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  1. No one ever said life is fair - never has been - never will be
  2. people have been saying since 2008 that anyone who bought is a mug. Meanwhile those who did need a mortgage to buy are half way through their mortgage term and are halfway to owning their own home with no mortgage. Those ate the people who see a property purely as an investment and bot a home but get incredibly angry when other people have done what they wanted to do and make money Financial wizards. Agree 100 % Montaigne will not make prices fall. There are many other things to do in life other than be obsessed by property prices.
  3. And I used to live next to an immigrant family in Hounslow . None of them worked a single day. 2 wives 4 kids. There are few ares in Iraq now where ISIS are active they ave been pushed out. So no reason for them not to go back I would have thought they would want to go to their own roots. I would accept non muslim refugees from the mid east but that is just a personal opinion. When WW1 and WW2 broke out my ancestors did not run and expect to be given a free house somewhere else. T hey joined up and fought for their country, their wives, families, daughters, sons. The so called refuges could have done that. A refugee is meant to seek sanctuary in the closest safe nation. We are not the closest safe nation to any place in the mid east. Even amnesty int. said that the majority of so called refugees trying to get to europe were economic migrants. 6 people were killed a few weeks ago by nice little refugees who we took in. If they had not been taken in that is 6 innocent British people who are dead today who wound be alive. But I guess you do not care about their families.
  4. Sadly teaching used to be a profession that attracted intelligent people who had a vocation to help kids. Now it just attracts those who could and would not last 5 minutes in a commercial world and want to work in a totally woke environments. The vast majority of teachers are women who take it up as they get holidays to look after their kids.
  5. Yes every single thing the Tories do is terrible every single thing that loony corbyn wanted was magnificent Agreed I have had jobs in the past when I worked for other people - of I thought I could earn more elsewhere I left and got a new job No one is the public sector has to stay - they have the choice to move on if they want to earn more money
  6. There is far less travel now - that will probably come back at some time but no one knows when There are people who would not buy if houses fell to 2K - they would hold on hoping that they would fall to 1.5k. They are not interested in buying a house as a home but purely as a financial investment. There are people who could have afforded to buy 2008-2012 but t did not. They thought they were clever by waiting and waiting for prices to fall further so they could make a big profit on a house they bought. Now that prices have shot up they are angry that they did not take the opportunity when is was there for them. These are the same people who whinge that other people have bought a house that has increased in value but they do not see the irony of that. Rather than just look at themselves and accept they made a mistake which has been costly they blame the rest of the world.
  7. Another snowflake Amazing hoe you know a total strangers financial details. She may not What will happen when you get made redundant, decide you do not want to work for the nest 30 years to pay off your rent.
  8. A lot of jobs that are going are low paid in skilled jobs - where I am 3 coffee shops and 1 pizza place all of which opened not long before to lockdown - I doubt that people working in those establishments were going to buy a house anytime soon For sure public sector workers will see job cuts but again many of those are admin staff who are not earning enough to buy a house at the moment If they are not spending money they will have more to spend on a house
  9. How astonishing ! You seem to know all about me and my family LOL. The simple fact is that people who say that they are stressed because they have to stay in and watch TV from the comfort of their sofa are snowflakes. He worked very hard and imbued that attitude into his family which has been passed on to me and my family and which I am passing on to my kids. I was taught that if I want anything at all in my life I have to work for it and no one on the planet or on any other planet owes me anything. I was taught that the world can be hard. I was taught that life is not equal and all we can do is the best we can. There are many people who have more money than I do, have had greater opportunities than I do, bigger cars than I do, a bigger house than I do. I could not care less. I am happy with my family which is what matters to me and my close buddies. I am not riven by envy of anyone else who has a more expensive house or has more money in the bank than I do. Everyone in this country has the opportunity of education and has the opportunity to work hard. Some do it. Some do not. People also have a different attitude and different ambitions. Some people do not want to work hard and want an easy life. Some are prepared to work many hours a day and are driven by money and acquisitions only at the cost of family and social life and hobbies. People are not all the same.
  10. And I am sure there are other examples of rent increases Fine so ignore all the houses that have sold within a week then If they have been on for 6 months they came on overpriced anyway If is like trying to sell a can of beans for £5 - then reducing the price to 50p where it should have started
  11. Not funny at all he said the US was not there to deal with everyone else's issues. ## He was voted in by the electorate so clearly he is - that is how democracy works. At least he does not support Hamas and Hezbollah like corbyn and the deranged nutters in Labour
  12. My wife is German so I am hardly racist - In my company I employ skilled people from EU Asia and Africa - I and she do not believe in FOM . If people have skills needed they should be welcomed if all they can do is drive a cab or work in a shop no thanks.
  13. All? You really think that everyone is going to be able to buy a house?
  14. Agree I am amazed at the number of people who post loads of messages here or on any web site every day - they need to get another hobby. The rage and anger against anyone who does not think that house prices will plummet is bizarre. An few people can hold a sensible discussion but there are a large number who are just angry and stamping their feet. There are other things to talk about in life and are totally obsessed by price of houses.
  15. Maybe sadly the snowflake generation of which I am one is generally hopeless. My great grandfather who is still well and active was being chased over the skies of Germany by fighters in his bomber on the day of his 18th birthday. That is what I call stress not hiving to sit on a sofa and watch TV,. He did not get stressed he got on with it.
  16. don't bother then. When I go out for a drink or to socialise no one I know wants to talk about house prices. We talk about sport, what we have seen at theatre, what books we have read, what we have been doing, we have loads of banter and laughs. There are other things to talk about that are far more interesting than fun than house prices.
  17. don't buy then - no one is asking you too. No one cares if you do or do not. Good luck with that then.
  18. No you are not - do what you want to do Agreed I do not see buying a property as making a profit I see it as buying a home for yourself and your family. I think it is more that they could have bought in 2008 but thought that they were being clever by not doing so and would make a financial killing. Rather than accept they made a howler they hate anyone else who has the bad manners to have paid off a chuck of their mortgage while they have lined a BTL LL pocket. They resent it when someone here says they are going to buy not because they give a fig about that person but because they want them to remain renting the same as they are themselves.
  19. No one knows what will happen no point is bothering to worry about it
  20. A very small percentage. Obesity in young people is higher than it has ever been and is at epidemic proportions. Diabetes among young people is at am all time high. Life expectancy for younger people is falling for the first time since the 1950's. Sunday and Saturday football leagues report vastly dwindling numbers of teams. You do not see kids playing in a park anymore they are all at home playing PS4.
  21. lenders do not want the keys they are not interested in having loads of houses to dispose of
  22. A forum is place for discussion not a North Korea style community where everyone has to agree to follow the party line or where everyone thinks the same, agrees with everyone else and pats each other on the back telling each other that they are all so correct and wonderful. If you enjoy your life why do you spend hours on here? I wish no offence but bleating about property prices in not going to change anything. I believe passionately Spurs are the best team in Europe - they never win anything though! How can houses be affordable for everyone. Even if they were all priced at £20,000 there are still some people who would not be able to afford that 20k. The only way everyone in the UK can own a home is of they are given away for free. There is some truth in what you say. Anyone who bought a home on 2008 would now nearly be halfway through the mortgage term. Prices have gone up bu that is irrelevant as if a person decides to move home the place they buy will also have gone up. I think a lot of folk could have bought in/just after 2008. I guess many did not because they assumed that prices would fall and that they would make a huge financial profit by buying at when they would call the bottom of the market. Here is the irony - Now rather than accept that they made mistake and that they were more concerned about making a profit that buying a home to live ion they blame the rest of the world and say - "they are all agin me". They tell anyone who decides to buy a home that they are stupid or mad because they want them to stay in the rental market and not own a home. Anyone who has the audacity to suggest that prices for property will not plummet is obviously an estate agent a landlord or a troll.
  23. This was obvious. Central Govt will also cut funding due to the amount they have spent in this situation. People who are unemployed will not have to pay the full council tax level which will also reduce income. Shops and restaurants will close reducing rate income. People are going out less so not using council car parks reducing income. It never ceases to amaze me and make me chuckle when some people rub their hands with glee at the thought of a major economic disaster. They seem bizarrely to think that they will be immune from any such situation.
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