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  1. Are you genuinely interested in investing abroad? If not why bother to think about prices abroad.
  2. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz everything the Labour party suggest is wonderful anything the Tory party do is the end of the world yawns
  3. I doubt anyone gives a poo what some stranger thinks
  4. A valuation is just one person's opinion. The broker and solicitor have little to do with it the broker submits the application - if it is downvalued it is out of his hands. The sol processes the paperwork. If it is so rigged get involved.
  5. so you know who every cabbie voted for? I imagine most would think the 80% is a good deal anyway
  6. who cares the changes are there if a person is buying they benefit if they are not it does not affect them
  7. Why bother? If you are not interested ignore it. I get loads of email that I have no interest in I just delete them
  8. Exactly - so we need to reduce population. There are going to be limited jobs so a much smaller workforce is required. I do not see why I should work to pay for anyone who is aware that the job market is going to be limited but has 2,3,4 or more kids. I have never, ever asked anyone to pay for my kids and I see no reason I should pay for anyone else's. We would loved to have had 6 kids but were aware that if we did so we would not be able to give them what we would want to be able to offer as parents. My kids are my responsibility not anyone else’s. People need to re-train into skills that are needed. The point is I do not want to work to pay a load of tax to pay 1K a month to millions of people who did not bother to educate or train themselves to a level where they can be gainfully employed. That is dole just under another name and giving everyone 1K a months would be far more expensive than the current system . And it has to be paid for by taxpayers who work. It also gives people a huge sense of entitlement that they can be given money for nothing. Psychological studies all say that work gives people a sense of identity and self respect which would be lost sitting at home playing PS4 or sitting in a betting shop. I would make all benefits dependent on people doing things such as sweep the streets, clean beaches, pick up litter, voluntary work in a hospice, clear rivers, etc which are often done by hard working volunteers. When I was a kid of I wanted money I had to do something for it. Clean dishes, clean the car, hoover, cut the grass. I was taught that if I want any single thing in this life I work for it. Working people would just pay more tax to get a benefit. There is no such thing as free. Yes the huge amount of money in the system would cause inflation and do nothing at all to reduce houseprices. Would make the UK uncompetitive. No one who works for me is desperate. They are highly paid, I contribute more to their pension than I have to, they and their family get private healthcare, they can work from home of they want to. They are by me, highly respected people whose opinions I respect and whose company I enjoy at work and socially as we often to go the pub, meals theatre , spots etc. It sounds as though you hate the job you do and that you have to work but many do not. I have met good friends through working. I have learned skills I would not have had sitting in wetherspoons. It has increased my confidence, self belief, friendship network. But people do have choices. If anyone who is employed wants more money, they are free to get a better paid job. Re-train. The leeches are worthless people with a sense of entitlement who want money for doing nothing given to them by hard working taxpayers.
  9. That does not often amount 1K a month for ever. There are penalties and benefits are stopped if a person is not deemed to be seeking work who is capable of working. I agree let those of us who work just give it to the govt to give to the idle and useless. SJL I agree with you totally. My business is involved in AI. Fact is in life there are winners and losers. I and others do not work to pay for those who do not. I do not see how it is right that I and the people I work with work hard look after ourselves and our family but are also expected to look after the rest of the world and look after them and their family while they sit at home in a betting shop of a wetherspoons. That is not fair to us. Fact is it is everyone's responsibility to make sure that they are the ones who can work and earn a good living. The world is a fiercely competitive place and people need to understand that. In any society there are those who are better of than others - always has been - always will be. Some people are more intelligent than others, m,ore driven, more ambitious, more focused. And Labour had 14 years during the Blair Brown era - No more boom and bust yea ok Darling left a note to say the money had all gone. What does that make you?
  10. sold winkie -I agree 100% I cannot understand why people are so obsessed with how much a house may go up or down Do people want a home or an investment fgs Do these people own a car that is depreciating? Buy a new TV that is worth nothing in a year or 2. A new sofa when 2nd hand furniture is worthless. Odd
  11. Jesus wept what a sad cynic Some of us love our families yawns
  12. And every single penny spent on rent is lost No one knows the future In 5 years that 20% of the mortgage term paid off not a LL mortgage
  13. Yes build a tower block in your back garden lol
  14. No - there would be a total lack of incentive for anyone to get off throe backside and work. Do a worthwhile degree, an apprenticeship etc. A total lack of creativity and enterprise. No self respect. All psychologoc al studies demonstrate that working gives self respect. It aslo means meetibng opeopkle on different plains and devrloping communication skillsz tyhat will not be earned in the local betting shop. 1k a month spent in betting shops or wetherspoons. no - you pay for it then - *I do not work to pay tax to give to people who cannot be bothered to work. Which made them a shareholder - some shares have been sold and money re-couped. As a taxpayer I do not want to be a shareholder in someone who sits at home all day doing f all other than go to the betting shop,. Giving 1k a month to some waster who does not have any desire to work is a drain on hard working taxpayers. Maybe give everyone 1M a week that will make everyone happy. If a person wants money - work - simples. Ah the voice of reason again from Scott. So much hysteria from some here.
  15. The thing is sometimes you just cannot bear to wait for tin of Birds Custard!
  16. Fantastic that you know the credit card situation of anyone and everyone who visits a pub. No good will come of anyone ever having a good time and drink with their mates and family. Personally I have been for a beer or 2 most days since the pubs re-opened - I like to socialise, meetand enjoy the ambiance of a locals drinking boozer. Personally |I do not work to collect money I enjoy my time socialising with mates and family. Oh and I have £0 balance of my credit card by the way.
  17. lol to some anything they do not like is rigged house prices too high - rigged the party i vote for got p d all over and lost the working class vote - rigged the football team i support got relegated - rigged Its is not fair boo hoo I am happy to bet £1,000 the Tories will be in until they call an election close to the end of the term. If you are so confident ............ If not why go on about it In the meantime anyone who thinks that a labour govt in 4 years will reduce house prices is going to work and spend money on rent when they could be paying off a mortgage for 4 years. At least as there is zero guarantee that labour will win any more than I can predict the result of a football game in 4 years time. I would not waste my time trying to do so. I think people who constantly look at house prices should think of a house as a home not a financial investment. Personalty I have owned my house a few years - have no idea what it is worth and do not care. It is a home for me and the family.
  18. unis are ponzi schemes they sell kids the idea that a degree in sociology or sports science will make the worlds their oyster. ALl it does is keep worthless academics in a job and leave a students with no future and 50k debt. The only subjects worth doing are sciences math medicine I must say I do not see that Yes many young peolpe now have no REAL friends just contacts
  19. Because they want somewhere to live and do not want to pay rent. One assumes that they are not bothered if prices go up or down they do not see a home as a financial investment. Yes good stories do not sell papers of make people read the news on the BBC website
  20. Yes but let all the refugees (economic migrants ) come here who then kill people.
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