though, house prices are insane.


    Not a troll at all old chap - just have a different opinion to you - prices may have fallen slightly in some areas but not enough to make a significant difference.   Areas will have different stats due to economic factors - desirability - improvement or decline in the area etc.  

    It is not just London where prices have increased -  Home Counties prices have not fallen in the last 2 years if you can prove they have so be it. 

    Personally I do not mind either way my house is a home for me and the family not a financial investment.  



    Recently started buying the Sunday Times again, mainly because they dare to cover topics others won’t touch. 

    Very good.

    Oddly enough I have given up on the Sunday Times. Just found there was little in the way of actual newsworthy content.  To be fair the coverage of the Indian election was very good and informative but the stuff about the US election is just the usual anti Trump ranting.

    The only bit I enjoyed reading recently has been the the culture section with book reviews.  

    The sports coverage is excellent but Walsh going on about drugs every week is utterly tedious and Stephen Jones support of Saracens in spite of the fact they have admitted to cheating the salary cap for a decade is staggering to all club rugby fans.  

    Every week in the magazine there is an article about some one somewhere who has been discriminated against.  I accept there are discrimination issues but the same story with a different name every week is as tedious and Walsh and his drugs articles.  


    and instead of challenging the struture, you are happy to support it so long as you are ahead of the 'dirty Brown' people, eh?


    “If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you.”

    Yea let's be woke at every opportunity to show the world how liberal and left wing and wonderful you are.  


    Ah the Blue-tinged Br*xit goggles. You weren't 'stuck into a fixed exchange rate', you entered the ERM to give credibility to GBP by hanging on the coat tails of the DM. 

    When the market called you out and tested that credibility - and we crashed out - a pernicious effect of our own making.

    There is a seperate Brexit thread for people who want to make childish rude comments to anyone who does not agree with them and wants to whine about a vote that took place more than 4 years ago.  



    I should'nt have rubbed the "brexit" lamp and summoned that genie - there's a huge thread on hpc dedicated to circular arguments on Brexit of course.

    Agreed.  I am bored with hearing the same boring arguments that have been espoused for 5 years and 4 years after a vote was taken.  I do not bother to look at the Brexit thread I am just not interested.  


    It is no different than wanting to argue about a referee's decision in a  football or rugby game that took place more than 4 years ago and complaining that your team should have won.  Utter tedium.




    I think the crash will take the form of far fewer listings and transactions.

    If there are far fewer listings it will prevent a crash - supply and demand.  You may be right though in that of people think the market is stagnant many homeowners will just not bother to try to sell and leave it until it improves.  


    Tories:  We don't pay for kids to have food because it encourages them being lazy

    They have never ever said that. 

    However I do not see why anyone other than they very disadvantaged should be entitled to free food.  All that does is create a level of entitlement and dependence which is self destructive and unrealistic.  

    It is easy to cook cheaply by buying fresh vegetables and making an effort rather than buying processed rubbish from Tesco etc at hugely inflated prices.  

    I do not see why as a taxpayer I should be expected to pay for everyone else's children.  We do not ask anyone to pay for my kids. They are our responsibility not that of the rest of the country.  

    There are too many people who have no job or a poorly paid job who bang out a load of kids and then seem amazed at the fact that the kids they have produced need food, clothes, shelter.  We would have loved to have had a couple more kids but we understood that that is a huge financial commitment and we would not be able to give them the sort of home we wanted then to have and the amount of time we are able to give.  

    People now seem to think every problem they have is the government's and the taxpayers problem and expect them to look after them rather than think about what they can do to help themselves.  


    I have? No, they are precious creatures of the forest. 

    Not you PB that was Spy guy who said that the has been a homeowner and agent and a investor. 


    Quite, why cant anyone of any age be entitled to subsidised housing? 

    Because you are not unemployed with kids and you work and pay tax so that those who do not work but have kids can have subsided housing.  As a single who works person try going to the council and asking for subsided housing and see the response you get.  

    I honestly know a girl who got mixed up with a waster druggie and had a kid.  She got out of the relationship went home to her parent 2 bed house.  She works full time.  Went to the council to ask to go on the waiting list and was told that because she works she was not eligible so she had to stay with her parents which was not working or rent in the private market.  The advice the guy she spoke to gave her was to leave her job and then go back to the council with proof of the benefits she was getting. Then she would be a priority case. 

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