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    Yes this was almost 30 years ago and maybe the boyfriends parents guaranteed it. So what's your beef with her? 

    I think you will find envy is the beef LOL 

    Life is so unfair !


    Exactly. She used all her talents and charms, and got lucky. Nothing to do with being born with a silverspoon in her mouth despite all the jealous postings on here. 


    Some people are luckier than others - people need to think how lucky they are compared to many in the world rather than be full of envy and compare their lives to those who are luckier or more able than they are themselves 


    Tldr: she started off with family money in London



    And its got noting at all to do with her gloriously massive natural tits.



    All these property porn purveyors' have done well for themselves in the media but invariably failed elsewhere.

    Depend what you called failed I am guessing she is very happy with her life


    She also purchased it with her brother and her husband (then boyfriend). She just got lucky. Not sure why you are trying to misrepresent her Si1. 

    So they got a joint mortgage whilst earning odd jobs. Right.......

    I doubt you have any idea what she was working as or how much she was earning envy is not a good emotion




    They said the following statements:
    - Nobody is entitled to a house or to be homeowner
    - Everyone on HPC can financially buy a house but is choosing not to buy one
    - People  have unrealistic housing expectations
    - Everyone has to take personal responsibility for their own circumstances

    Agree/ disagree?

    1 Agree no one is entitled never have been never will be

    2 Do not agree at any time in histry there have been people who cannot ford to buy a house/car etc

    3 Can be viewed both ways

    4 Agree 100% 


    The majority on here, try to predict the market, you should try Cheltenham instead.

    Mr Bunny, predicted the apocalypse of the housing market. I told you so he said...

    Before that, we had the brexit house price crash, where some HPCers danced around fire 🔥,  chanting crash, crash. 

    But nothing happened...

    Actually, that statement is incorrect, somthing did happen, house prices went up.

    If you had bought in 2011, even pre-crash you would most likely be sitting on healthy sum of capital. If you continued renting, your landlord is doing pretty well

    A lot of truth in that - so many people,think they are an expert in everything these days


    If this happens, hanging, drawing and quartering will be too good for Boris.

    The same Bo E who said if the vote was leave it would be an immediate disaster zzzzzzzzzz

    If you leave any club you do not have to folow their rules.

    If I leave my squash club and go to another one I do not follow the old clubs rules.

    There may be a dip as first but it will recover and other agreements are made.

    It will also affect all EU nations who will not sell as much to the UK

    There is a Brexit thread I suggest you post there


    If people are moving why are they putting stuff in storage? Perhaps wanted to empty a house to sell fast... But where are they living? Rentals? With family? Airbnb?

    Or perhaps forced sellers (death, debt, divorce)?

    I heard lots of people from London using the lockup.

    Who can say


    I'd say everything, everywhere is at least as busy if not busier than I've ever seen it before... shops, roads, internet purchasing, car sales, house sales etc etc. 

    Very strange recession we're supposedly in.

    That is certainly my own experience


    My wife is public sector, basically spends all day thinking of ways to spend money and bidding for central Government grants.

    I have done consultancy with councils most employees are overpaid imbeciles who are not capable of working in a  real job


    The only option, then, would be to dilute ownership and sell newly issued shares.

    why would any one bother to start a compy to just be told they have to lose 15% of it.



    Fixed with your previous drooling....

    Hey you are really woke - well done 


    yes, but the problem with something like brexit is that most of the leavers were the old, who were voting against the interests of the young, without being burdened for having to live with those decisions for most of their lives (limited life left).


    Irrelevant - the idea of democracy is that everyone who is eligible to vote has one vote all of which are equal.  That is how democracy works.  Your opinion and what you want are no more important than the guy who drives  white van, the OAP or the MD of a mega zillion £ company. That s the essence of democracy.

    Everyone can make a case if they are self absorbed enough to state why their opinion is more important than other sectors of the community.  I for instance could say that my vote should be worth more than yours and weighted accordingly as I have run my own business, sold another business so understated business commerce and industry for more than someone who has never run a successful company.  I certainly think I  and many older people have more more life experience and nous than anyone who is a student or works in education or for the council so they could say their vote is more important  than yours.  The difference is I have never heard anyone who is older say something as ignorant as as arrogant  as that.  

    By that reasoning anyone who is still around who fought in a world war should have a far more important vote as they have certainly been thought things that many of the younger generation would never be able to cope with as they extremely fragile

    Democracy = all vote are equal. We do not always get what we want on life and we are not entitled to do so.  


    Once they are rotten you can throw them at the Brexit Loons. They will appreciate the re-establishment of stocks to fulfill their "Return to ye Olden Days" fantasy's.




    If you don't like where we're going on any of those vote for someone who'll move them in a direction you do like. That's the whole point of a democracy.

    Agreed. So many of these people cannot understand that others have the right not to vote what they vote for.  f they have the temerity to have a different opinion they get called childish names.  As if that is going to ever bother them :) 


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