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    These are not people who would wish to ignore the rest of the world.

    How do you know what other people think.  I and some of the people I work with did some volunteer shopping for people.  I think all aid should be cut.  To say that no one who volunteers wants tax they pay to be spent of foreign aid is an astonishing assumption


    That irritating Mary Poppins style press officer representing the HA sector really irritated me in particular with her weasel words - particularly when she said well 60% of shared owners are happy with their purchase and the BBC interviewer responded by saying doesn't that mean 40% aren't happy.

    Agree she was shocking and seemed not to see any problem that only 60% of her buyers were happY


    And that poor woman in the video above - she felt she had ruined her kids lives as they are now stuck in a small flat in Southwark.

    I agree to an extent but also think I would never have had 3 kids in a 2 bed flat in the first place.  


    And then I saw a job ad for Clarion HA - who are the freeholder on the above Bromley by Bow flat - up to £138,000 for a procurement director plus an £8k car allowance

    HA salaries are the same level as LA.  I have worked with both and the money they get paid for what they do is incredible.  I could not get anyone to meet if it meant they would be working after 4 pm. Astonishing. 


    It gets better.  Now, if you argue about money with your wife/partner she can call the police on you.  If you pull a face because she's wasted your money on something, that is Financial Abuse.  Or maybe Controlling Behaviour.

    This is the world you have built for yourselves.  Enjoy, it's what you wanted.

    Yes you have to laugh the snowflakes are like a turkey voting for xmas 


    And that data should be kept completely separate from the rest of the details. 

    No - it should not be collected. I do not ask people who work for me what they are into sexually I have less than zero interest in other people's sex lives.


    Don't you have targets to have minimum proportions of females/people of colour in higher roles by certain dates?

    No not so.

    For instance if you owned a company in a village in Cornwall or the Highlands in Scotland you would find it hard to find a black or muslim person to employ for instance.  

    Personally I employ whoever is best for the job.  I am not going to employ a person who is black, gay, vegetarian, or anything else if they are not as good as someone else I have interviewed who is white and heterosexual.  In my company I have people who are English Asian German Polish and black and aged between 18-72.

    I do not ask anyone to fill in a  form about religion sexuality etc and I have zero interest. As we work together things like that come up in conversation if the other person wishes them to do so.  

    The only strange issue I have ever had was a guy I interviewed who was good at interview and at the end of the interview said said he was a muslim and would not work with a Jewish person.  



    I am not willing to share any further as this is not the point. 

    Unless you say what your expectations are no one is really able to offer any advice


    Didn't you know it is payback time ?  Your privilege is built on slavery of other peoples and the wanton pillage of our planet's limited resources.


    I have never had  slave lol 

    I do us a gas and electricity i must confess to that :) 


    I see you are only 30, and perhaps you are reaping what you have sown.  Your generation is anyway, even if it doesn't apply to you personally.  Your generation has got what it has campaigned and protested about, above all other causes.   Opportunities have been taken away from straight white males and given to minorities instead, in recompense for past injustices. 

    I thought this is what you all wanted?

    Agree totally 


    No disrespect to you but I do not feel that you should be asking this type of advice on this forum. I’d urge you to speak to someone totally independent about your current situation.



    I don't know you but my thoughts are with you. For all the aggression on HPC, there are people who care.

    Agree with both - people do care and please seek help.  Do not make any impetuous decisions my friend.  All the best.  


    Yes. None of the above. They have other personal issues.. 

    Unless they're sheltered snowflakes.. 

    Disclaimer: Millenial 




    All unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

    How much screen time / blue spectrum exposure are they getting in the evenings?

    How is their diet? Are they avoiding inflammatory foods?

    Are they getting enough strength / weight bearing exercise?

    Agreed.  What matters in life is your health and those of your families and friends who you love.  

    Sadly many will spend their life on a screen and will have done so even prior to Covid or will be or seeking approval  on FB or Twitter.  


    But you are drastically overpaid compared to India

    Yes but that has nothing to do with some U.K. millennials being stressed?


    You play the hand you are dealt

    Totally agree.

    A guy whom works for me was born with 1 arm.  Plays golf off a 24 handicap one of the happiest and most positive people I have ever had the good fortune to meet.  

  7. https://propertyindustryeye.com/property-investors-and-developers-could-be-entitled-to-stamp-duty-refunds/

    HMRC has changed what has been termed as ‘incorrect guidance online’, meaning that property investors and developers could be owed hundreds of thousands of pounds in stamp duty refunds.

    The guidance surrounds the 3% stamp duty surcharge introduced in 2016, on the acquisition of second homes or residential properties that were bought for investment purposes. HMRC issued guidance that this also applied to Multiple Dwellings Relief claims, even if they were not wholly residential.


    Just think of all those desperate people who crawl to a bank for a mortgage and the bank laughs and gives them.....................fook all of any worth......................and then demands interest paid in more worthless fiat for 25/30/35 years...........lol

    For most people of they do not want to get a loan to buy a house they have 3 choices.

    1 Rent for ever - which makes saving enough to buy very difficult

    2 save the cash and buy

    3 Ask rich parents for money to buy in cash


    Lol as if you’ve ever had to go a day without eating. 

    I regularly did as a student could and not eat all day



    When the banks, utilities, council, want their cut ahead of you putting food in your mouth.

    Surprisingly enough these organisations have staff to pay.  That is why they charge for their services.  

    2 months ago my bank stopped someone taking 40k out of my business account. I have no issue paying for that. 


    I dont mind nasty people as long as they get shit done at this time of crisis.

    However being a bully and shite is not the best combo  thousands of people being housed in 3 star hotels without even telling the local authorities so they can cater services/prepare for them during a pandemic.


    Some people think bullying is being asked forcefully to buck up. 


    Seems totally oblivious to the fact that most people are laughing at him now.

    I dont think they are.  I think most understand this is unprecedented.  It is easy to critisise all the time but even people I know who have done so when asked would they prefer Corbyn Abbott and McDonnell  in charge do the Cadbury smash aliens advert and fall over laughing. 


    If you think they have been badly advised, you could have told them yourself. If they then managed to speak properly for the rest of the interview, you could have given them an offer.

    It's a different matter if you think the ghetto talk indicates other issues.

    I have started doing exactly that.  I always give honest feedback to agency or individual.

    One girl who came I had her mum ringing me to say I did not have the right to discount her daughter because of how she speaks.  My response was that it is my company I have every right to choose who works for me and who I want to talk my my business partners and customers.

    Conversely I had a guy of 23 come to interview.  Told him there are then why I would not be able to offer a job.  A few moths later he rang - took the call as I remembered him.  He said he had listened to what I had said and would like to be considered if I was looking to employ anyone.  I was about to look for anther staff member so invited him in.  Has been here for 18 months - great employee who I trust to go and meet my customers and business partners.




    Does anyone else hate the term “side hustle”...



    Creeping Americanisms.

    Agree - the English language is rich and expressive but people have a weird desire to talk like Americans.

    I did some interviews last week Of the 8 people I saw 4 did all that ghetto talk which emanates also from gang culture in the US.

    Schools and parents need to advise kids that they may think they sound cool when they talk like this but it will not be respected in the workplace.  I cannot have people who talk like that talking to my clients or customers. 

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