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  1. Which one I would like do have a look - any idea of percentages is that given anywhere? Thanks
  2. Loads Before the l;ast election it was menat to be a hubg parliment When people have to actually vote Labour are not trusted with the economy, taxation or mass immigration
  3. They must have Dianne Abbot as their accountant. Nearly all of those who will lose their jobs will be Labour voters. Sadly anyone who has worked for many years in a LA is all but unemployable anywhere else. Those responsible have a lot to answer for.
  4. and apparently they take an age to process so I have heard anecdotally
  5. Not really - none of what Hope Prevails is a big deal and he certainly does not seem in any way stressed by it.
  6. Why would you ask advice from people you know will tell you you are insdance to buy a property. Yes they need to see that the money has not just been transferred to your account from another source for money laundering. Your solicitor will ask the same. Also it is to be sure that you have the funds to be able to proceed as there are many people who lie about their financial status when they view/offer on property. The vendor would want to be sure you are not a dreamer. No this is fine you may have to provide a letter to your solicitor from family to say they are gifting you the money.
  7. When i pop of my kids will get my estate. I have no problem with that. They will also have the same work ethic that I have. They are working hard at school and have been told the world is hard pace and nothing is easy.
  8. Exactly. I feel for people who have been priced out of the market but too many people here are obsessed with making money on property rather than having a home to live in for them and their family. Many of them purport to be financial wizards who have made a fortune on the stock market or other investment but then moan when a person buys house that has gone up in value! They fail to see the irony.
  9. I have no idea and bearing in mind all the recent muslim terror attacks and those in the past I do not frankly care. I have not been aware of any Jewish terror attacks in this country or even in France recently. As for snowflake it is you who is ranting and being rude because you have a sense of entitlement that everyone must agree with you or you stamp your little tootsies and have a tantrum. I accept that others have the right to a different opinion and if they want to vote for a man who supports the IRA Hamas and Hezbollah that is their choice. That is how democracy works you see. I am not gloating just stating a fact. I used to be a member of the Labour party but left when the anti-Semitism showed it ugly face. I would like to be able to vote Labour in the future. I accept that at last the party is doing something about it. What I said was that Corby boy did not nor did his acolytes. Did you not see the Jewish female MP having to have a police escort into the conference and being abused by Labour voters including the Momentum idiot Corbyn lauded at the conference. Maybe that is acceptable to you I find is disgusting. You can be rude on a forum - well done. You embody the problem with the Labour party. If anyone does not support them they just are rude to them rather than consider why that may be. Very childish. And the reason they have lost 4 elections in a row. He supports Hamas who stated intention in their manifesto is to rid the planet of every Jew. Seems a strange stance to take for a man who does not hate jews. He also of course sent his own kids to private school but wanted to deny others that right. So not hypocrisy there whatsoever.
  10. Not a chance. I will be happy to bet £1,000 on that. No that will lose people their jobs as you will lose yours if no one spends money with your company. I will support my local businesses especially the smaller ones.
  11. Jesus Christ - what a sick thing to say They voted blue because they detest Corbyn and his anti_Semitism which the Labour party did nothing to deal with - even Laboutr Jewish MOS had to have a police escort at the conference and his support of every terrorist group his comments that the police should have risked their own lives and not killed muslim terrorist the fact that Corby thinks everything is free and they did not trust Labour with the economy. Am man who went to private school himself sent his own kids to private school but wanted to get rid of private schools for others.
  12. I do not watch the BBC but if they covered Corbyn being booted out of the Labour party for antisemitism that would be better news
  13. He meant UNDERSTATED with all his support for Hamas and Hezbollah. Scum Makes me laugh that the leftie snowflakes call everyone else a racist but support a party that hates Jews. Astonishing but there are none so blind as those who will not see.
  14. Exactly that is hardship not the "hardship" and "stress" that people "endure" now.
  15. Nor should they provide meals for kids in school holiday. It is not the govt is the the hardworking taxpayers who would pay. In do not expect other people, to pay for my kids - we work and support them. The age of entitlement has made everyone things the taxpayer should;d pay for everything they want and thsat they are entitled to taxpayers money. What happens now is as soon as anyone has a problem of any sort they whine that it is the govts fault and expect to be given money by taxpayers,. They do not seem to be able to think what they can do to help themselves they just get the begging bowl out Having kids is a choice. It is not the taxpayers responsibility to look after other people's kids. It is not expensive to provide good food for a family - rather than buy processed food just buy vegetables and get a cook book.
  16. Yes - quite extraordinary all that will happen in most cases is buyer and vendor will split he cost. Nothing to see here - move on. I would be happy to bet anyone £1,000 that property prices have not fallen 30% by this time next year. Cannot see that. I think stamp duty will come back at reduced rates and then be increased to pre-covid levels over a period of time.
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