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    One thing struck me was the mortgaged leaseholders aren't owners of the flats so shouldnt be responsible for a construction problem as they are effectively renters only obliged to pay for upkeep -  Instead of an AST where you only have 6 months guaranteed but you pay monthly for it, in the leasehold its like you rent it for 99 years and pay all the rent up front but they are still renters not owner at the end of the day.

    Ultimately its the freeholder/management co's issue to sort out with the builder and their suppliers.

    Not according to the lease


    Well tbf, their parents benefitted from free Uni

    The vast majority lf their parents would not have gone to university which was for those were were the most able. 

    In their parents time I think it was about 5% who went from school to university.  


    At the moment, the system allows Boards and Chancellors to gouge and give Landlords fat cheques

    Yes calling a polytechnic or a college a university and charging £s for kids to go there to study worthless degrees such as sociology or psychology, end up with a 50k debt is a ponzi scheme. 


    Just as we walked past one of them with a megaphone shouted out "Capitalism isn't working!". To which, without even breaking his stride, my boss turned his head and heckled back "Neither are you!".  Oh, the look on that youngsters face.  LOL

    Nice one LOL


    About time Tarquin and Emelia rebelled.

    Yes they are entitled to everything they want for free that is what they have been told all their lives 


    Its quite simple (as are most things); you can only enter the world of work if you can add value.

    The more value you add the more compensation you can negotiate.

    To negotiate you need choice...i.e. other opportunities available to you.

    It doesnt matter what you trained as or to what level your qualifications or experience are...Mr Market doesn't really care.

    The UK has encouraged a generation into Higher Education for reasons other than economic need and left them with qualifications for which there is no real requirement and a future additional tax liability should they be lucky enough to earn above a certain amount.

    There is no point trying to be an Academic if you are not academic.

    Many would have been better off attending a bricklaying, plumbing, electricians course at the local FE college and getting their kicks on the annual Club18/30 holiday.

    100% with you on all counts. 

    Schoolkids are being indoctrinated that of they get a degree in anything they will have a great career and earn loads of money.  A mate of mine's kid at school was told if you do not study hard you will end up on a building site.  Her respons ewas my dad is a brickie he earns £300 a day how much do you earn miss? 


    The only problem is unemployment

    I do not think so - unemployment is mainly in the catering holiday and restaurant sector.  I doubt that many of those people were in the market to buy a house ahyway.  I kmnow of 1 person who has been made redundant hde is an engineer who had another job and started within 3 weeks.



    Disagree about aviation. People are itching to have holidays and will pay whatever it takes. I expect places with good vax programmes to be in high demand. I think we’ll see full flights.

    Back to housing, 2021 I think will in many areas exceed 2020 prices.

    Agree with both sentiments



    Most of those unemployed wouldn't be in a position to buy anyway.  




    Why in fuk should the bank be able to trace where people are spending their own goddamn money? It is none of the government's business.

    It does not say that the govt does want to know.  The Commons Public Accounts Committee is an amalgam of from all parties.  I doubt that many people in govt or in opposition give a poo.  



    The best way to win is by not taking part.  Ask anyone from generation x and that's what you'll probablybe told.....lol. ;)

    HI SJL - So why do you work then ?? 


    Admittedly I buy work shirts from there but now I work in a dressing gown.



    How are main car dealerships doing these days?

    Not sure overall but a buddy of mine is a sales director for a group that has Jag, Ford, Kia, BM and Skoda.  Spoke last week said August was the best month they have have in history on all franchises and that even with lockdown they are doing around 90% of what they were doing this time last year. 

    Says they are getting fewer visits but those who are inquiring are people who are motivated to get a new car rather than tyre kickers who just want a test drive or to chat to a salesman.  

    I think the thing is that many people who lost their jobs are in the travel or hospital industry who would probably not be buying a new car in any event.  


    In many ways it favours established stores, I know what size I am in Next so can order online accordingly. With a new brand I'd be less confident.

    Would not buy clothes on line other than shoes where I buy Loakes and know the size of my tootsies.  


    it's lazy thinking not to try to understand what are the underlying causes  

    Yes sadly so many just say that anyone who does not vote for them is stupid, racist, rich, communist, or many other things blah blah they do not want to listen to why people do not vote for the party they support and think that calling people names will change it for them


    And you're ignoring the reason industries were nationalised was partly because the owners had trousered the profits and not reinvested until they'd gone bust. 

    And they were totally uncompetitive eg the car industry which was permanently on strike and lost out to cheaper Japanese cars produced in far higher numbers. 


    All prior to 1979 again.  I have met many people quite bitter about Mrs T but when you ask them about the problems UK industry had (since the end of Empire probably) they give the same list of problems going back decades but can never come to terms with that she isnt 100% to blame all the same yet still do😏

    No what is amazing is that Thatcher left the leadership in 1990.  Thirty years again and some people say all the problem they have are her fault! They will be saying the same for the next 50 years.  


    Once you have a society where (i) old age care is provided by the state/pensions rather than family and (ii) children generally don't die in infancy, then people don't feel the need to have as many children.

    Scott I usually agree with most of what you say.  The population of the uk is increasing bot due to the indigenous population but  due to mass immigration - not a racist thing it is a cultural difference.  There have been any been number of reports that have discussed this. 

    Until unless Asia Africa the Mid East start to reduce the size of families the world os doomed - I think it is already to late personally.

    The PM of Egypt said a few months ago when their population reached 100M for the first time that population explosion was  afar bigger thereat to the economy and stability of his country and the mid East than terrorism.  
    Was talking  to my parenst who said that when they were at school in the mid 70s the fact that overpopulation was going to destroy the world as we know it was spoken about then.  Nothing has changed.  


    I'm not sure if I follow you 100% there but I'm guessing you're reffering to HPC types who sell to rent, or rent long term waiting to buy? If so I think most of them are doing it because they see housing as massively overvalued atm (myself included) and would rather wait for them to crash. 

    HC no offence meant but I think it is fine to decide not to buy for any reason. 

    What I object to is those who go into a fit of rage whenever anyone here says they are going to buy or rant about people who bought a house and saw the value increase.  My point is is that it is a home not a financial investment so personally I could not care less if the so called value of my house goes up or down.  If it goes up where I move to if/when I do will have gone up ditto if prices fall.

    To me where I live is a home and a haven for me and my family I do not care if what it may sell for goes up or down.

    If anyone does not wish to buy as they feel house prices are too high that is their prerogative no problem. I think that there have been people who have been waiting for that huge fall for a decade or more.  If they had bought then they would be 40% thought the term of their mortgage and would not have given  LL money for all that time. 

    But each to their own - no problem.

    All the best you you.  




    Is it possible that human life is inherently a struggle with crises operating as a sort of malign, endless relay race? That it doesn't 'make sense'.

    It always has been always will be. Life and existing is fiercely competitive.  It was ever thus since the days of prehistoric man.   


    Perhaps thinking differently and replacing the current epidemic of entitlement, and belief that things will somehow get better, with the  expectation that we will continually have, and collectively overcome, major difficulties, will make for a happier society..?

    I think you are right about the huge sense of entitlement so many people have.  Agree also that the way to gain peace and sanity is to deal with a problem when we have them rather than think we are more unlucky that most of the world and wallow on misery. 

    I have always found that when you start dealing with a problem you immediately feel much better about the world and yourself and your ability to deal with it. 

    How many people think how lucky they are compared to the vast majority of people in Africa and Asia and the Middle East? So many people do not realise how lucky they are.  

    I think that the most important things is that the people you love and care for are well.  


    In regards to your title, I think economic uncertainty and personal insecurity have been prevalent since 2008,

    Since the dawn of time.  Recessions have always been a feature of the world - the 1st one was in the 1,400 s. 

    We have not had to deal with anything like the great depression or 2 world wars.  What we face is nothing we are very lucky.   

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